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In the present world there is a huge development in the technology which leads to a rapid development in the multimedia applications. Multimedia is the word which was most commonly used in the daily life. In order to reach the demand of people on usage of the mobile technologies based on multimedia applications rather than sending texts, voice messages and many other some new applications and technologies are developed. This paper explains about how multimedia is developed from time to time and what are the advancements that have been done, what are the multimedia applications that are used in the mobiles and how they are useful.

Due to ever changing the needs of the consumer's wide range of multimedia applications goes on developing. Multimedia applications has created its way into different generations. Multimedia applications have wide use in case of different generations of mobile network such as third generation of mobile network and fourth generation of mobile network.

Our report deals with the multimedia applications and its usage in different fields such as gaming, web, 3D images and graphics.

Table of contents:




Ethical Issues

Literature Review

Multimedia Advantages and Disadvantages

Different types of input and output devices

Different types of compression techniques

Interactive Multimedia




This paper provides the clear view about what multimedia is and how it was developed from time to time. The different types of multimedia applications used in multimedia devices and how they are implemented.

The word multimedia can be easily classified from the name itself. Multi means two or more, that is the combination of mediums. Simply multimedia can be defined as combination of media. That media can be in different forms such as text, audio, video, and image, animations and graphics.

(Tech terms)

In the present world the technology increased rapidly from day to day, multimedia plays a vital role in any kind of computer based applications. In this computer based applications there is a huge involvement of different areas like business organisations, personal lives, education, medical, entertainment, professional and many other. Multimedia is an integration of different media types in the form of digital in a single electronic device like mobile, laptop or Personal Computer. Multimedia device in the sense, any electronic device which was inbuilt with different mediums those which can be presented in a digital form.

(Chapman & Chapman, 2000)

Multimedia plays a major role in mobile applications as well as in computer applications, in both software and hardware. Multimedia is the major concept in wireless communications which can be accessed anywhere else.

Examples of Multimedia applications:

World Wide Web




FM Radio




Interactive TV

In many fields multimedia is becoming innovative. Multimedia in education that is classes are teaching through projectors (e-classes), digital libraries and many others. Multimedia in business sector, this is a main term in business sectors of electronics. Multimedia in gaming, the features and effects in the gaming are increased using animations, graphics and digital effects. Multimedia in medicine, nowadays some of the operations are done using laser techniques many other cases in medicine due to this users are more interested towards it. If the number of users increases automatically business develops.

In the present world the mobile devices are playing a very huge role. That is because everyone was thinking about the instant access; the market for this mobile device was increasing rapidly. This was a vast market playing a major role in the business field. As the market develops the competition between the manufacturers also increases. This becomes a challenge to stand in front of a potential market.


The main aim of this paper is to provide the clear view about the multimedia applications in mobile networks and how they are developed from time to time and the concepts including current state, back ground work, future work and enhancements that can be done.


To do an efficient research on the paper to get the clear views.

To identify the different existing methods and techniques.

Back ground research on the proposed system for mobile networks.

Debug the developed system to clear out unwanted errors

Ethical Issues:

As an MSc Computer science student, for this research paper the data collected from websites, IEEE explorers, e-books was referenced as per the Staffordshire university rules and regulations. The data was collected from the authorised web sites. The collected data should be kept secured and confidential.

Different multimedia technologies devices transmitting different data .

(Red forte, 2008)

In the above diagram there are different multimedia devices transmitting different types of data through different technologies.

The different technologies that are used here

Literature review:

By using all the multimedia applications and network capability mobiles have successfully fulfilled the aims by getting the internet connectivity where ever we want and whatever we want. In this paper we are explaining about the multimedia applications in mobile networks.

The important characteristics of multimedia are

Any multimedia system should be controlled by a computer.

Any type of data should be represented digitally.

Why Multimedia Applications Useful:

Multimedia applications in mobile phones deals with the features that are inbuilt to it. The is a fast development in the technology the developments in the mobile world are changed from time to time.

In the past the mobile was used only to answer the call and make a call. But now in the present world there is every thing in the mobile that is, we can stay connected any time and any where, we can capture the videos and what ever they want, playing games through the mobile, transferring data from one device to another instantly. We can check the weather forecast from the mobile itself, and some mobiles have inbuilt GPS that means we can get the satellite navigation from the mobile. There are inbuilt FM Radio, MP3 player, Video player,

(Ralf Steinmetz, 2004)

Multi Media Applications:

Multi Media which Refers with Text Graphics, Animations, Audio and Video Effects which are associated with Computer System. Main uses of Multimedia Applications are Computer Based Training Classes Real Time Projects, Video Conferencing, and Mobile Applications, For 2g Applications and 3G Applications Multi Media Applications are Used.

In Multimedia Applications in the last couple of years by advancing the Communications in Mobile Phones and Video conferencing. The Introduction of Three generation Phones are used in the Application of Multimedia only. Multimedia Applications are Expensive. In Mobile Communications Multimedia Applications are Battery, Display, Processing Performance, Memory, and Mother Board are The Examples of Multimedia

Multi Media Technology Trends:

There are two Main Types of Memory Found in Multimedia Applications in Mobile are Mainly Non Volatile Program and Data Storage. And Fast Access Random Access Memory

Advantages of Multimedia Applications:

Multimedia Applications Allow to Communicate with one System to Another system By speech, text, Moving objects etc

Multimedia Applications Is a Real World Impression while Using a Communication System.

These Applications are Used For Training for Teaching Purpose

Usage of Communication Products increase in Business Products like as Tele Communication Field and Computers and Etc.,

By using Multimedia Applications there is no need to Convert the Data Into Computer Acceptable Form and the Data Is Acceptable in the Form of Voice, Images, moving Pictures Etc

Disadvantages of Multimedia Applications:

Cost of the Computer System in Multimedia Applications are Expensive

Computers will Be the well Trained to take Full Advantage of Multimedia Applications

By using Multi Media Applications Computer System Will Slow Down Automatically

While transferring huge data the system may hang

(Free Computer Tips and Tricks, 2010)

Multimedia Applications in mobile networks:

3G (third generation) it is the latest WIFI technology used. It is also known as UMTS (universal mobile telecommunication system). 3g technology is first launched in October 2001 in Japan. 3g phone is mostly used for surfing the internet to talk through the internet, watch movies online

3G generation is a standard for mobile telecommunications and mobile phones. Applications for this service is included mobiles internet access, voice calls, wide area wireless voice telephone and mobile TV mainly in countries like China, Japan, Europe and other countries are mainly using GMS 2G system infrastructure.

When compared with the older version 2G and 2.5G standards, 3G has a major advantage in it. In 3G the system is allowed for the simulations speech and data services. In 3G it provides mobile broad band access services.

The extended version for the 3G generation is the 4G in this generation the bandwidth was very much improved, the accessing speed was very fast, downloads can be done very quickly

Input and output devices and its applications

Multimedia uses many input devices to input the data into the computers and generate the output results on the screen

Different types of input devices used in multimedia applications are as follows

Keyboard and mouse

The keyboard is used to enter the data in to the system. Mouse is


Scanner is helpful for scanning the documents and images directly into the computer memory. Mechanism of the scanner for example when a document needs to be scanned a light falls on the document and captures the text.


Multimedia allows the function of microphone which delivers speech signals into the computer memory. Most of the today's computers are inbuilt with microphones and a speech generated by the microphone is two low qualities as the purpose of the microphone is only to speak rather than recording the speech signals.

Voice recognition software

Voice recognition is software built with microphone to allow direct inputting of data into the computer's memory in the form of voice rather than a text

Video camera

A picture taken by the video camera can be easily saved into the computer memory. Strong USB data cable allows us to transfers the images from the camera into the computer's memory.

Different types of compression techniques

Introduction to the digital audio:

When an acoustic signals enters into the eardrum the ear gets vibrates causing tuned signals which is perceived by the listener. Similarly when an person speaks into the microphone the sound gets converted into the electrical wave and gets tuned. The multimedia will represent the sound as a fraction of time and amplitude. The frequency of the range of human ear can be represented by the following formula

Db=10log, base10 (A/B)

Audio compression

In today's world we required the data that should be stored with limited space. So audio compression is a technology where the data can be compressed and can be able to store easily. The best compression technique is MPEG which is a very powerful technique for audio compression. MPEG consist of three layers out of which the best layer is MP3. Audio compression can be done by two methods waveform way and second by mathematical flourier transform way.

Streaming audio

Now the researchers has again made new advance technologies and moved from the digital audio to the streaming audio over the internet. Whenever the user logs into the system user can have online audio. User can able to have audio which is on demand. It also supports the facilities of internet protocol an voice over the internet. Internet is full of music through which we can download the songs. Mechanism is used for streaming the audio firstly user will setup the TCP connection then sends the HTTP

(Source Security, 2001)

Interaction in multimedia:

In the concept of interactive multimedia it gives a wide variety of interactions which can be accessed where ever we want and can stop on our own wish. These interactions are of different forms that can be in the text form, audio form or video form. The band width required for the text and image is very less when compared to audio and video. There is a huge development in the generations of the multimedia; in this concept band width plays the major role. As the band width increases the transmission of data becomes easy. In this text, audio and video there are different forms. For transmitting different forms of data we need different band widths. For the regular text the band width required is very less, where as for images there are different types like 2d and 3d. As well as in video also there are different types like 2D video and 3d video to transmit these types of data the band width required is very high. If the band width is not suitable it is not possible to transmit the data. In order to resolve these problem different types of compression techniques are developed. By using these techniques large data can be compressed to small data that means it reduces the size of the data to make the transmission of data easy.

(Mobile Multimedia Communications: Concepts, Applications, and Challenges, 2009)


The day by day improvement in the use of computers and the internet made to thing about the new technologies or applications. In multimedia the user had the right to create his/her own ideas. This make to increase the use of multimedia applications. In multimedia applications it gives a better view for the user to look at. By using colours, pictures, videos, audio and text in different from which changes the appearance of the web. In this research it is explaining about the compression technique and is also explains about the interaction technique. It also explains about the 3G technology and how it works. It also explains about the 4G technology, how it is advanced than 3G and what the advantages in 4G. It also explains about the mobile applications, how does the blue tooth work and how does it exchange the data through blue tooth. This research explains about the present applications of multimedia. In multimedia application it is explained about the upcoming technologies and future enhancements of the world.