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People sometimes wonder why their computers are running slow or why their computer has crashed. This is because viruses, worms, Trojans or other unwanted malware were most likely installed on their computer. What is Malware? Malware is any form of virus, worm, or Trojan (Malware…). It spreads viruses via email, the internet and over devices such as USB drives. Viruses can replicate through a computer and spread quickly. Viruses basically destroy and reformat a person's hard drive or viruses just corrupt files. Worms also spread replicates via email and instant message attachments, and can perform harm to several networks (Malware…). Trojans do not replicate but can still perform malicious actions to a person's computer. Like the original Trojan horse, this program may be harmless but could perform serious damage to the computer (Malware…). Why should people care? Malware can compromise their computer security and put people's personal identity and information at risk (Malware…).

A major concern of computer users today is computer security. Without some type of security installed on a computer, files could be hacked into, viruses could spread, or the computer could crash because of unwanted malware installed on the system's hard drive. People store information on their computer's hard drive, such as passwords, banking, and credit card information that could possibly be stolen or phished if their computer is unprotected. A person's privacy could also be invaded if his or her information is unprotected. As a result, there are several steps that people can carry out to provide security for their computers.

There are many antivirus programs available; however, some programs are more reliable than others. Not only do antivirus programs protect a person's information, they protect his or her computer from damage to the system's hard drive by deleting any form of virus. Antivirus software costs money and are not always cheap, and the more expensive software provides better benefits for that person's computer. Computer security, or antivirus software, can provide a computer just enough support to delete and get rid of any viruses or malware on its hard drive. Nonetheless, antivirus software, except for preloaded software, costs money and the more expensive software will provide better benefits; otherwise it could be a scam that could lead to unsound issues.

Antivirus software has its benefits. These benefits include monitoring, scanning, and deleting viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malware. First, the antivirus software will monitor the computer. Next, if the software locates files that show any signs of viruses; it will run a search scan. There are two different types of search scans and they include quick and full scans. A quick scan will search through files where it thinks viruses would most likely to be found. A full scan will search through just about every file located on the system's hard drive. Finally, a report will be given at the end of the search and this gives a person the option to delete the viruses forever. Additionally, the more expensive software will have extended benefits compared to cheaper software.

For several years, most Windows-based and Macintosh computers have shipped with some sort of preloaded antivirus software; in fact, most computers usually come with a 60 day trial of Norton or some other name-brand application (Hamann). Some users would rather use the preloaded software as their main protection until it expires, but others are willing to pay for the full licensed program. Also, several users, perhaps those more experienced, may even delete the preloaded software from their hard drive and install another possibly more advanced name-brand application. There are various products of antivirus software offered to computer users and they include: McAffee, Microsoft's Security Essentials, Kaspersky, Vipre, NOD32, AVG, and so on (Hamann). Nonetheless, some products may only work for a Windows-based system or a Macintosh. In matter of fact, some people may not even need to use antivirus software (Hamann)! Yet, people without antivirus software need to be extra cautious about what they install, click on, or perform on their computer.

A person who has an unprotected computer is in a troublesome situation and unexpected problems may occur. He or she is in danger of malware, Trojans, and viruses that could be installed on and crash the computer without visible evidence. Therefore, purchasing some sort antivirus program is necessary. Though, most computers today come with preloaded antivirus software, it is usually only a trial version. Still yet, why should people purchase new software instead and how well will the new software protect their computers? Today, an unprotected computer is not just exposed; it is probably already infected with malware and viruses without any signs or given evidence. Antivirus software manufactures have provided several options to their users. They usually offer a basic, professional, or ultimate package. People typically start off with the basic version to test it out but then later upgrade to the ultimate version. The ultimate version provides users with a full protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware. This is version is first-class and is a person's best option. It is also beneficial to people who purchase it, because the people are protecting their computers from hackers, fraud, identity theft, viruses, worms, spyware, and more (Best Antivirus …). Though, there is a loophole in the software, because malware can still be installed. People must upgrade their software immediately when the upgrade becomes available so they can avoid this loophole.

New viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other malware are created and sometimes launched every day. The new threats being created are disguised to bypass other security measures, and specifically designed to catch people and their computer off guard (Best Antivirus …). The virus landscape has also changed; viruses that used to be considered annoying pranks have now evolved into dangerous threats capable of not only destroying a person's computer, but stealing his or her information and identity (Best Antivirus …). The more expensive versions of antivirus software provide computers with better benefits compared to basic versions. Luckily, modern antivirus software has not just improved their level of protection; they have significantly improved resource efficiency and overall speed (Best Antivirus …).

A person can have ultimate protection without giving up his or her resources. With advanced technologies and straightforward usability, antivirus software is more effective than ever, and does not require constant maintenance from you (Best Antivirus …). Say goodbye to annoying security warnings and noticeable slowdowns which could cause a person's computer to crash. Current antivirus software delivers constant protection and speed that will tremendously improve a person's computer. Nevertheless, people may never tell how well antivirus software protects their computer against viruses without trying out several name-brand applications other than the preloaded free trial.

People should not rely on the preloaded software as their main type of security protection. However, if people decide to use the preloaded antivirus software, they are putting themselves at a higher risk than people who purchased a full licensed program. Additionally, the preloaded software does not fully protect against information from being stolen or hacked into (Webtwilight). For people planning to purchase antivirus software, what should they look for? All antivirus software is not created equal because there are several levels of security offered such as basic, professional, and ultimate protection (Best Antivirus …). The choices for antivirus protection are varied because not all software has the same benefits; nevertheless, people look for the best features, effectiveness and usability, when purchasing software (Best Antivirus …). Antivirus software can only work based off its level of protection; if a person cannot figure out how to use it, they never will. People need to look at benefits when deciding on which software is right for them. These benefits include scope of protection, effectiveness, installation and setup, a person's use, features, updates, help and support. All of these benefits can protect a computer in many different ways.

Scope of Protection is dealing with how well antivirus software can protect one's computer from any harm. There is software that is more thorough than others, such as professional or ultimate, and it provides more benefits to its users. However, the best antivirus software will include the basic features such as protection from viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware, but it should also include defense from keyloggers, phishing scams, email threats and rootkits (Best Antivirus …). Antivirus software would cost too much money to remove everything from a system's hard drive; therefore, it cannot fully protect a computer from all viruses, Trojans and malware. Instead, it can protect a computer from as many known threats on as many fronts as possible.

Determining the effectiveness of antivirus software can be helpful when choosing the best version. Antivirus is specifically designed to protect a person's computer; nonetheless, if it does not show first-class performance, than what use does it have for its user? Computer users usually want to view the results and read through reviews offered by manufacturers and software testers so that they can find the most effective antivirus software available (Best Antivirus …). In general, the best antivirus software out on the market is probably going to be the most effective and have a more productive performance than others.

Antivirus software should be straightforward when it comes to installing and setting up. It should not be difficult to install, and it should have a person's computer protected as soon as possible. Antivirus software is complex, but it is not rocket science; it should not require a degree in computer security. Everyday computer users want some type of software they can easily install and let run on its own. The best antivirus software can usually perform well and do exactly what a person wants it to do.

Every computer user tends to look at the features of antivirus software before purchasing it. Yet, these features will not be useful unless they keep it updated constantly. Antivirus software is only as satisfactory as its latest update; additionally, it needs to be updated to keep up with today's technology such as new computers. Viruses are being identified and launched all the time, so it is important to have updated software to keep track of these new viruses. Modern antivirus software is usually equipped with automatic updates, unless users select otherwise, that perform updates regularly. This is beneficial because these updates will make a computer run faster. The best antivirus manufacturers even offer a person updates as soon as they become available (Best Antivirus …). Help is even available if a person does not understand how to update his or her computer.

A tech support team is always available for users who are having trouble with their product. However, the best software does not even require a person to read its in-depth manual for usage. Still, for specific question, troubleshooting, or additional help, antivirus manufactures perform their best on and offline to assist a person with specific needs.

When people purchase new computers, they should immediately take action and install some type of antivirus program on their computer once they have it running, because the preloaded program has little-to-no benefits. However, people are not installing antivirus software on their computers because it costs money, but it would cost more money to fix a computer crash. So, purchasing an antivirus program is more efficient and could save people money by not having to get their computer fixed every time it crashes.

Computer security, or antivirus software, has firmly developed over the years, and people are now starting to realize why this software is very important. Remember, the preloaded software that comes with a brand new computer is encouraged for use but is not the best option. Antivirus software such as Norton and MacAfee are not cheap. Yet, the antivirus software usually provides more than one bundle. There is the basic bundle, which provides limited features; the professional bundle, which provides a few additional features on top of the basic bundle; and the ultimate bundle which usually provides tons of benefits to its users. Antivirus software will protect a computer against any harm. Additionally, it would improve the life of a person's computer. Antivirus software has improved computer's lives all around the world and it will continue to do so as long as it staying updated with today's technology.