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E Commerce is one of the most important features of the Internet which has emerged in the recent times. Ecommerce involves circulating business over the Internet with the support of computers, which are linked which each other constituting a network. To be more general e-commerce is about selling and buying of goods and services and also transferring of money by digital communications. E-commerce websites give more benefits to Customers. Customer can have a glance at all the available brands of a particular product and also they can differentiate features of different brands and their prices and can order any product with a single click of their mouse from their home, which is not possible with traditional shopping.

Reasons for choosing:

Ecommerce websites permit customers to carry business without the obstruction of distance and time. A customer can log into the website at any instance of time and buy any product one desires at a single click of the mouse. This made me to concentrate on website design, which is very important for people who use them.

"Website is"

Characteristics for good website design:

There are many aspects that should be considered while designing a website.

A good web design not only implies a good looking and visually appealing website, and also website presentation plays a minor part for a good web design. There are several other factors that need to be considered while designing a website.

- The first and foremost thing while creating a website is we need to remember that first impression is the best impression. A good website should look simple with good layout and graphics work, which in turn can grasp large number of visitors.

- A website should be easy to use, complicated navigation will result in frustration to the user which result in user leaving the website when they can't find the product they are looking for.

- Product description and labels should perfectly be clear and should relate the product. Text should be broken down into small parts, don't bore users with visually overwhelming text. And also product content should be updated regularly.

- Each and every element of your site should work correctly and fastly. Poorly or brokenly constructed components will leave the visitors of the site frustrated and disheartened with your firm. Everything should work as predictable which involve contact forms, registration, site search, and so. Search option is one of the most important key features for any web site. Search results should be more relevant to the customers query.

- There will be no point in possessing a good looking website if none visits it. In this way, the website should be search engine friendly.

- Color usage should tend to be lower and less gaudy and the font size should be large so that online reading will be more users friendly. Font should be easy to read and should be relevant to most of today's computer systems.

- The price tags for the products must be the final cost of the product. If that is not done it should be confusing for the customers. The prices which are not included in the price tag should be described perfectly and properly below the product. If shipping price is extra it should be clearly described that it is extra. Most of the sites fail to do this

- On the home page, information about the company and info about the company's works should be clearly separated, diverting the capable customer's eyes to what exactly they are looking at present.

- More content about products should be provided in the website which is dealing with more products with multiple brands because customers are not buying products or leasing cars directly going into the store they are buying or leasing cars online.

In summary there are many pages which can be included in any e-commerce website but these six pages are crucial for an E-commerce website. The first is "About us" tells who are u and what is your story and what's your company is all about. Allow shoppers to like u by knowing little about the company so that they can buy more. Second important page is "Contact Us page" they want to know where we are and how to get hold of u, atleast telephone number, email address and physical address are a must for the contact us page and tell shoppers your available timings to take calls.

Third is "Site map" can we get all of the important pages with two clicks of the home page. The site map is the search engine best friend and we can be the seo's (Search Engine Optimized) best friend .Fourth is "Why buy from us" it is a useful for every e-commerce website should have. It should explain why the users should buy from u and the unique qualities which u offer as part of your business. Fifth page is "Legal information" terms and conditions and the privacy statement cover your back and the consumers. Sixth and last important page is "Testimonials" these are certain level of proof to the shopper that can expect a good level of service from the company and trust them because they delivered orders in the past.

A great service for a customer will create great customers for the business, to achieve this we need to build a spectrum i.e. our website with good user friendly methods.

Analysis of lingscars website:

- In the first glance it hurts eyes and doesn't look at all professional. By looking at the home page of website we will get an impression that the homepage look very clumpsy. And also we can come to a conclusion that that the website is not simple and not organized well this in turn leads to less user friendliness of the website.

- There is a sparkling ad in middle of company website name on the top of the page which is blocking the website name full view, which will be not acceptable.

- Ads in the website with dark colors are haphazardly placed in the home page, which makes the shoppers face difficult to understand the availability of various options. Ads are more highlighted than the options on the home page, which are not useful for the shoppers.

- If we just try to navigate round a few pages you will observe that the mass of information at the top of homepage is not just on the homepage, but it appears on all the pages in the website which looks shabby. And also there is high duplication of same information across the pages for example like cheap lease cars.

- The loading time for the web page is very high, because it has many images and it takes more time to load the page. It is good to have fewer images on the home page which will fasten the loading of page even though when the net connection is slow. A page should be loaded in 20 seconds or less via dial-up at more than that, orelse will lose more than half of potential visitors the site.

- This website contains much information and half of it completely out of subject .For example Information quote like "I eat dragon for breakfast" that has nothing to do with car insurance ,and also it breaks every rule for making a website.

- Font used in description of the cars, offers and latest updates is not standard and unattractive. Colors used in the description are different. Many colors and big fonts are used to high light some key features of the product which makes the look of the product description bad. Single color has been used for the whole description of the product.

- Coming to Contact Us link which is very important for a customer is not visible. Customers get confused if they can't find the link, because they would like to either get some more information for a particular product or suggest any improvements for the services which they are offering.

- New cars updates are written with highly invisible color with small font which is very difficult for the first time customers beside the regular ones. Updates should be placed aside, so that the Customer can have a look on them at times rather than searching for new updates all through the site.

- Search link is not giving accurate results for example if we enter Nisan Pixo car name in the search link we get results like there are no results with this item, which is surprising because Nisan Pixo is one among the lingscars leasing cars. This is difficult for a customer to search information for a particular car and info they are looking for.

- In the right side we can observe that information and some videos of latest leasing cars are not arranged properly, I think they need to arrange in respective pages which are allocated to them. And also some unwanted ads and information is placed in between which is really confusing for the customers to look after and also there is a lot of space left over in the bottom of website when we scroll down, which shows imperfectness in constructing the website.

-Page links are not in correct order and also site lacks wanted pages like sitemap, testimonials and search engine which are necessary for an e-commerce website.

-The menu items are not placed at the top of website, or above the fold on either side. And also there is no limit for menu items (it should be 10 or less for good web site design). Site layout is extremely important for usability. There is no consistent layout and there is a repetition of certain elements throughout the website.

- Excessive amount of scrolling is been taken place for viewing information in a web page, which will be irritating for customer to scroll and spend more time for getting information. And also excessive scrolling is certainly not a good design characteristic.

Recommendations for improving website design:

- Design of home page should be changed completely with simplicity and also Number of images on the home page should be reduced, doing this not only increases the loading time of the page but also makes the pages look attractive. The products should be divided in such a way that can be easily understood by the shopper without much need for research on the web site for a product.

- Ads in the website with dark colors are randomly placed in the home page should be removed, which makes the shoppers face difficult to understand the availability of various options. And also dark colors and fonts of all words should be changed as of normal font which is used for good website design.

- Redundant data in all the pages should be removed so that it will be easy for all customers to get information more easily and quickly without any confusion, this in turn increases good look for website.

- Site map should be there on the website. A site map navigates shoppers freely through the website without any issues or problems. If no proper sitemap is there there may be chance of customers losing their path i.e. in which page are they in the website.

- Contact us page should be there on all the pages on the web page except the payments page. Contact us page gets information about a customer to contact seller, and also that page should be open in a separate page so that it will not disturb customers work on the page which he/she is working.

- New leasing car arrivals which are on the offers should be placed side to the actual ones so that it grasp the attention of the shoppers as soon as they opens the web page. But now in the current scenario these products are placed combined with the normal ones, which incase does not grab the attention of the shopper.

- Product description of the products should be organized into tabs. General information of the product should be placed under general description; this is default tab which is shown to the shopper. Technical details need to be kept under technical details tab because all customers' shows interest about the technical details of products. Other details about the product should be placed in other details tab.

- If the Customer likes to have a more clear view of the product, the site should have they should have a feature for enlarging images which gives clear picture of the product to the Customer. Usage of font should be uniform in all the words of a sentence. Any information which needs to be highlighted should be kept with different or bigger font.

- The menu items should be placed at the top of website, or above the fold on either side. And also there should be limit for menu items (it should be 10 or less for good web site design). Site layout is highly important for customer usability. And also repetition of certain elements throughout the website should be removed.

- In the right side information and videos of latest leasing cars should be arranged properly, I think they need to arrange in respective pages which are allocated to them. And also some unwanted ads and information is placed in between which is really confusing for the customers to look after, which should be placed in its respective place which is allocated to ads. Space left over at the bottom of website should be adjusted properly for good website look.

- Search link should be updated with all the products information which is in advertising. Then it will be easy for customer to get information from the website about the products.


These recommended ways should be fulfilled for increasing the accessibility of website to the customers; this in turn will give good business to the company by selling more cars. Website design should be design in such a way that needs to consider all people for example like old aged citizens. A customer will come to buy again a new product if he is satisfied with the products which are brought from our website, this in turn will increase mouth talk which can increase customers and standardize the old customers.