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T.H.electronics is a mobile shop in Bangladesh. This mobile shop start mobile business from year 2000 in Bashundara City Shopping mall Level # 1, Block # B, Shop # 12, Panthopath, Dhaka-1215. The main function of this shop is different type of mobile sealing and servicing. Firstly they buy mobile from different brand which are exist in Bangladesh, then they sell there mobile to the customer. Important functions are:

Buy brand new mobile from supplier company

Sell brand new mobile to there customer

Make payment and selling invoice

Employ salary maintain

Employ profile

When I visit to the company I found out some problem of the company existing manual management system.

For this reason I met the proprietor of the shop and told him the detail problems of there existing manual management system to convert this into the automation system. The proprietor of this shop faces various problems in there running manual system. When he understands the problem by me then he agreed and recommended me to develop the system. The proprietor of the shop interested of automated system. Now I officially proposed him to develop this existing system into automated system and he also permit me to do so.

Existing system of the project

When the company agreed with me then I took some interview of there employee. The interview is to get the details information about the system. There activity and all interaction with there system.

The system activities are:

External side of the system:

At first the shop buy different type of brand new mobile phone and camera

Then they sale mobile and camera

Then produce invoice for a particular sale

Give salary for all employee

Internal side of the system

All mobile and camera information is stored manually

All buy and sales information store manually

Employ information store manually

Employee salary information store manually

Produce sales report manually

Employee attendance store manually

Here this all type of information, sales information, and employee information and so on stored manually in a paper based system. For this reason they spend many time in there daily working process and it is also difficult, slowly and very complex process.

Now I am going to develop the entire process in automated that will be very helpful or benefited for their company.

Drawback of the system: there are many type of problem of there existing manual system.

General problem of existing manual system

Need more time to maintain all buy information

Spend more many and time to maintain

Need more time to produce sales report

Many people need to maintain this system

Need more time for searching employee information

Can not provide report within short time

Need more money to maintain paper based system

Need more time for this system

Possibility of providing incorrect information

Not secure for information

Technical problem of existing system

They need more spend for more space and old register paper document

The stored place may not secure

The record can be destroyed by many way

Need more security for this system

Financial transaction problem

Employ payment system is more difficult

Difficult to keep all payment information

Daily, Monthly and Yearly report has many lack

Aims and Objectives in proposed system:

The objective of the proposed "T.H.electronics buy and sales management system

" receive minimum input and gives maximum output in different angle, which undoubtedly helps the shop in critical decision making, and increase the performance of service. Which that increase the profit and growth of there business. The flowing advantages are expected from the propos system.

Restrict unauthorized access: this system control access from unauthorized person. Authorized person can only accesses propose system

Provide batter security for the system

Easy to maintain buy information

Easy to maintain sale information

Record customer detail

Record employee detail

Record employee attendance

Able to process payment information

Able to process there income

The system able to produce report within short time

The system will be able to show all stock information

Which technical knowledge are needs to operate this system: the system is a easy system for anyone who have small knowledge to operate computer.

Easy to use and user friendly

Need small computer skill

This system is easy to install

Need basic understanding in English

Anyone is able to operate this by three days training

Which tools are use to develop this project

For this project I will use all advanced tools and which are available in today's market. The tools are:

Microsoft SQL server 2005

Programming language C#

IDE tools Microsoft visual studio 2008

Designing tools Microsoft viseo2003

Object oriented technique

Designing tools smart draw 2010

Reason for this choice

There are many reasons for choice programming language C#.

Main reason is support object oriented feature

Easy to learn and use

Customer oriented

It is one of the grate programming language for developing sophisticated professional application for Microsoft windows XP, windows 7

It is easy to make Graphical User Interface for powerful application

It is ideal for Microsoft windows and Microsoft technology infrastructure

Microsoft SQL server 2005 is easy to use and operate. Performance is also batter so use this database server.

IDE tools Microsoft visual studio 2008 make programming easy. It helps work load by generating some needed code. Designing tools help to create prototype of the propose system.

Methodology to be use

The Unified Modeling language is a general-purpose visual modeling language that is used to specify, visualize, construct, and document the artifacts of a system. Object oriented analysis and design is often part of the development of the large scale systems and programs often using the Unified modeling language. OOAD applies object modeling techniques to analyze the requirements for a context for example, s system, set of system models, an organization or a business unit and to design a solution. Most modern object oriented analysis and design methodology use case driven across requirement, design, implementation, testing and deployment. The Unified Modeling Language has became the standard modeling language use in object oriented

Justification for this project

T.H.electronics buys and sales management system is a grate system which is totally dependent on object oriented technical. Now a day's object oriented technique is mostly popular technique for software development. Object oriented technique is most powerful for analysis and designs of a dynamic, static, critical and large software development. Software is becoming increasing complexity, to manage the complexity object oriented analysis and design provides varies models such as physical model, logical model, dynamic model and static model. A database design is also important to this project. The aim of database design is to support efficiently querying, updating and maintain important data. Suitable database reduce the risk of different anomaly of date. UML is use to create the prototype of the system. UML is design to learning software development method. It is use to understand, design, browse, configure, maintain and control information about the system.

For above of all is related with my course. So that this project is suitable to develop by me, and all my academic knowledge is helpful to develop this project. So that's reason I am select this project

Scope of the system

There existing system has wider range of service all of service is not included proposed automated system. The boundary of automated system is the sales and bye, stock maintain, employee salary and employee work information maintain part. The automated payment system via VISA or CRADIT card is not implemented. Because there current requirement is not cover this.

Technical challenge of the system

Technically this system is suitable; the system is user friendly and no need expertness to operate this system. Some basic computer knowledge is suitable to this. Any one can operate this system by some training.

System specification for the propose system are given bellow

Hardware specification

CPU: Pentium Celeron 1 GH or more

HDD: 50 GB

VGA: at last 64 MB




Software specification

Operating system: Windows XP professional

Database: SQL server

Technically the requirement for this is easy to meet. The cost of this requirement is also chipper. So technically it is a suitable project.