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Bill Gates is a man wanted to help out people in the world, but he did not know he would become a billionaire in the process. Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, was born on Oct. 28th, 1955. He was 19 yrs. old when he first set up Microsoft. His dream was that every home would have a computer. In previous releases of Microsoft Office applications, people used a system of menus, toolbars, task panes, and dialog boxes to get their work done. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook are including in Microsoft Office.

"Bravo" is the originally name of Microsoft Word, brought to Microsoft from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center by Charles Simonyi in 1981. Microsoft Word is the flagship product of the Office suite. Microsoft Word has been one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's success in both the home software and business sectors and helps us produce professional-looking document by providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting your document in a new interface. Microsoft word is consists of 12 vision. The first versions of Microsoft Word was released in 1989, full two years before WordStar and WordPerfect were delivered on the new Windows operating system. During that two years head start, together with Word's decade of development and innovation and as well as stellar product reviews. According to Microsoft Corporate Vice President Peter Pathe, Microsoft Word was able to claim a 90 percent share of the word-processing market, making it one of the most successful and most well-known software products in history since 1994. The 7th vision of Word was released at 1995, knows as Word 95 this release was bundled with the Office 95 suit. The 8th vision was released at 1997, known as Word 97, this was part of office 97. The 9th vision was released at 1999, known as Word 2000, this was part of Office 2000 offering. The 10th vision was released at 2001, known as Word 2002 or Word XP, this was part of Office XP. The 11th vision was released at 2003, known as Word 2003, this is part of Office 2003 suite. The 12th vision released at TBC- early 2007, when Word "12" (Word 2007) arrives sometime in the first quarter of 2007 it looks as if it will represent a BIG step forward - probably the largest for 8 years.

Besides that, Microsoft Word is famous nowadays because the advantage of knowing how to use Microsoft Word is that it's everywhere. It's something you can access on almost every computer worldwide. The first advantages are normally 90% all companies are using it to run their work in their daily life. Word is allows easy and near-instant textual input. There is a large variety of format options, including a variety of color choices, the ability to change font-weight (bold/regular), underlining, character shading, bullets, etc. This all are the function inside Word. In addition, another advantage is it cans compatible with a large number of standard document formats and self-explanatory dialogue boxes and menu options to increased office efficiency. With Word, we can create documents and complete a number of other functions related to word processing. This program carries with it several advantages that we can benefit from.

In addition, Microsoft Word has many ways to use. The first way is using it for paper piecing. We can use clip art images as template to create paper-pieced page accents. The second way is using it like a mind-mapping or brainstorm maps. A mind map is not a case sheet for a psychologist but simply a diagram that helps us to connect related ideas or concepts around a central though. WordArt also is one of the ways to use. Many people use WordArt to design the word, make the effect, shadow, 2D or 3D effect, shapes styles and others. There was little ability to do more than pick from a list of predefined graphic effects, Word now gives users the ability to add new effects and to customize those effects in great detail.

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Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet that is easy to use and allows you to store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. Excel has provides several online help options, such as interactive tutorials and topic specific searchable help files. This is the most effective way for us to get most out Excel. Therefore, we do not need to buy and carry a book walk around. The first version of Excel was released for the Mac in 1985 and the first Windows version was released in November 1987.Excel 2 and 3 was released at 1987. Microsoft launched Excel 2 along with its Windows operating system. Excel 2 and its next version, Excel 3 (1990), experienced some popularity, though Lotus 1-2-3 continued to dominate the market. In addition, Excel 4 was released in 1992, the same Excel 4 was released in 1992, and the same year that Windows 3.1 was released. Between this, excel finally begins to dominate the spreadsheet market and the next year another improved version of 4 called Excel 5 , its introduced a lot welcome changes. Furthermore, the other new version of Excel 95 and 2003 was released at 1995. Excel also received a major reworking and re-branding and the new version was dubbed Excel 95, as were all of the programs in the Office suite. Also, the next several versions of the software continued this branding, and saw the release of Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002 and Excel 2003. Each of the new version have been improved over its predecessor and was built upon the design established in excel 95. Finally, the newest release, Excel 2007 was presented important changes in both interface, for example the "ribbon," replacing the traditional pull-down menu and functionality. It was released in conjunction with the Microsoft Vista operating system, and carried many of the Vista design elements.

In this modern life, many companies and industry are using spreadsheet software which is Microsoft Excel comes with many advantages. Excel has updated and improved to keep up with both modern technology and the needs of spreadsheet users. The research of Microsoft Office wed sites shows some advantages about excel which is import, organize and explore massive data sets within importantly expanded spreadsheets. It can work with massive amounts of data in Office Excel which supports spreadsheets that can be can be up to 1 million rows by 16000 columns. Another advantages of excel is its easy and effective comparisons. Microsoft Excel's graphing capabilities allows you to summarize your data enhancing your ability to organize and structure your data. Excel is portable. You can send it to someone through email. This also is one of the advantages. If you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server with your Excel, you can change your Excel spreadsheet into an HTML file so that anyone can view the data using a web browser.

On the other hand, Excel also has many ways to use. Some of the companies and industry are working with data, formulas and functions with Excel. One of the way to use is spreadsheets make it easy to collect and present many types of data. Making a spreadsheet is similar to making a database table, columns and rows should be headed to describe what is in the spreadsheet, and data should be entered accordingly. Excel also can be using to design a template, poster, chart, card and poster or whatever we want and need. Moreover, Excel as an advanced calculator to calculate any kind of math of financial problem and can calculate the square root of any number a quickly as you can press the enter key. Create a simple inventory sheet to determine how many items you have in stock, the total value of each item and all items, color-coded totals to show which items should be reordered, this also is other way use in Excel.

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Microsoft Office does have some useful benefits, and it allows users to create good looking documents quicker than ever. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are one of the applications in the Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word is worldwide software and is a multi-media word processing program. It is wonderful tool to all people who walk into social life. They are almost every day using Microsoft Word to complete and run their works. This is because Microsoft Word can create documents with increase features that help us create, edit, and access documents from almost anywhere. Moreover, Microsoft Word is having many levels of operation to become progressively more complex. A basic Word user might employ the program to write a paper or report using spell check and grammar to avoid mistakes and incorrectly. It also provides editing and reviewing tools for creating polished documents more easily than ever before. Therefore, many companies and students like to use this application to run their work or homework. This application makes all of us more efficient in our homework and work and attracts a lot of companies using it.

On the other hand, Microsoft Excel also is very powerful and common application common. Microsoft Excel has been around long enough for users to take advantage of their wonderful tools. From spreadsheets to figuring out formulas, Microsoft Excel remains a constant tool in the world of technology. This application is easy to let us create a spreadsheet to calculate what we do during the average. We also can use this application to create accounts of an imaginary business. This make office people more easy and fast to complete their work when they using this application. Therefore, Microsoft Excel is a powerful program and can be easily conquered through patience and time. This two applications can make all the business man earn more money in their companies because it really save time, save paper, more correctly and more efficient. Last but not least, these two applications are quiet useful to all peoples.