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The main goal of the research is to compare two web development technology. The Purpose, a real estate application languages ​​CSharp and active server pages, Hypertext Preprocessor as development using. A real estate web application user panel, admin panel to panel and advertisers in the development of the three main panels. Only two functional requirements, web technology is used. One of the major applications of the Web Platform for the delivery of information and services on the Internet Today. They are more complex services, which can be used for web For security applications, a well-known and valuable target Attacks. A large body of methods, although the growth To reduce attacks on web applications, and to strengthen open Side web applications, little effort is devoted to drawing Building a bigger picture and the relationship between these methods Web Application Security Research Comparison of the two technologies, ASP.NET, PHP is found to be more efficient and reliable. During the development process, PHP. NET language, rather than a simple scripting language that is found in c#.However, it helps in faster, and provides the control function is built-in ASP.NET,The development of PHP code.


PHP, and ASP.NET discussion between the past, one of the first scripting language and web application framework that was developed complete with biased due to the fact, did not, then the problem in PHP. Open source and Microsoft ASP.NET in ASP.NET 2002 ownership was at war since the beginning of time. The two used to build dynamic web pages and web applications programming. Restored and Microsoft's Active Server Pages, ASP.NET has been recorded in (ASP) is the successor. PHP and web development model for the event-driven GUI NET Framework provides the ASP scripting environment rather than on the web. It does not sound a little confusing, and ASP.NET and PHP are very different, but in fact would seem to indicate that that is the biggest difference between PHP and ASP.NET..ASP.NET is a web application framework from Microsoft is the default CLR. ASP.NET code using any supported by a dynamic web sites, web applications and web services to build Net programmers. Net language developed allows. PHP, on the other side, but in a different way, is basically the same. There are similarities, there are differences between the two that matter - but things are easy, and the lack of clarity, many myths and misconceptions are likely to show up in recent years and this is what happened with these two technologies. It is free, if it's OK to build a website (or better), and the like The costs

Comparison of and php

As a real estate website, you run two different web technologies, ASP.NET is as PHP has more advantages than found. The code size is less than It is flexible and easy to be with, which makes ASP.NET, code and HTML,ASP.NET framework is complemented with a rich pages and designer. ActiveX Data. NET (ADO.NET) for the object. NET Framework and is a part of the data can be used to access Database. Using data binding with ASP.NET ADO.NET works well. PHP, however, Lines of code, and the code is easy to learn, it takes a long time for large applications More is required. The PHP support only partial encapsulation and polymorphism, For ASP.NET. Be easily adapted to PHP mysql database is very easy to use. The most striking features of ASP.NET Master Pages. For the design and content An article in the page title, genre and bottom of the bomb and PHP All pages. More in ASP.NET data grid to display the results of the container PHP compared to the grid.ASP.NET can be a serious memory is more expensive relative to When the issue of a large web application development. Due to limitations in ASP.NET Because of the way the code. In terms of memory PHP, it is considered Effective from ASP.NET. In a way that is a little code PHP is a server Compared to the low-side code for ASP.NET. provides a comparison table All the above observations are given.


IIS ASP programs should be Install on Windows The server platform.

Database Integration MS SQL is a more expensive in Microsoft's product.

PHP projects Apache on Linux and UNIX Servers are free. MySQL, the database can be used It will be available for free.


ASP.NET is optimized Language and compiled Implementation is fast.

PHP is an interpreted Language and less rapid Fulfilled.

Memory usage

The code can lead the way Expensive memory

Path leads to a small code

Effective memory.

Support and Resources

Corrections and updates

Available, can be made by

The number of Microsoft

Developed alone.

The lower support available

Address new challenges

Many open source developers

And resources available for


Available from more support

The PHP platform.

Editors and tools

To develop .Net application Microsoft is using visual studio.

It is independent of editors. It access number of editors

Development and Coding

The average development time

More on smaller sites.

The average development time

Low on small websites.

Conclusion and future work

There are two techniques to the conclusion that many of our experience from ASP.NET Benefits, Windows Server, and programming tools, it is notable for its integration. ASP.NET web application development and deployment is easy to adjust. Automatic Acting as the main factors which control the windows server controls and management To ASP.NET. It's not even the oldest PHP is a scripting language Improvement tools and controls. Some of our short-comings of PHP when we Growth, interfere with normal except that the error handling techniques is its lack of Program flow. From our analysis of the two technologies ASP.NET Visual Studio Proves to be efficient and flexible platform for web applications.

Perspective on the future use of real estate, and in the process, and when considering New features have been added. Information on the current structure and increased Requirements. There are new developments and new versions introduced in ASP.NET day And PHP, and is compatible platform is reliable and reduces the security In considering the issue of developing a web application