Commercial Multimedia In Defence System Computer Science Essay

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The U.S. Military is currently working towards its modernization vision in multimedia applications , which recognizes that information and its effective use will be key to tomorrow's military victories in there battlefield. Future battlefields are planned to become large digital networks carrying huge amounts of information for the commanders and soldiers to provide the right data, place, and the right time.

The future technology of multimedia used in army for ranking the troops as lower and higher describing the battlefield during war, recommended technical outlook for army needs and management strategy. Armys can have real power on battlefield since they have a clear information like improved situation awareness like picture of battlefield and on move, improved targets, battle space expansion and information protection. Our research on this topic shows the multimedia application in this existing or emerging in the army region and to reach their goal.





Multimedia is used to convey message using different media like text, audio, graphics, animation, video and interactivity. It also refers to computer media. The term multimedia itself say a single medium with different contents. It is differed into linear and nonlinear activity, linear activity does not contain navigational control like cinema presentation and non-linear activity contains navigational control which is used in computer games. Multimedia application is not limited for a single use it includes various area like commercial, creative industries, engineering, entertainment and fine arts, education, mathematical and scientific research, medicine, and advertisement.

In recent war fields mutlimedia plays a critical role in Army command, control, communications, capture, transport, storage, messaging and intelligence needs by presenting in from of digital representation in real time work. Army uses mainly commercial multimedia.

In this research we discovered the way commercial multimedia rectifies the problem faced by armed faces.

Commercial Multimedia in Defence System

In this research, we gathered information about building block technology and layered architecture in multimedia for use in defence. In additional we did on commercial and system level applications in multimedia.

Multimedia architecture

The purpose of the architecture is to describe the basics of building block technology. The below figure shows architecture of multimedia communications.

Building block technology

1. Physical platforms

Physical platform consist of terminals, portable applications, information capture technology, storage system, sub-system, and physical devices. This layer is mostly involved in information capture system which supports troops to move and showing the direction, by combining sounds, images and moving objects convert it to digital forms. Lightweight, hard surface, with less power consumption battery technology and hard displays are essential.

The gaps of multimedia application and the capabilities commercial storage system are filled by large commercial R&D effort. Army adopts commercial multimedia storage and server technology to meet their requirements like shocks and vibration resistance.

2. System software

Internet protocol (IP) or transmission control protocols (TCP) are consists of several set of layers, each layer solve the a group of problems occurred during transmission of data from one end to other end. It has four layers link layer, internet layer, transport layer, application layer.

Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network is other important network development for military; it recognizes the needs of high data transverse by dividing into small fixed sized cells. These cells are designed to facilities at very high speed operation, wide range data to constant bit rate data and real time video. Army consists of several ATM beds cells within department of defance.

3. Middleware

Middleware consist of information filtering system, multimedia data base management systems example speech, graphical user interface interfaces, and multimedia information analysis. Information of system consists of graphics, audio and video clips. Information filtering systems is most important to the success of commercial applications for national information infrastructure. The most of upcoming technology must be directly applicable to army needs and should used in off the shelf. Multimedia data base management system is experimented by army.

4. Generic applications/ Enablers

Multimedia information access capabilities is one of the large application in defence, it stores the data base server of storing the video in case of video demand. It’s also includes decision support tools and multimedia teleconferencing. Multimedia messaging is a common requirement to transmit, storage and to display. Multimedia electronic mail vanished text based electronic mail, it is defined for both internet and open system inter connection (OSI).

5. Specific application

Specific applications are designed for wide range of application programmes, stimulation system and application. Stimulation is a technique for testing analysis, entertainment and training system. Army developed the specific application software for tracking, managing target associate weapons and fire control. Commercial stimulation software supports visualization of battlefield in two dimensional and three dimensional objects including battlefields.

Army should implement COTS developments along their lines to develop and encourage.


In our research multimedia architecture which is useful for putting building block technology, this architecture consist of six layers with management/security crossed cuts one to five layer, army’s commercial needs middle two-four layer.