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Ford Motor Company is an America-based automobile manufacturer. It is founded by Henry Ford in year 1903. Moreover, Ford Motor Company is known as simply Ford. Ford is the second largest manufacture and fifth largest automotive company in the worldwide. In addition, Ford has more than two-hundred thousand employees and around 90 plants and factory in the worldwide.

Principles of Ford are creating a strong business that builds great products that contributes to a better world. Ford focus on producing good quality and reliable automobile. Employees in Ford have to be responsible in their duties, give full collaboration in their job scope, and have to learn for improvement. They have to be creative in all time to do flexible work.

Since Ford was founded, Ford have enrich with Kaizen, which mean to seek continuous improvement, to deliver excellent value for the customers. In 1908, Ford introduced the first engine with a removable cylinder head in the world, in the automobile named Model T. In 1930; Ford introduced the first car with safety glass in the windshield.

In addition, Ford's slogan 'One Team, One Plan, One Goal', which mean people working together as lean and accelerate development of new products for customers want and value. (

Global Issue

Problems / Issues

The world is more and more polluted as the smoke from vehicle fuels increases. Air pollution had been a big impact in the world for years. Automobile manufacturer including ford is look a breakthrough, an alternative energy for vehicle. Ford vehicle fuels usage is high and Ford is improving its vehicle into lower usage of fuels to minimise pollution.


Ford had introduced Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It's called a hybrid because it's half gasoline engine, half electric motor. The gasoline engine does not have to run all the time as the electric motor will run too. When the Ford hybrid is powered by electricity, it will not burn gasoline. This is good for fuel efficiency and good for the planet. For low speeds and for short distances, Ford hybrids run only on electricity. At higher speeds, and when more power is needed, the gasoline engine runs in. 

Alternate Solutions

Air pollution from dangerous had been a big impact for Earth. Air pollution will cause many deadly diseases. The fuel save engine provided from Ford Company is to go green. For more than a decade, Ford has engineered alternative-energy vehicles. There are many other ways to reduce pollution to air. Petrol companies are encouraged to produce petrol without adding lead. Un-leaded petrol will reduce dangerous gas during combustion. Therefore, vehicles that using un-leaded petrol will release less smoke. In Malaysia, people are encouraged to carpool. Carpooling will reduce vehicle on road. Hence, smoke from vehicle will reduce too. Ford could produce larger vehicle, so that can fit in more people, to have carpooling.

Security Issue

Problem / Issue

Recently newspapers and articles have highlighted about some of the automobile models are easy to be stolen. Regarding to this issue, Ford had develop new technology to ensure safety of the vehicle. Ford had introduced security code keyless entry for the vehicle. With this features, drivers have to enter security code in order to start the car.


Ford had introduced security code keyless entry for the vehicle. With this feature, drivers just need to enter the programmed five-digit code into the driver's-side keypad to start the car. This feature is useful when driver accidentally locked the keys inside the vehicle. The keypad features a contemporary new design and features the latest in touch sensitive technology. To keep with its sleek, modern look, the keypad remains discreetly hidden until the driver activates it.

Alternate solutions

Security code from Ford is definitely safety for vehicle. It can ensure passengers to be safety. If this system malfunctions, vehicle will unable to start. As this the system from Ford, only Ford knows how to fix it. Therefore, the vehicle had to send to workshop. Automobile companies could do some alternative ways to increase the security of vehicles. Auto steering lock could be one of the ways. When the car engine is stop, the steering will automatically lock. Window glass could be harder as to prevent easily broken. Besides that, auto gear lock can be applied in manual or auto transmission. When vehicle engine is stop, gear will automatically lock.


Problems / Issue

Whenever a customer wish to buy a vehicle, the customer is necessary go to a vehicle dealer. The dealer might be located far away from customer's house. Different features in the vehicle might not preferred by customers. Ford had introduced E-commerce that will detect the nearest dealer and allow customers to set up their favorable vehicle type before going of a dealer.


Ford had introduced E-commerce system which is on Ford's website. The E-commerce system in Ford's website allows customers to set up their favorable vehicle features. Customers could choose the vehicle models, transmissions type, exterior colors, interior colors and optional upgrades for their vehicle. After customer finish setting up their vehicle, the information will send to the nearest dealer. Customers just need to go for the dealer to finish some procedure, such as signing agreement and paying deposit. This is convenience for customers.

Alternate Solutions

E-Commerce is a good way to promote a product. It is convenience and easy for customers. When a new type of vehicle is introduced, customers will visit company websites to have more information. In this case, the website might be down. For Ford Company, its website should be maintained well. Maintenance of website should be done every month. This is to ensure when high volume of visitor in the website, website won't malfunction. Besides that, Ford should have more dealers in the city so that customers will feel convenience and easy to reach dealers for more information on the products.

New Technologies

Problems / Issue

Drivers like to put their car keys into their bags to prevent losing car keys. But when their bag is full of things, they will hardly to find the key. Ford had come out an idea with starting car without inserting key. Ford introduced an intelligent access with push-button start. With this technology, drivers can start a car by pushing the start button and without inserting key.


Ford introduced an intelligent access with push-button start which allows drivers easily start a car without inserting key. This intelligent access streamlines the whole process of opening the door if the vehicle and starting the engine. Drivers only need to have their keys in bag or pocket, the vehicle will detect the key and automatic will unlock the vehicle and allows drivers to start engine by pushing the start button. This is convenience for drivers' especially female drivers by cutting off time to search keys.

Alternate Solutions

The push start button introduced by Ford is a new technology that will be useful for careless drivers. Besides that, Ford had introduced other new technologies for vehicles. Ford introduced hand-free lift gate for rear cargo area. With the available hands-free lift gate and Intelligent Access key, kick under the rear bumper and the power lift gate can automatically open. The BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) from Ford is a cross-traffic alert to help detect a vehicle in a blind-spot zone. Another technology from Ford is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). When ACC detects traffic is slowing down, vehicle automatically slows to maintain the distance with the vehicle in front. The ACC system is a collision warning with brake support. This will help to avoid accident effectively.

Software System Choice

Problems / Issue

It is dangerous if the drivers using hand phone to text or call while driving. Drivers can't concentrate on driving if using phone at the same time. This is dangerous and will cause accident. Ford had introduced a new technology, MyFord Touch. This is a new system whereby drivers' phone will be sync in the vehicle. Drivers can receive call or text without picking up the phone.


Ford had introduced MyFord Touch which can sync with phones. It is convenience for drivers where they can make phone call with hand-free calling. MyFord Touch could receive message and read for the drivers. Drivers can control the device by using simple voice commands, intuitive touch screen controls or customizable cluster screens controlled by steering wheel-mounted buttons. Drivers can get audible turn-by-turn directions, personalized news, stocks, and sports scores. When airbags deploy in an accident, MyFord Touch will automatic call 911 for assist.

Alternate Solutions

MyFord Touch is a new system which is convenience for drivers. Drivers can concentrate on driving. The limitation of this system is driver's mind might not on driving when he or she is receiving a hand-free call. A new software system from Ford is MyFord Mobile. It had accurate trip calculation, including estimated range and charging time recommendations. With this system, drivers can use their smartphone or Web portal for up-to-the-minute access to vehicle information, as well as activating remote-controlled functions, including locking/unlocking vehicle doors and the climate preconditioning. SiriusXM Satellite Radio introduced by Ford is another innovation of software system in vehicle. This system includes commercial-free music from every genre, plus live sports play-by-play, news, talk and entertainment - all in one place.


Ford Company, the automobile industry giant, had introduced many new technology systems for vehicle. The growth of an industry will develop a nation's economic critically. In a globalised world, a quality higher automobile system that is well-connected internationally facilitates the introduction of new ideas, and fosters trade and other links with foreign countries. Through tradition, advancement, rhetoric of advertising, growth of demand for high technology, customers become loyal to a Ford Nation.

Ford has been one of the major supplies of automobile to the worldwide for years. The company prides itself on selling the best quality vehicles for the most reasonable price possible, which turns out to be some of the most valuable vehicle out there. Ford marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality and the technology the company provides. The success of the system is calculated by output variables such as research performance, participation rates and employment. Ford used such indicators to differentiate a ranking of national higher technology systems in vehicles.

In the writer's opinion, human will become more and more depending on technologies. The convenience that human will lead to the laziness of human. In the few years ahead, the automotive industry will be facing new and pressing challenges. Human's needs and demands for vehicle is specific. In addition, increasing safety requirements and voluntary environmental commitments by the automobile industry will be the challenges faced by automobile industry. In future, only companies found new ways to value and fulfill customers' needs will survive. In the future, the automobile companies would have focus on the uses of energy which to move vehicles. Raw material prices and volume had become a major challenge in the automotive value chain. Alternative energy is necessary to be disinterred to overcome limited resources.