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Microsoft SQL Server originated in Sybase SQL System, this was the entry to enterprise-level database market for Microsoft who was also had competition with IBM and Oracle. The first version of Microsoft SQL Server which is V1.0 was released in 1989

Microsoft and Sybase later split up and were also competing against each other, Microsoft has developed several revisions on their own such as SQL Server 7.0 which was a rewrite from the legacy Sybase code, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 was the follow up on this application

Was first used for a add on for SQL server 2000,the first time it was used as a bundled package was with SQL server 2005,this service is a tool for generating "data-driven" notifications which are then sent to data notification subscribers. Subscribers register for a specific event and notification services will notify them of new occurrence for that event, the service uses SMTP, SOAP or by writing to a file in the file system to deliver the notification message

Full Text Search Service

This is a specialized indexing and querying service used for unstructured text in a SQL database, the service can be used on any column with character based text

Has support for SQL and allows you to create and debug code to be executed by SQL, it also has a data designer to allow you to graphically create, edit or view database schemas

SQL Server Management Studio

This is a tool included with SQL server 2005 and later editions that has a graphic user interface that allows you to create databases manually or with a built in wizard, it also allows you to manage you server with built in tools ,you can either create and edit your database with SQL command line or with the built in features which is the easiest and quickest way 90% of the time

Comparison Between SQL Server and oracle


Transact-SQL)is a set of programming extensions from Sybase and Microsoft that add several features to the Structured Query Language including transaction control, exception and error handling, row processing, and declared variables. Microsoft's SQL Server and Sybase's SQL server support T-SQL statements.

This is a list of the types of applications that can generate Transact-SQL:

General office productivity applications

Applications that use a graphical user interface (GUI) to let users select the tables and columns from which they want to see data.

Applications that use general language sentences to determine what data a user wants to see.

Line of business applications that store their data in SQL Server databases. These applications can include both applications written by vendors and applications written in-house.

Transact-SQL scripts that are run by using utilities such as SQLCMD.

Applications created by using development systems such as Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, or Microsoft Visual J++ that use database APIs such as ADO, OLE DB, and ODBC.

Web pages that extract data from SQL Server databases.

Distributed database systems from which data from SQL Server is replicated to various databases, or distributed queries are executed.

Data warehouses in which data is extracted from online transaction processing (OLTP) systems and summarized for decision-support analysis.


Microsoft SQL Server can either be used for personal usage or for a small to large company, Microsoft SQL Server can handle large amounts of data and therefore it is ideal for business usage in a large or small corporate environment or at home



MySQL is relational database management system that acts as a server that provides multi-user access to a number of databases, MySQL is an open source application which is owned by sun microsystems a sub division of the oracle corporation

Members of the MySQL community have created several forks such as "Drizzle" and "MariaDB" because of the fear that oracle would influence the development of MySQL because it competes with Oracle's other database products

Many web applications use MySQL as the database component, it is fully compatible with PHP, many high traffic sites such as Facebook, You Tube Twitter and Nokia use MySQL to keep track of user data entries etc.


MySQL is primarily an relational database management system, it doesn't come with any GUI tools to manage a MySQL database or the data in the database, the included command line can be used or MySQL Frontends can be downloaded from parties that have developed desktop applications and web applications to manage the database and the records within the

The official MySQL workbench is a free integrated environment developed by MySQL AB that allows users to graphically manage and design MySQL Databases


Original development of MySQL was done by Michael Widenius and David Axmark beginning in 1994 MySQL is named after Monty Widenius's daughter My.

The first internal release was on 23 May 1995

The Windows version was released on 8 January 1998 for Windows 95 and NT

Version 3.23: beta from June 2000,the production release was January 2001

Version 4.0: beta from August 2002,the production release was March 2003

Version 4.01: beta from August 2003, Jyoti adopts MySQL for database tracking

Version 4.1: beta from June 2004, production release October 2004

Version 5.0: beta from March 2005,the production release was October 2005

Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL AB on 26 February 2008.

Version 5.1: production release was 27 November 2008

MySQL 5.1 and 6.0 showed poor performance when used for data warehousing ,probably due to its inability to utilize multiple CPU cores for processing a single query


MySQL is very popular for using with web applications and it also acts as the database component of lamp


MySQL works on ANSI C as its native language and also uses SQL3

The American national standards institute is a private non-profit institute that produces industrial standards in the USA

ANSI was founded on October 19, 1918 as the American Engineering Standards Committee and reorganised as the American Standards Association in 1928. In 1966 was reorganised as the United States of America Standards Institute. In 1969 it changed its name to American National Standards Institute.


MySQL Can be used in any environment big or small, because of major improvements over the years MySQL is suitable for large business to use on their websites for database management or it could b used at home for the same purpose


Oracle database is a relational database system of the Oracle Corporation, normally used in product and internet bases applications on different platforms

The oracle database system was developed by Larry Ellison along with friends and some former co-workers Bob Miner and Ed Oates who started a consultancy company called Software Development Laboratories (SDL),The finished product they created was called oracle which is named after the CIA-Funded project Code name they worken on at a previous employer,Ampex

Data storage structure

Oracles stores data logically in the form of tablespaces,physically it is stored in the form of data files

Tablespaces are created based on the type of data segments they contain like data segments index segments and bootstrap segments


Software Development Laboratories was founded in 1977. SDL changed its company name to Relational Software, Inc. In 1979

In 1983 RSI was renamed to Oracle Corporation In 1983. Oracle version 3 was released which had been re-written in C Programming Language .Platform support was extended to UNIX

In 1984 Oracle version 4 was released which supported read consistency.

In 1985 Oracle began supporting the Client Server model, with networks becoming available in the mid 80s. Oracle version 5.0 supported distributed querying.

In 1988 Oracle version 6 was released with support for PL/SQL, row level locking and hot backups.

In 1992 Oracle version 7 was released with support for integrity constraints, stored procedures and triggers.

In 1997 Oracle version 8 was released with support for object oriented development and multimedia applications.

In 1999 Oracle 8i was released which is more supportive with the needs of the

In 2001 Oracle 9i was released with 400 new features including the facilty to read and write XML documents.

In 2003 Oracle 10g was releasedVersion numbering conventions

Database-related applications

Some of the major database related suites of Oracle

Oracle Designer/Developer

Oracle Forms

Oracle Reports

Oracle Applications

Oracle HR

List of Firsts

Oracle is the first database product tested to comply with the ANSI SQL standard.

Oracle is the first database to incorporate a native java language

Oracle is the first commercial relational database management system to become available on Linux as from august 1999


Oracle uses PL/SQL(Procedural Language/Structured Query Language)This is oracle's ,implementation of SQL,PL/SQL has a big resemblance with ADA, PL/SQL is one of three languages embedded in the Oracle Database, along with SQL itself and also Java.PL/SQL was available with oracle since version 7


Because Oracle Database can handle large amounts of data it is suitable to use within a large company that requires a large database