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I am doing case study of 4MM005 Module assessment. Here is four topic of case study from which I need to choose one. I choose case study no 2. Currently I am studying 4cs001 and 4cc001 and this case study is for these students so I choose to do this work.

This task is relating to a small local estate agent based in Wolverhampton. At this time he has a small organisation with up to 10 employees. He has a new business and he has no system at this time. We need to develop a full system for this organisation so it can run their business smoothly and can do competition with their competitor. The main work of this organisation is to showing properties to the customers, advertisement of house for sale, advertising the services available and expanding the business. For doing all these work, the estate agent require a system which can easily book and maintain record of appointments with their customers, easy to advertisement, the modern way to showing the pictures of properties on web site and on office and should be easily access to members of staff, and there should be some modern services like maps. All these things makes it better for advertisement because people can get more specification about property very easily and it will also help to the staff to serve their client in good manner.

Because at this time estate agent have nothing like hardware specification and any software so we need to find out the the best system with the all latest technology for the agent. Software should be compatible with hardware and should be easy to use for the staff. To developing the system we also keep in mind the requirements of agent so we can choose better hardware for system like HDD size, Processor type etc. We also need to ensure that the system should not be create any problem in future and it should be easily to maintain and run properly.

Aim For The Project

My basic aim to this project is that it should be profitable to the estate agent. It can easily maintain all record like appointment with clients, their name and contact numbers etc. so they can easily contact to the client and serve better services. Customers can easily get specifications of properties and service provided by agent. Staff can serve the client in better way. Easy to advertising and expanding the business.

Objectives For the Project

The main objectives to the project are:-

Should be easy to use for staff.

Easy to use for client to get information.

Should be use all modern way to advertising.

Client can easily contact to member of staff to get more information or arranging to view a property.

System should not give any trouble in future.

The system should be providing accurate information to clients and staff members.

Should be cost effectively.

System information should be secure from outside risks, like VIRUS etc.

Application forms for the clients for various serves.

There should be online calculator for various services like mortgage, rent, budget preparation for clients etc.

Easy to expand the business


During my research I found many solution for setting up system for estate agent but I found BaySoft , which is provided by , is better for the agent. This software is basically designed for the estate agent for their all requirement like a Residential Sales, Letting Agents, Commercial Agents, Single Branch, and Estate Agency Chains, keeping record the clients, managing data etc. This system is web based and very easy to use.

This system use latest technology and this is web based and it use ASP.Net technology. The BaySoft ASP.NET system is just the high-powered, affordable tool. This system is basically made for estate agents whether there is 1 or 2 user or more than it and you can also use it in one or more than one branches. So if in future you want to open more branches you no need to change your system just expand it. This system use web based technology so u can access your system anywhere in the world and you no need expensive hard wares. You just need the internet connection. This system provides many facilities. The key features as below:-

Comprehensive Records

Online Vendor Login

Applicant Matching

SMS Marketing

Lettings Accounts

Low cost of ownership

Lowest setup costs

Totally Internet based system

Easy to use

Rapid setup time

Websites updated instantly

Huge support efficiencies

Inbuilt online help and training

Access from anywhere in world

Advanced security features

Managed data backup service

Expensive hardware unnecessary

Scalable to grow with your business

Easily updated and maintained

Easy to upload Pictures

Due to all these benefit estate agent can run their business very easily and smoothly. He can advertisement in modern way. They can update data anytime and from anywhere and staff can access the data from anywhere, either he is on road or with his client in any property. He just needs the internet connection. If estate agent or any one from staff member can access and update data easily then they can give the better services to their clients and people can get the proper and more information about any property.


The installation of this system is very easily and simple. Because all these services are web based so you do not need any expensive hardware. The BaySoft system requires that you use Internet Explorer 8 - 32bit, with Java-script and Active-X support enabled. You will also need the latest copy of Adobe Readerâ„¢ (free).To print letters you will need a copy of Microsoft Wordâ„¢ 2003, or better. As with any other software, Internet Explorer can be adversely affected by the presence of spy-ware and viruses on your PC.It is your responsibility to ensure that your PC is up-to-date and well protected from security threats such as hackers, viruses and spy/ad-ware. You need to install very small programmes to update pictures and some other type of data. To access the data you no need of any type of software. You just need your user id and password to access the data. The all installation process only takes up to 25 minutes. If you are not aware how to install these small programmes and how to access the data online then do not worry. BaySoft provide you online training and happy to help you any time and in any way. Technical experts are available to help you. You just need login to the help form and they will do everything for you. They are also providing very good services to make web site etc. If you do not know how to coding and design the website they will do it for you. If you can make the design of your website on power point or in photo shop then they will coding your design. If you do not know how to design website attractive then they will provide you some design on power point. You just need to choose one from them and BaySoft will do everything for you. You no need to worry about your data base any difficulty. They are happy to help in future.


Because you are new to this system, you may not be aware how to run this system. Do not confuse in it, it is not difficult to run BaySoft. To run the system you just need your login id and your password and that you can access your data, upload information and pictures of any of your property. But if you do not know how to run all these things then do not worry about it. BaySoft will happy to help you. BaySoft also provide online training for all these system.