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Fantastico is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that enables you to install more than 50 Open Source applications including CMS, forums, blogs, galleries, shopping carts, and more on your web hosting accounts with minimum hassle and maximum effect. In Fantastico, a webmaster will see the list of the most popular and widely used software. Any application can be installed with just a few clicks of the mouse and your website will be up and running in seconds. In most cases, you will only need to select a script, specify the directory for its installation, and enjoy the new and powerful functionality. Every script in Fantastico De Luxe has a description and URLs leading to the developer websites and discussion forums. Before the actual installation begins, Fantastico shows the space available in your account and may install the scripts either in the root directory of your website or in a subdomain(s). Fantastico sets up the database for the applications when needed and you don't need to know anything about MySQL databases, structure importing, file permissions and any other tasks usually associated with software installations. The scripts that are already installed can be easily managed through Fantastico.

All our web hosting plans include Fantastico De Luxe package, so you can use any of the tools included in the package to create your website. In our turn, we will provide you with a reliable, secure and fast web hosting solution.

The Fantastico web hosting package includes the following scripts:

phpBB Hosting

phpBB, an abbreviation for PHP Bulleting Board, is the most widely used Open Source forum package powering communities of thousands of websites throughout the world. Written in PHP, the package is a free software available under the GNU General Public License. It is easy-to-install, user-friendly, fully scalable, has a nice easily modifiable design with lots of skins and templates, a convenient structure and much more. phpBB supports a wide range of databases, including MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. With each new release, the forum changes rapidly and fascinates even more by its powerful functionality.

With phpBB you can quickly create your own powerful forum with almost no technical skills required.


Supports popular database servers

Unlimited forums and posts in them

Interface supports multiple languages

Private and public forums

Powerful search functionality

Personal messages system

Ample opportunities to change the look and feel

Numerious free templates and additional modules

phpBB can be in-built into your existing website or be used as a stand-alone forum. Order one of our phpBB hosting plans today and start using your own pre-installed phpBB forum right away.

vBulletin Hosting

vBulletin is a powerful, easy-to-use, scalable and fully customizable forum package with integrated Content Management System and Blog solutions. It is a perfect online community package for all medium-to-large websites. Photo album, groups, calendar, polls and other features make vBulletin appealing as a social communication platform. Although vBulletine is not free, it is offered for quite a reasonable price with free updates within the purchased version. If you are the owner of a vBulletin license, you are definitely seeking for a good hosting solution. Our long-term experience and hundreds of happy customers guarantee the best hosting configuration for your vBulletin package. With our feature-rich vBulletin hosting solution, you will have all the tools and resources required for an easy and successful start of your vBulletin web site.

Webhosting-garage offers hosting packages which completely meet the vBulletin installation requirements. vBulletin requires version of PHP 4.4.2 or 5.1.2, or later and version of MySQL 5.0.19 or later. All our web hosting packages support PHP5, MySQL5 and Apache 2.x. You can order vBulletin hosting account by choosing one of the web hosting plans below:

Movable Type Hosting

Movable Type is not just a free blogging platform that can be easily managed even by a fresh blogger, but is also a professional and full-fledged CMS platform for a variety of applications. With Movable Type, you can create blogs, blog-based websites and social networking sites. The platform may be a very helpful tool if you are going to create a private blog or a corporate site for marketing purposes.

Even inexperienced users can install Movable Type on their web servers within just a few minutes. And it doesn't require programming knowledge or skills to change the look and feel of the website. More advanced users with greater needs have ample opportunities to create both functional websites and unique designs.

These are just a few benefits of the Movable Type CMS:

Includes a full package for blogging

Has the ability to create any number of blogs and plug-ins within a single installation

Publishes static and dynamic pages

Has a flexible templates system and allows the generation of Word documents, slideshows and PDF files.

Movable Type uses a simple template language with the syntax similar to HTML. This allows the webmaster to change easily the look of the blog as well as its functionality. The output format of the content can be changed to such extensions as php, asp, txt, css, js, pdf, doc, etc.

Has a reliable protection against spam

Includes more than 40 ready-to-use templates and designs

New functionality can be added with just a few clicks through an easy-to-use plug-in management system

Can clone existing blogs (create new blogs based on the same settings and templates as the existing ones)

Our Movable Type hosting accounts are specially configured in order to support this platform. Basic Movable Type hosting requirements are:

Apache 1.3x or 2.x

Perl 5.8.1 (or above)

PHP5.x (Note: PHP4 is incompatible with Movable Type 5.x)

MySQL 5.0 (or greater)

Webhosting-garage offers Movable Type hosting plans that completely correspond to the listed above requirements. You can choose one of them and start your on-line publishing activity today.

Magento Hosting

Magento is one of the leading Open Source e-commerce solutions. It is very user-friendly and provides positive experience to both customers and administrators. Being an open source platform, Magento provides ample opportunities for any configuration, additional functionality development and multiple ready-to-use templates and modules. With the basic supply of the Magento store, most Internet shop owners get everything they need. Magento can be optimized for businesses promotion at the growing online market. The platform supports multi-store retailing functionality, has powerful SEO features and provides shop owner with extended report and analytics.

Magento Highlights:

Easy customizable web design packages

Multiple currencies

Any number of sites on a single platform

Multilingual support

Various payment and delivery methods

Marketing-oriented online store

If you are looking for a perfect Magento hosting, please review our hosting plans and choose the best one. Our packages include Apache 2, MySQL 5 and PHP 5, which are the basic requirements for Magento installation. We recommend to use the «Unlimited» plan as it suits Magento hosting requirements in the best way. You can also order SSL certificate for secure payment transactions at your shop.

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