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At present, computer systems are including into hospitals and medical clinics in the world. It's use for patient treatments and helps to handle the hospital information and data better. Today, computer systems include to the hospitals to develop their performance

Application of computer system in hospital

The imported of computer system in hospital, to do well their works. The disadvantage is that a full-fledged installation of all the computerized systems in hospitals is a lengthy and costly process. However some hospitals are used basis computer system to do their works.

Computer system use in hospital for

Handling Medical Data.

Scanning and Imaging.

Examination and Monitoring.

Handling medical data.

Every day hospitals and clinics which are attached to it churn out enormous volumes of data.

There are,





Medical billing details.

Such medical reports are recorded into medical billing software at present. Such big data base are recorded into electronic medical record (EMD) and electronic health record (EHR). These databases are operated by a set of computers and servers, and it gives handy medical alert and emergencies. The concept of EHR is a bit broader than the EMR, as the database is accessible from different clinics and hospitals. Thus, a patient's medical history can be retrieved from any hospital by medical practitioners.

Scanning and imaging.

These specification components can be scanned human body. This component can be as normal blood test or it can be complex CT scan. This process is often referred to as a medical imagery. In order to increase the precision of such procedures, computers have been adopted and integrated into the testing equipment. The Ultrasound and the MRI are the best examples where computers have been adopted, in order to make the process faster and precise. Such medical tests and tools have become more advanced as a result of the use of computers.

Examination and Monitoring.

Many computer systems are used in hospitals for the development of medical monitoring. Computer system helps humans to properly monitor their own health. Doctors and sergeants also use modern computer aided equipment to treat their patients. These systems and processes include,

Bones scan procedure.

Prenatal ultra sound imaging.

Blood glucose monitor.

Advanced endoscopy which is used during surgery and blood pressure monitors.

Basically these medical tests and tools provide easy to do their work. Mainly laboratory equipment and heart rate monitors are computerize in many hospitals.

Advantages of computer in hospitals.

Uses of Computers in an Airline Industry.

Air lines Industries have many different systems, as schedule their passenger information and ensure to flying safely. All of these computer systems relay want in air line sector. Computers are included in everything from passenger's travel arrangement, function of an airport and the airplanes that are flying into it.

Description of Some Ways, Computer Applications are Applied in the Airline Industry Airline Industry Structure

Passenger service.

Airport service.

Airline flight and prices.

Air traffic.

Plane mechanics.

Passenger service.

When you book flight, your reservation information is processed and stored by the airline's computer system. When you register online, your information's are directly stored with company. When your book over the phone. Then customer care centers are collecting your information's and they will entree your information in to the system. As computer base reservation system, you can easily modify your travel arrangement at any airport, and even to use multiple airline companies over the course of a single trip.

Airport services.

Airport service used rely heavily computer systems. There are security screening machines such as x-rays. It's used for security. And it's not like personal computers. Airports are using great computer system for their security. Furthermore, computers are necessary for the use of pre-screening measures such as the current U.S. counter-terrorism efforts.

Air traffic.

Computers are very important to control air traffics. And all air traffics are controlled by air traffics controller services. While the communication between air traffic controllers and pilots occurs through radio, through this system communication can be done by radar and weather data, it is a basis operating process. Computers allow air traffic controllers to locate the plane which is in the air. Then the pilot can identify the location of the plane on air and land safely.

Plane Mechanics

An airplane depended on computer system. Computer systems are heddle number of function in airplane. The autopilot, which many modern airplanes are prepared with, always employs a computer. As computer system make easy the pilot of many in flight task, And the plan to process negotiation data and flight control system. Computerized "fly-by-wire" technology, which many airplanes have, transmits pilot or autopilot signals to a computer. This allows planes to respond to subtle atmospheric variables and make other adjustments easily. Normally, some airplanes have wing flaps. That can be controlled by a computer. At last, computers are central to the efficient communication and recording of an airplane's flight data.

Such data very imported to controlled air traffics.

Computer system in bank

Computers are used in banks for several reasons. Computer system helps in banks to do their process well. Computer systems are using store data for effectively. They help process other customer information as well. Without the computer the banking process can be very hard. Then they can't hold good customer services in the bank sector. That's why, computer system are very important in the bank sector. Computers help the bank to save time and money, and can be used as a help to generate profits.

The sectors of E-banking.

Customer Information.


Reports and Profits

Transactions and Goals

Credit Applications



Customer information.

Basically, Bank use computers to store customer information. They are name, address, and phone number, date of birth, Social Security number and place of employment. This information is used to keep in touch their customers and identify any changes of their policy. And customer's information also stored in computers. Mainly, store customers account number, because, it helps bank employees to do their work well.


A customer' products and services are also stored in computers. Bank manager will call the customers periodically and offer them products or services. This system helps to know which products and services a customer already has before new products are offered. It would be difficult to keep track of this information, without the use of computers.

Reports and Profits

In banks, with the use of a computer the administration can analyze aging reports and track the customers who have had dishonored cheques. This report can be used to call the customers and offer them the product called Bank Overdraft Protection, which prevents a customer from overdrafting their account. These computers help the bank administration to earn income by targeting certain customers for sales activity.

Transactions and Goals

All transactions of the day are recorded in these computers. All deposits, withdrawals, cash cheques, and every other transactions are recorded when a teller or a bank employee feeds it into the system. After comparing all the information, the branch manager will print the report at the end of the day to see whether the branch had reached its goals for the day.

Credit Applications

Banks are using computer for new loan applications and credit card applications. The computer systems are used into open to the new accounts, check for saving and certificate of deposit accounts.


Computers can control induviguaily reports for customers who are 30-, 60- and 90-days delinquent on their accounts. Also, computer can identify individually from costumer's records, who are 30-, 60- and 90-days delinquent on their accounts. Then bank reprentives can identify easily, who are the delinquency customers. And after then, they can be collated from customers contact information easily. Then computer systems are helps to under control delinquency.


Computer systems are helps to keep their record, all of communications from bank employees and customs activities. And computers are used for safety deposit box. Then they can keep record that. Who are the customs in safety deposit box?

Computer inputs.

Computer inputs are hardware component. Those are component helps to transfer your information and data in your computer. Without these devices you can't do your work well into the computer. Computer inputs help send your data into the computer and correct to your wrong data into a hard copy. So inputs devices can be provide data and control signals of a computer. Computer inputs are controlled various information into the computer.

The most commonly input devices.



Graphics Tablets.




Computer input video devices.



Keyboard is a mostly and widely use input devices in the computer world. It use for desktop computer and laptops. The computer keyboard has all the alphabetical and numerical keys for input data and command. Generally ,The keyboard is connected to computer with wire. But at present, it has wireless technology.


This computer device use for handling computer screen and control the computer easily. The computer mouse helps to opening file and folder, and making selections. The computer mouse display Cursor on the screen. Normally, computer mouse connected with wire and wireless technology.


If you want to play advance game, you can play easily with joysticks. This is movable stick with a buttons or it helps to make play easily. Various latest joysticks come with different buttons to help your make complex movement with just push with your finger.


Scanner helps you make photo copies, hard copy documents and photographs. Then you can copy digital images of the document as you wish, and you can save it into the computer or take print out. Then scanner helps to save, edit, or take print your image and hard copy document.


The head set devices have microphone and earphone. This input device helps you record your voice or even commands to the computer. Some head set have for working different task. And you can add voice recognition soft ware. Then computer will be accept your voice and dedicate your command.

Graphics table

This computer input device use like a pen. It helps to write on tablet or touch screen like a pen. Some tablets have a buttons. It helps to user for like a mouse. Many latest tablet models can use for user their finger.

Computer video input devices.

A video input process is entering video data into the computer. Video input device help to full-motion images that create actions and movements. The video input also in the from analog signal in the computer.

Video format input devise are,

Web cam.

Image scanner.

Digital camera.

Bar code reader.

Finger print scanner.

3D scanner.

Video chapter hardware.

Laser ranger finder.

Example for medical imaging,

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Computerized Tomography (CAT Scan).

Positron emission tomography.


These computer devices are using commonly today, those are help to store data for into your computer.

Computer outputs

Number of computer output devices have in the world today, its process is deliver data by the computer to users. If so, we can introduce, computer output device is data send by system to the outside the world. And computer outputs are hardware element. That use to cast result of the data processing and carry out by a computer to the user. Number of computer device have different types, such as, devises include audio, video, and hard copy. These hardware elements are connected to the computer via cable or wireless technology. That can be used desktop computer, laptop computer and super computer etc. The computer output devices can be in the form of a display on the screen or a printed document or playing songs. But some devices not use commonly. Because, it used for professional work.

Outputs devices are,








It can be called video display terminal (VDT). Monitor process is visual display of data. Then user can identify view is got through the monitor. There are having variance of monitor sizes. There are four types of monitor available. Namely CRT, flat panel, LCD, LED. All monitor rely in a video card. Video card located on the mother board. It helps to display information on the monitor. At last, , which processes the data into images.


Printer is external hardware devices. It process is taka data from the computer to generate hard copy of data. Printer helps to print text data, and image etc. There are having tree types of printers, namely, ink jet, laser printers and dot matrix. Such of these printer type are using for various technology to print data.


Speaker is hardware device. It's connected with sound card into the computer. And their outputs sound generated by the card. Then audio data generated by the computer is sent to the audio card, audio card located in the expansion slot. And the audio card helps to translate the data into the audio signals. It sent to speakers or headphones. Some computer has on-board speakers. That generated of various type tons and beep. But, different types of height quality speakers have in to the market at present, for use computer games and fun activities.


Projector helps to an image like a computer screen is projected onto a flat screen. The computer sent image data in to the video card. after, translated video data and image data sent into the projector. Generally projectors are using to the meeting, presentation. Then they can be shown large image for big audience.


Plotter is also like a printer. Make a hard copy performance of a digitally rendered design. The design sent to the plotter via graphics card and the image is made using a pen. Basically plotter draw an image a using a sequence of straight lines. Generally this input device used for engineers sector.


At present, Different types of discs have in the world. Such as CD, DVD, FLOPPY DISCS. There are used for store a data. The data is sent to the disc by computer. And data store in to the disc.


Major type of software

Computer software are derive to two major types sections. There are system software and application software.

System software.

Computer operating system is system soft ware. It is helps a operator for computer. All computer applications run onto a computer operating system. And it want to run a certain soft ware in the computer. At present, different types of computer systems are available in the world for different work.

Best computer operating systems in the world.

Unix, linux, microsoft windows, macintsh act.

images (1).jpg

Graphical user interface os

Windows 98, me, vista, windows 7 and linux. These opprating system can be nevigatde to user whit the help of amouse, and have graphic representation of every process.


These operating system for you want to learn the commands for working. Ms dos is one of example.

Types of operating systems

Single user operating system.

Multi user operating system.

Single and multi taking.

Single user operating system

A single user operating system can be used for one user the computer at a time.

Ex:- Microsoft windows os

Multi user operating system

Multi user operating system can be used for the many users the computer at one time to do many task.

Ex:- Unix os

Single and multi tasking

Many industrial computers are wanted to run only one program all the time. Such these computer helps the single tasking operating system. And the desktop computers we are used for various of purposes employ the multi tasking operating system.

Ex:- Microsoft windows os

Features of an Operating System

Managing Hardware and Software

Consistent Application Program Interface

Program Execution


Memory Management

Accessing Data



Application software's

Computer applications help to do their work. There are text, number, and graphics. Application soft ware process are like word processing, spreadsheet or playing of audio and video files.

Different types of application soft ware

Word processing software

This software helps to user to make and edit documents.

Ex-: ms word, WordPad and notepad among other text editors.

Data base software

Data base is ordered collection of data. It helps to organize data and allows user to store data from data base. Data base soft ware helps to retrieve data from data base.

Ex:- oracle, MS Access.

Spreadsheet software

Spreadsheet software helps to users allow calculation using spreadsheet. Its displaying like a paper work sheet. It have multiple sells that make up a grid.

Ex:- excel, lotus 1-2-3, and apple number

Multimedia software

They are helps to user make and play audio and video files. Audio converters, audio players, burners, video encoders and decoders are some of media soft ware.

Ex:- real player, media player, VLC player, jet audio

Presentation soft ware

It helps to users display information in the form of a slide show. This type of soft ware includes tree functions, there are namely, editing formatting of text, include the graphics in the text and functionality of executing slide show.

Ex:- Microsoft power point

Information work software

When making of individual project of department management need to information. That heddle by information work soft ware.

Ex:- documentation tool, resource management tools, and personal management system.

Education soft ware

It helps to users for teaching and self- learning. Such as like a dictionary.

Ex:- encata, mathematical soft ware like matlab, google earth and NASA world wind.

Simulation soft ware

Simulation soft ware is used for simulate physical or abstract systems.

Ex:- research and entertainment. Flight simulator and scientific simulators.

Content access software

It s helps to access content without editing.

Ex:- web browsers and media players.

Application suites

This is an impotent type of application software. It is combined group of application. This application comes as bundle of application.

Ex:_ Microsoft office package. (Word process, spreadsheet, presentation soft ware)


Computer hardware is the physical sector of a computer. Different types of a hard ware have in the world. That can be touched. All of tangible electronic devises of a computer system we are called as hard ware.



Power supply


Sound card

Video card

Computer fan

Hard disc

Network card




Central processer unit (CPU)

Its can perform computer programs, that unit is set of logic machines. Basically, unit of cpu to do properly of stored instructions known as programs. The first step of the processer retrieves instructions from the program memory. This step to call as 'fetch' step . and the processor break up the commands into parts. Then after, it is executed. It is called as 'decode' step. The CPU writes back, the results of the processed instructions into memory. It is a forth step.


It is main item of the computer. That is center structer circuit board, abbreviated as PCB, it is a complex electronic system of a computer. All electrical connections are connected with motherboard. All hardware components are connected with motherboard.

Power supply

It is used for supplying power to computer. Mainly it convent the AC power to low voltage DC power. It has into computer casing.

Ram( random access memory)

Ram is a temporary memory of a computer. It helps for store the currently running programs and involved to the motherboard.

Sound card

It s digital signal converted to sound signal that enable the input and output of audio signal to and from a computer. Sound card connected with the audio component, and its provide multimedia application.

Video card

It is casting and outputs the image display. That also called as graphics card is hardware component.

Computer fan

It has into the CPU. That used for lower the temperature of a computer. It have several fans into the computer. That helps to maintain temperature and constant flow of a air to the computer.

Hard disc

It used for store of all data. That store digital data on magnetic surface. Hard disc is a non- volatile storage device.

Network card

Its helps computer to communicated with other computer over the network. A network card called as a network adapter, a LAN card and well known as a NIC. All the network components are connected with that network card.

An also Router and modem are networking hardware component.


Rom stand for read only memory. In pc, the most commonly used optical store technology is called digital video disk read only memory(DVD-ROM)