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Today, it is widely recognized computer is really essential for the entire world. During the 21th century, many people were realize using computer could help them successful a lot of things with easier, either that's for calculation or management. Of course, besides the hardware and software component, there has a most important thing to keep a computer system working smoothly, which is the operating system. Even though many people are using computer, but most of them doesn't know how it actually work and why we need operating system to work for, therefore in the assignment, we would discuss about the operating system.

In this assignment, it had been recognized in four sections, which are introduction, content conclusion and references. Each section we would go in to details. For the first question in this assignment, we would discuss about the several kind of operating system which is available in market today and it performances as well. Therefore, based on this section we will create and explain some comparison and contrast with every type of operating system. After that, we would talk about some detail of Virtual Memory with Paging and Virtual Memory with Segmentation within second question. In this part, we would also make some comparison with these two kinds of Virtual Memory, and some detail about interrupt process.

As a conclusion, the purpose of this assignment is to present as possible as clearly and completely, the characteristics and nature of modern-day operating system. Although most of the resources of this assignment are taken from internet and reference book, the objective is to present the material in a fashion that keeps new material in a clear context to those readers.

2.0 Definition of Question 1

To understand an operating system how does it work, mostly is like to understand the entire computer system. A computer system has consists a lot of software and hardware, typically which have included the program and physical machine or its electronic component as well. In addition, as know as the operating system software mostly is like a chief piece of the software, which is the portion of the component system for manage the entire hardware and software. Generally, it has been use to control every file, device, the section of main memory, and the nanosecond of processing time. Therefore, as we can say operating system is like a boss, because it was control the entire system that who could be use. For describe the process of operating system, the operating system would make sure the command is executed while user was send a command, if that is not executed, it would arrange for the user to get a message and explain the error. In this condition, the one thing important to remember is the operating system has not necessary for executed the command or sends the error message, but it was the main of does control the part of the system.

3.0 The Comparison of Operating System

During the 21th century, the technology of operating system was become more popular. Based on the market today, there have many different types of competing operating system are available in use. Those are the types of operating system have amassed its popularity for the different reasons. Typically, most of the people while choosing the operating system is depend on their different usage. Therefore, based on this section, we would make some comparison between Microsoft Window and Macintosh.

3.1 Microsoft Windows

Windows is a software operating system and graphic user interface which was developed by Microsoft. During its introduction in 1985, Windows are immensely popular than other brands of personal computer. Typically, there have two parallel routs for its development, which are personal and professional use. The different of its rout is the personal use greater multimedia support but lacked networking capability. Compare to professional version, it offer greater networking and security feature but lacked of multimedia support. Besides that, to compare all versions of Windows, the Windows XP was a greater success and the relatively recent the Windows Vista is nevertheless popular.

3.2 Macintosh

Macintosh as we known as Mac, Macintosh could be refers to a brand name that covers a series of personal computers developed by Apple Inc. In fact, the Apple was produces all of the hardware of Mac and it also provide its own operating system for comes package with Mac. Typically, Mac operating system could be classified in two families of the operating system. Classic Mac OS is one of the versions which had shipped with the Mac until the creation of Mac OS 9. The second is Mac OS X, which was deriving its feature from the Mac OS 9. The Mac OS X is one of the operating system that was currently in use and successor of Mac OS, those are this was a line of graphical user interface-based in operating system.

3.3 Customizability & Hardware

First of all, there one of the reason why Windows computer have many people prefer to use, because it can easy allow user to be customize, although their hardware is designed, the user can replace the graphic card, RAM chip, CD driver, motherboard or another internet hardware at their direction. Compare to Mac models, it was difficult to upgrade apart from RAM to a few basic hardware components. Therefore, most of Apple customer should visit to an Apple store, while they have any change require.

3.4 Operating System Design

For the Windows system design, in the lower left-hand corner of the Windows screen, almost has its main-menu "Start" button, though this could be altered by the user. In fact, this is where from the programs list, folder and setting that could straight away to accesses, which purpose to allow user easier to make a use of Windows Explorer, and it also a file browsing system. Although the Macs utilize the Finder is much like a Windows Explorer, but it except this basic for all the file are almost on its system. Instead of a "My Document" folder or "All Program" list, the document folders and its application were place in the sidebar to the left, apart from this, the way of their folders and file were access on the similar that between both systems.

3.5 Price

Since most of the hardware components of Windows computer are constructed from various manufactures, the end price of it is rather inexpensive. Just because of Mac computer having a greater hardware restriction and less customizable, its price is higher than many model of Windows computers. In fact, the Windows computer could be customized down to a very finite detail, while the Mac was built by choosing a base model, after selected a few upgrades within the various categories.

3.6 Software Availability

For the comparison between these two operating system, there have much more software was available for the Windows than for Mac, and that why Windows is much widely used than the Mac operating system. One of the common reason is there have many would choosing Windows, because since the gamer developer don't choose the Mac operating system to make a separate version, there have many titles weren't available for Mac. However, since there have many utility and program were design exclusively for the Mac operating system, the Mac user also could install Windows on their Mac PC or either dual-boot between the both systems within the computer. But on contrary, when install the Mac operating system onto the Windows machine, it doesn't support by either that is Microsoft or Apple.