Communication System And Mobile Cloud Computing Computer Science Essay

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The main purpose of this research is to analyse the possible problems that will occur in the enterprise communication network in order to data delivery. This will depend upon the problem due to Hardware components and software applications. Also this paper includes the use of mobile cloud computing, how its working, its advantages, disadvantages and its applications in real time environment. This paper also explains about how to overcome these problems and the usage of better network in the future. The term communication system refers to the physical and logical connections. After Analysing we find that the problem will occur due to four main reasons; Firewall, Network Port, Remote Access and the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Firewall is one of the main stuff we have to consider while designing an organization network. This act as a security check between the public internet and the organization network (i.e.: Private Network). Network Port will act as a link between two computers. Virtual Private Network is used to create a communication link between a local computer and a remote computer. The user can access this remote computer form any part of the world, only if they have an internet connection and accessibility to the network.

Keywords: Communication System, Mobile Cloud Computing, VPN, Firewall and Port.


The systems that transmit messages from a source to the destination are called communication system. Network port describes the physical connections between two computers in a network usually sockets and plugs. Two types of ports are available, serial porn and parallel port where a serial port allows single bit transmission at a time, and parallel port allows multi bit transmission. Mobile Cloud Computing is the term which allows the users to access the technology while moving. The example for a mobile cloud computing is the GPS (Global Positioning System). The user can access the GPS data on the move from their handheld devices such as Smartphone.


Analysis of an organisation network problems and implementing the use of mobile cloud computing.


Investigation report about the problems which cause in the communication system and have to find the appropriate solutions for that problem. Implementing the use of mobile cloud computing and finding out the possible challenges in it.


Most of the organizations now a day uses virtual private network for connecting two or more sites. It is one of the secure ways of creating a private network by the use of public networks. This VPN provides a protected path between the remote computer and the local machine. For using this service the user must be authenticated and must have an internet connection, so that he can access this network globally. Most of the problem occurred in this VPN network is the authentication and the configuration. (Reference 2), (Reference 3), (Reference 4)

Connection Unavailable.

Due to the heavy traffic in the network sometimes the VPN shows this error while we are connecting. This will cause a data loss issue. The solution for this problem is to use the Ping command to check whether the connection is available or not. This can be done by the use of host name and the IP address. Firewall is one of the main reasons for this problem, because there is chance to block the VPN access by the firewall.

VPN Connection Rejected.

There are lot of reasons reason for the VPN server to reject VPN user connections. But for solving this issue make sure that router and the Remote Access Service are configured in the VPN server. Also make sure these services are currently running. If all are working well then check with the ping command and find out where the connection drop is occurred.

Unauthorized Connection.

For authenticating the VPN connection make sure that the VPN server and the VPN client must have one common connection method. The MMC command by the run prompt is used to check the type of authentication method VPN server is configured. If all the configured information in the VPN server is correct then try checking the client side configuration. Also for authenticate into a VPN connection it needs access username and password.

Using this type of connection it needs two IP address, first is the IP address assigned by the ISP to access the internet and the second is the IP assigned for accessing the VPN server, but both the IP’s have the same subnet mask.

Unable to reach VPN Server.

This is a common problem that most of the VPN connections will face. Causes for this problem are routing and Remote Access Service. We can use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to resolve this problem. It will automatically assign the IP address for the client.

Problems in establishing a tunnel.

For configuring a connection between server and the client we must use PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) or L2TP (Level 2 Tunnelling Protocol).These two are the most commonly used protocols for designing client â€" server architecture in virtual private network. Another one possibility for this connection problem is IP Packet Filtering. Sometimes these IP packet filtering will restrict the VPN connection, for that we have to enable it in both the Client and Server side. (Reference 3), (Reference 4)

Packet or Data Loss:

Packets send from the source computer will not be delivered to the destination properly. This cause data loss of packets. Due to lower bandwidth in the communication channel and collision in the channel this problem will occur. It can be solved by using a high frequency transmission medium and a packet filter.

Task 2:

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is one of the Distributed computing technology. Here the resources are shared over the internet. It uses 3 types of services: Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service), Paas (Platform as a service, and Saas (software as a Service). Cloud computing can use private network or a public network. All these services are managed by browser and Application Program Interface.(Reference 5)

Mobile Cloud Computing:

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) now a day becomes popular thing among the enterprise and the mobile users. It is a simplest infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing are take place outside the mobility device. Smart Phone is one of the best examples for mobility device. We can easily share the information without the need of wide hardware and software resources. By this technology the end user can use a vast amount of applications because they run in a cloud machine. Google Android and the Apple I-phone are the most popular technology that makes use of this mobile cloud computing concepts. GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the best examples for mobile cloud computing application.


Allows accessing a vast variety of applications.


Allows the company users to share resources by use of less hardware.

This technology allows the developers to create application with less cost

Avoids problems such as data loss, system crash, viruses.

Data are distributed over the internet.

Power Crunching â€" Low power consumption.

Not more technical devices are necessary to use this technology.

Remote Access.

Only web capable phones are required to access this technology, so that the business man can make use of this while they are mobility.

Can access latest updates, news and events while roaming


Security is one of the main disadvantages in mobile cloud computing, because of the online usage of this application there is a chance for the leakage of personal data.

In some of the areas it has a low bandwidth and slow internet connection this cause a delay in accessing mobile computing application.

Hackers can easily make use of this technology.

Lot of accidents will happen due to usage of mobile technology-unsafe driving.

Personal theft of handheld devices.

By use of this we can easily track a vehicle

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The End user face a lot of challenges while connecting to this technology, because it is designed for high speed internet connection. Sometimes the connection with low internet speed will get connection problem.

Capacity of the mobile phone is another one challenge for the users, such as battery life, memory, processing speed and so on.


One of the applications to explain about the mobile cloud computing technology is the Apple Mobile-me. This helps the apple MAC compatible devices to access several applications like E-mail, Online storage, and hosting of web pages. By using this application we can retrieve the contacts, calendar and other information’s from our home computer. The information is initially stored in the online storage space and it can be called from cloud when it needed. (Reference 8) (Reference 9)


According to the research in the communication system we investigated some of the problems that will occur between two sites of organization. Also given some solutions how to overcome that problem. I explained one more technology called Mobile Cloud computing, where it is implemented, and some pros and cons of this technology.