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Explain Cisco Unified Communication purpose and the components it includes. 3. Compare Cisco VoIP and Thin client wireless networking solutions with another vendor. Compare your results in terms of hardware, software, configuration, implementation and troubleshooting to support 500 users in a network. You may draw topology diagram to support your thoughts. 4

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Question 1: Explain Cisco Unified Communication purpose and the components it includes.


Cisco Unified Communication

Unified communication is the combination of real-time communication services which includes chat information, existence of information, and video distribution speech acknowledgment with non real time communication services. UC is a set of products that provides unified user crossing point and user experience across multiple devices and media types. UC permits to fling a message on one medium and receive the same communication on the other medium (Unified Communications)

Unified communication is very useful for knowledge workers, information workers and service workers alike, many of them may traverse the lines between the three sectors on a daily or hourly basis, which depends on the task and the client with an increasingly mobile workforce, businesses are rarely centralized in one location. Besides, unified communications technology can be customized to each person's exact job or to a particular section of a company. Unified system is tied to the evaluation of supporting technology.

Unified communication is a set of elements that includes:

Call control and multi model communication: Call control refers to the software within a telephone switch which supplies its central function. Call control translate addressing information and routes telephone calls from one end to another end. It also creates the features that can be used to get standard switch operation to the needs of users.

Presence: Understanding where is future addressee, if they exist, in a real time - is a key component of UC. Unified communications integrates all systems a user might already use, and helps those systems work together in real time

Instant Messaging: Instant messaging is a collection of technologies used for real time based on the communication between two or more users over the internet or other networks. It is different from the technologies email due to the supposed synchronized communications by the users (Tyson & Cooper)

Speech: This is also known as automatic speech recognition. It is used to translate spoken words to text. It is used to submit the recognition system that must be trained to a fastidious speaker. It also includes voice user interface.

Conferencing: It is a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact thru video or audio transmission.

Unified Messaging: Unified messaging is the integration of electronic messaging and communication media. With this system all messages can be stored in a system. This technology expected in many of the telecom industry.

Question 2: Compare Cisco VoIP and Thin client wireless networking solutions with another vendor. Compare your results in terms of hardware, software, configuration, implementation and troubleshooting to support 500 users in a network. You may draw topology diagram to support your thoughts.

Answer: Cisco VOIP Wireless Network: In the wireless VOIP network, IP phones must be able to successfully connect to different WLANs for dialing and receiving calls. Some of the components of Cisco Wireless IP Phones (Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G) are as follows:

Networking Protocol supported by Cisco's Wireless IP Phones: Some of the protocols supported by wireless IP phones of Cisco are Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) - to discover the devices on the network; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) - to assign IP addresses to the devices dynamically; Internet Protocol (IP) - to send and receive messages over the network; TCP - to send messaged through transport protocol; Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) - to control the transport of data, like video and audio, in real time. (Overview of the VoIP Wireless Network)

Interaction with Cisco Aironet Access Points: The access points used for wireless data transmission and voice transmission are same. During voice it is required to maintain the quality of data and poor quality is not tolerated. Voice transmission is given more priority over normal data.

Roaming in wireless network: Cisco IP phones offers quality of voice while roaming from one place to another. Cisco IP phones takes care of pre-call, mid-call and secure roaming.

Secure Communication in wireless IP phones: Cisco wireless IP phones supports high level of security over wireless network. It supports Open authentication, Pre-shared key authentication and Shared key authentication.

AT&T VOIP Services: Wireless IP phones give new dimensions to the VOIP technology through connection to voice calling from a place where wireless internet connection is available. AT&T uses the internet connection to send the voice data to send and received voice calls. AT&T provides three different types of VOIP services on the basis of needs (VoIP Services)

Residential VoIP Service: U-verse voice service is used to forward call, receive call, call waiting etc. It is mainly used for the residential purpose.

Small Business VOIP Service: AT&T business in a box service is used for the small business. It provides the service through AT&T Voice DNA, which is an IP trunking solution. Even this solution provides data access and internet access through the wireless network.

Enterprise VoIP Service: AT&T provides enterprise voice services where it supports the integration of voice and data. It ensures efficient implementation of VoIP and enables the mass communication between employees.

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