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Communication is the process of sharing our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with other people and having those ideas, thoughts, and feelings understood by the people we are talking with. When we communicate we used language to speak, used ear to listen, and used eyes to observe. The communication process is assist of a message being sent and received. The message may be verbal or non- verbal. The way we communicate is a learned style. When we born into the world we doesn't know any communicate elements. As children we learn from watching our parents and other adults communicate. As an adult we can learn to improve the way we communicate by observing others who practicing those skills, communicate effectively, and learning new skills. There are two type of communication process is language and paralanguage. Language can be speech and writing. Paralanguage can be kinesics, tone and character of voice, clothing and makeup.

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people. The element of communicate is speak, listen, and observe. Communication process also is life cycle. The sender encode message to the receiver. Receiver decode sender message. After receiver decode sender message, receiver will encode feedback to sender. Then the receiver will become a sender to encode feedback to receiver. This is the communication process cycle. The following diagram is communication process cycle.

Examples of internal barriers are poor listening skills, attitude toward the sender or the information, lack of interest about the message, fear, mistrust, past experiences, negative attitude, problems at home, lack of common experiences, emotion, common knowledge, and emotions. Examples of external barriers include noise, distractions, e-mail not working, bad phone connections, speed of network, time of day, sender used too many technical words for the audience, different culture, and environment. Barriers keep the message from getting through. When communicating please watch out for barriers. Monitor the actions of the receiver. Watch her body language; check to make sure the message the receiver received is the one sent and wait their feedback.

1.5 The ways to avoid common communication errors

Why need to improve communication? The reason is there are 70% of people communications efforts are misunderstood, misinterpreted, rejected, distorted or not heard.

1.5.0 The critical success factor of communication

The majority of your perceived ability comes from how you communicate. The following chart had express the data is Visual 38%, Tonal 55% and Verbal 7%. There are 93% of all Communication is non verbal- SKILL. (, Communication Skills, Dr. Fawzy Khalil SI, Assistant Professor Family Medicine Qassim Medical College,

1.5.1 The 6 ways to improve listening skills

There are 6 ways to improve listening skills. The ways to improve your listening skills is delay evaluation don't make a judge too early. Pay attention to focus the key point in communication. Use spare time wisely to improve personal spoken language and spoken skills. Develop a desire to listen do not interrupt others when they speaking. Build good listening habits be patient to listen people speaking. Listen for ideas and content try to open mind and accept other people new ideas.

1.6 How does one ensure that the intended audience has received the right message?

1.6.1 Provide clear data and information

Sender should transferring simply and clear data to receiver, try to make the information become easy to be realize and memorize it. The information better write in point form because the information brief in point form can make receiver catch key point into the information.

1.6.2 Ask for feedback

When sender had sent the message to receiver, sender must ask for feedback. Feedback can certify have the receiver get your message. Feedback can get more comments and suggestion from all receivers. Sender can use the feedback to do improvement. Feedback also can ensure that the intended audience has received the right message.

1.6.3 Q&A session

In an organization, manager should open Q&A session each week because open meeting can create a chance to let his subordinate to ask question about the information. Manager should answer their question and make them clear about the mission and vision. In Q&A session manage must open minded and be patient to answer the necessary question. Sometime Q&A session will get new idea and suggestion from subordinate. So Q&A session can ensure that the intended audience has received the right message.

1.6.4 Use the correct language

Sender must use the correct language to communicate with receiver. For example, The Malay guy using the Malay to write a letter to Chinese guy, how come the China guy can know about Malay. If this happen in during business, the China guy won't find interpreter to help you translate this letter. They might throw your letter into the dustbin. That is no point for the letter. Before the sender want to communicate with receiver must use the correct language to communicate with each other.

1.7 Conclusion

In conclusion, this assignment was talking about the communication process is so important in modern world. The communication process had two element involved that is sender and receiver. Sender is a character to encode new message to receiver. Receiver is a character to decode the message. When communication in processing, the communication barriers will appear on any time to disturb the process. There have two types of communication barriers- internal and external. Now, there had a lot of factors can improve our communication skills, listening skills, and the knowledge how to ensure the audience has received the right message.

2. As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product*, explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product.

*student may decide on whatever product that they wish

2.0 Introduction

This assignment is talking about I am as the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product, I will choose "Dota 2" become my new product. "Dota 2" takes its name from the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, a drastic change to that stock real-time strategy title, which pits two teams of five players against each other in highly competitive. Real-time strategy is a category of strategy game that is played in real-time. The full name of "Dota" is Defense of the Ancients. "DotA" has each player controlling a single hero who levels up and stockpiles gold to purchase powerful equipment and consumables. As computer-controlled armies continually spawn and rush the enemy's base, players are responsible for using their powerful heroes to turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Before DotA-Allstars, originally created by Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, but Allstars is currently maintained and updated by IceFrog. In order to promote "Dota 2" in future, I will like to explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that I would use to communicate with my target audience to persuade them to buy my product.

2.1 The origin of "Dota 2"

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft. "Dota 2" takes its name from the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, a drastic change to that stock real-time strategy title, which pits two teams of five players against each other in highly competitive. DotA enjoys such unprecedented popularity for a number of interconnected reasons. The game has a skill curve as long and as wide as Counter-Strike or StarCraft; expert players dominate matches with lesser-skilled individuals solely through manual dexterity and hard-won knowledge. Extensive upgrade paths allow players to combine items into more powerful versions, gaining thousands of hit points or powerful life-stealing attacks. Team play is hugely rewarded; though the map is large enough for all ten players to spread out and fight creeps on their own without anyone engaging anyone else directly. DotA-Allstars' roster of 100+ heroes is being brought over in its entirety. Items, skills, and upgrade paths are unchanged. In DotA some hero skills work slightly better due to being freed from the now-ancient Warcraft III engine, but Dota 2 will be instantly familiar to any DotA player.

2.2 The "Dota 2" new features and function

Dota 2 created by Icefrog and supported by Valve. Dota 2 gaming story and function has a bit related to DotA. Most of the hero's story was changed. A few things will make significant differences to players making the transition. Dota 2 uses Valve's Source engine, so the game is much prettier. Source itself is getting a few upgrades, including improved global lighting and true cloth simulation. Dota 2's integrated voice chat is a huge step up from having to set up your own Ventrilo server, and the speed of voice communication is very nearly a requirement for a game as team-focused as DotA.

In Dota 2 the environment, particularly in the forests that fill in the map between the three lanes that the NPC armies follow, uses a desaturated color scheme to give the colorful heroes and abilities some visual pop. The sizable art team is putting a lot of work into making the shapes and animations of each hero distinct to the point that players will be able to instantly identify any hero they see and quickly gauge the threat level of any situation.

Dota 2 also had developed a feature of graphic customize. Player can choose what graphic to play their game. There are 3 types of graphic, 4D graphic, 3D graphic and 2 D graphic, player can choose by own. Dota 2 had added new function "Training Mode" there was provided to Dota newbie. Training mode inside can distribute to 3 levels, Insane, Normal and Easy. In game the AI will controlled the hero's to challenge with you. This function can let newbie player training by own or player can create a party of friends and fill the rest of the slots with bots. There are a variety of different settings you can use in order to configure the bots.

Another new feature is AI bots will take over for disconnected players, and will be available to play against in unranked training matches as well. However, don't get your hopes up for a full-fledged single-player game, though. Reconnect function was supported in Dota 2, when player are disconnect in game, they can reconnect in stable network. Language setup feature, player can choose what language they want to appear in game. There was convenience for any different religions players and make local players more interactive with other foreign players.

2.3 The mediums for Dota 2

My target audience is teenagers and adults. I will choose this 2 mediums for promote Dota 2 there is internet advertisement and video advertisement. We can using the internet to posting an advertisement into social networking sites, gaming forums or create a blog to promote it. Nowadays, social network was so powerful. Social network was connected with whole world of people. Now their power was more strongly than journalism. Most of the members in internet are adult and teenagers. Adult and teenagers will very interesting any about new games or entertainment. If consumer interesting about Dota 2 consumers just simply one click on the advertisement there will directly link to our Dota 2 websites, consumer can easy get any Dota 2 information or send their feedback and suggestion to game developer. So we posted the advertisement on internet got a lot of benefits, internet advertisement will cheaper than television advertisement, more effective to get feedback from consumer, easy to visit our new product and .

Another medium is video advertisement we tried to make an attractive game trailers posting on or posting in cinema. We will make the game trailer like CG graphic, when consumer had look our game trailer they sure will interesting to pre-order of this new product. Video can express some Dota 2 game play, introduce new features, opens up the new graphic design and new hero's design. The Dota 2 advertisement putting on video advertisement will more effective than leaflets, because we hard select target to sending out the leaflets to consumer, leaflets will wasting a lot of resources too. In video advertisement we can require what channel or what section need to focus.

In making choice about the vehicle advertisement, firstly I will find a designer to design Dota 2 poster and post on the public buses. Because there are a lot of adult and teenagers taking bus to work and school. The poster I will printed to high quality, and make poster banner to put any located in Malaysia Cyber Café. The most suitable place for Dota is Cyber Cafe. We must remember one thing consumer behavior was affected by advertisement. The following picture is Dota 2 poster.

2.4 Conclusion

In conclusion, the Dota 2 is modified by Icefrog. Dota 2 is supported by Valve. In Dota 2 there had a lot of changes in graphic, gaming story, gaming engine, features, and gaming environment. That new feature is Dota player wish. The new training mode, reconnection functions, new AI controlled function and graphic customize. Dota player are expect can play the Dota in smoothly, fairly, and exciting. Dota 2 computer requirement are not so high. Player no need go to buy the expensive computer for play this game. In order to focus our target on market for promoting our new product, I will choose internet and media to promote Dota 2. Internet will cost cheaper and internet also can easy get feedback or suggestion from consumer. Media is more attractive and expressing more information about Dota 2 in video. Game promoting in video will more convincing. Another ways to promoting Dota 2 is make a poster banner and send to every Cyber Café. Every Cyber Café will get our close beta version for free. Close beta version can let player to test our new product and received feedback from them.