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The topic that I will cover in this seminar reports is SMS gateway. In the 21st century, most of the people will at least own for a mobile phone, this is because mobile phone had already become the main communication device for human to contact one another. The amazing growth of mobile devices has caused the cellular phone to be ubiquitous in nearly all parts of the world. One of the basic function that provided by mobile phone is sending SMS (Short Message Service) text message. There is no denying that a medium was needed in between all mobile phones that allow the SMS messages transmitting from one to others. Obviously, the medium that needed for transmitting SMS message is SMS gateway.

The main objective for me to include SMS gateway into my system is because a it is more secure to send out the confidential data to a particular member. This is because the mobile phone is consider as a very personal belonging for a person, and normally a person will not easily to allow someone to read the contents of his/her mobile phone. Besides that, a user can also receive the latest updated information from the system at anywhere and anytime. A person may not bring his/her own laptop to anywhere and there is impossible any place will has internet coverage, so that person will face the difficulty when the time he/she want to request for the information.

There will be five chapters that I had carried out in this report. First of all, I had gone through for the introduction of SMS gateway. For this chapter, I had discussed on what is a gateway and then move forward to explain more details in SMS gateway, which is also the main topic that I will covered in this report. I believed that with more understanding on what actually is a SMS gateway at the beginning, it will help me in more understanding on the basic concept and structure of SMS gateway. Thus, I will have the clear mind set and direction about what information should I find and include in this report.

Secondly, I had discussed about the two main features for the SMS gateway, which is send Bulk SMS messages, and interactive processing between sender side and receiver side. If the SMS gateway able to send Bulk SMS messages at one time, then it will reduce the workload for the user to system to send the SMS message one by one to a whole list of recipients. The interactive processing of SMS gateway will be more like a bi-directional SMS gateway.

Furthermore, I had analyzed on the structure of SMS gateway. For this chapter, I had discussed on the basic concept to implement the SMS gateway into a system. Next, I also discussed on how SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) work in SMS gateway and how the SMS gateway deal with the receiving messages. The last sub topic for this chapter that I had carried out for this chapter is the limitation of the SMS gateway.

Configuration of Microsoft Hyperterminal and AT commands is also one of the interesting parts that will be discussed in this seminar report. For this chapter, I will explain how to configure on the Microsoft HyperTerminal in the PC, so it can connect to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone or GSM modem. Next, I also list out what are the AT commands that are commonly use for a PC to send a SMS message from PC and receive a SMS message from a mobile phone with PC.

The fifth chapter that carried out by me in this report is the practical part of SMS gateway, I had discussed a case study which is how I implement the SMS gateway into my project (Online Trading System). I had implemented the SMS gateway into the "Member Maintenance Module" of the system, which means that a member able to request for a new password to login into his/her account if he/she had forgot the login password. Then, the system will auto regenerate a new password and send it with SMS message to the member's mobile phone.

For the critical evaluation part, I will evaluate on three types of SMS gateway, which is Kannel, Ozeki NG and using HyperTerminal. From here, I had stated out my views on the advantages, disadvantages and the conditions need to be consider for each type of SMS gateway.

Last but not least, I had concluded all the information that I gathered and my point of views for this seminar report. At the same time, I had also highlighted some things for the entire seminar project in the conclusion part.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction of SMS Gateway

What is Gateway?

A gateway is something same like an entrance to the network. Besides that, a gateway may also include the security features such as act like a filter in between the network service and the user's network (Pillai, 2005, p.6).

There are some gateways that we can found in the market, such as instant messaging gateway, HTTP gateway, e-mail gateway, SMS gateway and etc.

What is SMS Gateway?

CIMD2 : Computer Interface Message Distribution version 2

SMPP : Simple Message Peer to Peer Protocol

Figure 2: A SMS messages is converted by an SMS gateway from one protocol to another protocol (Consenza, 2005).

SMS gateway and SMSC (Short Message Service Center) do not understand each as a common protocol. So, SMS gateway will place in between two SMSCs to provide the connectivity and build a transparent communication in between of them. The SMS gateway actually will act as a relay in between of two SMSCs and translating the SMSC protocol from one to another. The SMS massages conversion is assured in both IN/OUT directions, it will make the SMS gateway completely transparent in the intercommunication between two of the SMSC. So that with this way, two SMSCs can be interconnected by using two different wireless carriers to provide some functions, such as two SMSCs able to to exchange the inter-operator SMS messages (Consenza, 2005).

Figure 2: SMS gateway provides multi treading support that allows computer applications to send and receive SMS messages simultaneously (Consenza, 2005).

SMS gateway is using SMPP to connect to SMSC over TCP/IP from mobile user to computer application that wants to send or receive SMS messages. Besides that, SMS gateway can be used to convert SMS messages from a not natively SMS enabled sources (Consenza, 2005).

Besides the way to connect the SMS gateway to SMSC, a SMS gateway can be also connect to a mobile phone or GPRS/GSM modem. By the way, the software application must has to know to communicate with the GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phone first before it wants to send a SMS message or receive SMS messages. AT commands will be used as a bridge for the communication in between the SMS text messaging application and the mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem (Developer's Home, 2010).

CHAPTER 2: SMS Gateway Features

Send Bulk SMS messages

Figure 3: A computer application or system sends customized message to receiver (Mavrakis, 2004).

Send Bulk SMS messages is one of the features that is commonly provided by a SMS gateway. It is a very efficient and effective way to send a customized message immediately to one or even up to thousands of users.

With the help of Bulk SMS feature, the system can:

Improve the communication between employees.

A company can set the company application to dispatch the data or information through SMS to certain of receiver in automated way.

If there is any transmission problem (e.g. message unreachable) happen, an alert message or alarm could be generated and the message could be routed through other network, such as e-mail or fax.

(Mavrakis, 2004)

Send some promotional or informational messages.

The contents of message can either in hard coded or customized.

E.g. A bank could send the account balances to the user that subscribed for this service at regular interval.

(Mavrakis, 2004)

Send customized time-sensitive information when meet a predefined condition or at predefined time.

The user could subscribe the service in advance through Web, SMS or other methods and select on what kind of information that him willing to receive.

These customized messages can be used to inform the user the latest information, alert message for special case or specific message on a particular given event.

(Mavrakis, 2004)

Interactive Processing

Figure 4: The user send a SMS request that will be forwarded by mobile operator network to the host server. The host server will send back the requested information after processing (Mavrakis, 2004).

Some SMS gateway has included the function that allow mobile user to perform any kind of requests through their mobile phone. By using relational database search, the server is able to perform any kind of data processing from the requests that had made through the SMS text content from mobile user (Mavrakis, 2004).

The possible examples for interactive processing:

Get the latest information of a plane flight.

SMS online banking operations

Get the cinema movie show times.

CHAPTER 3: Analysis of SMS Gateway

Implementation of SMS Gateway

A SMS gateway is a very flexible application because it can be a very complex system or it can be built with just using a few lines of code to perform the simple work such as send and receive SMS message. In order to develop a service that send a SMS message request to a gateway, there will be some elements that are need to include in the system:

What is the number of times that need to send out the service request?

What is the incoming service request that sent from a mobile phone?

What is the type of service network that will be involved?

(Pillai, 2005, p.6)

If the developer does not has his/her own service number or network, then he/she will need to use an intermediary service into the system, such as Yahoo!Mail for SMS. In addition, the first thing that need to do before implement a SMS gateway is the developer need to decide what services that he/she want to include in the system. Next, use the Web as the intermediate network for the system. Because Web had been used as the intermediate network in the system, so the computer that handle for the system should be connect to the internet at all the time. The software that implemented on the computer will be the typical gateway. This gateway will act like a daemon, which means that whenever there is a new request comes in, it will serve the request. The gateway is work like an endless loop that will handle the events for a pre-defined time (Pillai, 2005, p.6).

Figure 5: A Typical Gateway concept (Pillai, 2005, p.6).

Basically, SMS gateway application can be classified into two categories, which is server originated SMS and user originated SMS. Features of server originated SMS are alert notifications, email receipt notification and SMS broadcasting. Besides that, user originated SMS is including send a mail, update an application or database from a SMS message, retrieving email headers and so on. SMS gateway is a multithreaded application. For examples, a receiver thread of SMS gateway will communicate with the server, then operating in asynchronous mode and waiting the notification messages that send from server. The second thread will implement to a HTTP server and accepting the SOAP requests from the client application. Each of the SOAP request will be handled by a thread from a thread pool (Singh and Mishra and Kushwaha, 2009, p.4).

SOAP in SMS Gateway

A Bidirectional gateway will work in between SMS and networked computer. The gateway will functioned as a web service and facilitate the communication of data by using SOAP. At the same time, it will access into database in order to retrieve the received or sent messages, as well as to provide the accounting abilities in the system (Halse and Wells, 2002).

SOAP will be implemented in the gateway as a simple XML protocol that used to exchange structured information through the Internet. It is designed to facilitate W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which being used as intermediate bridge to transfer the information and data between of applications. All the data that transferred by SOAP datagram will be represented in an XML document which means that it will have an associated schema to define its structure (Halse and Wells, 2002).

There are three main reasons why SOAP is common use in the implementation:

SOAP is one of the projects for W3C.

So it is widely respected authority on matters to the site.

Developers are not tied to specific languages and platforms.

If develops are implement SOAP into their system, then they are free to use any languages and platforms into their system, which will makes the system more flexible.

SOAP is lack of complications.

This is because it will let the complexities of services to deal with the services themselves.

Besides, SOAP also includes the encapsulation for the data that needs to transfer from the client side to the service center. So, SOAP will act as a transport to encode requires for the data to be encapsulated as an XML document. Since that SOAP does not has a specified transport method, so any of the network-capable transport can be implemented into it, such as mail protocols (e.g. POP3 and SMTP), Internet file transfer protocols (e.g. FTP) and online chat protocols (e.g. Jabber and IRC). But mostly the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) will be used to deliver a web page because it is the most common method (Halse and Wells, 2002).

Dealing With Received SMS Message

When the time a new message was received, it will be stored in the database. Next, it will be deleted from the GSM SIM card once it has been stored in the database successfully, because this is to prevent the GSM SIM card not enough room for new messages (Halse and Wells, 2002).

Basically, there are two methods to handle the incoming SMS messages that are sent by clients.

AT+ Command Set.

It is providing the support of online notification to the received SMS messages.


Client will be getting informed once a new message is received by him/her. By using this method, there is no delay in between when the time SMS message is received by client and it is being handled by the system.


The daemon will need to handle both of the outgoing and incoming SMS messages for the system. In addition, there will be a need to implement some methods into the inter-processes that are used to communicate between the SOAP service and serial daemon. Thus, the system will become very complex.

(Halse and Wells, 2002)

Poll the modem periodically for a new SMS message.

Any system scheduling application can be used to perform for this method.


This method is easier to implement compare to the previous approach because the client itself will initiate the connection when he/she was been notified, the SOAP would not do anything to initiate a connection to a client.


Delay may happen when a SMS message is received and it is processed by the system.

(Halse and Wells, 2002)

AT Commands

AT commands is a string of characters which function as the instructions to control for GSM modem or GSM phone. The command line contains three parts, which is a prefix, a body and a terminator. Besides that, AT commands is not case sensitive. Every command line must start with "AT" or "at", because it is the prefix that will indicated as the start of the command line for a modem (Developer's Home, 2010).

Even though Ozeki NG SMS gateway did not require a developer to insert the AT commands into the application, but the gateway is also running under predefined AT commands. This is because AT commands is the basic instruction that used to instruct what tasks or actions should be performed by a mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem. So, here will be some basic AT commands for sending and receiving a SMS message.

Send SMS message from PC using AT commands

These are the basic AT command that need to insert to send a SMS messages from a computer to the GSM phone through HyperTerminal.


This command is used to instruct the GSM phone to operate in SMS text mode. If "Error" is returned, it means that the GSM phone is not support SMS text mode.

On the other hand, user can also enter "AT+CMGF=?" to check that whether which mode is supported by the GSM phone. '0' is representing for PDU mode and '1' is representing for SMS text mode.

AT+CMGS="receiver's mobile phone number"<Enter>

This command will send the inserted messages to the particular mobile phone number that has been provided. After has press "Enter" key, '>' symbol will be shown in next line, then insert the content of messages that wish to send to the receiver and press for 'Ctrl'+'Z'. Lastly, press "Enter" key again.

Then, the SMS message will send to the mobile phone number that had been specified just now.

(Developer's Home, 2010)

Receive SMS message from mobile phone using AT commands

These are the basic AT command that need to insert to enable the computer receives the SMS messages that sent from a mobile phone user through HyperTerminal.


This command is used to instruct the GSM phone to operate in SMS text mode. If "Error" is returned, it means that the GSM phone is not support SMS text mode.

On the other hand, user can also enter "AT+CMGF=?" to check that whether which mode is supported by the GSM phone. '0' is representing for PDU mode and '1' is representing for SMS text mode.


This command will display all unread message that are having in that GSM phone. The message will display in the following format:

+CMGL: <position in inbox>,"<status of message","sender phone number>","<sent date and time>"<messages contents>


This command is used to delete all the messages in the storage. '1' is the index of the message and '4' is a flag value, it means that to delete all SMS messages in the storage with ignoring the index value.

(Developer's Home, 2010)

Limitation of SMS Gateway

Even though SMS gateway is so efficient and effective to be used in company applications but there are still some drawbacks that may occur for this service, such as:

"Best attempt" delivery method.

There is no guarantee for a sent SMS message that will be received by the particular recipient. Thus, this limitation will cause the SMS gateway cannot guarantee the delivery of a client's message. But the developer can include a "status" field for a sent SMS message on client side, so it will function as an indicator to inform the client whether the SMS message has successfully send out or not (Halse and Wells, 2002).

Only individual client served at a time.

There will be an exclusive lock on the serial port that had connected on the computer to the modem when the time a web service is communicating with GSM modem. This is to make sure the responses that provided by the modem to the commands that are sent are interpreted correctly. This method will cause that only one client can be served at a time. So, for the service that will deal with a large amount of clients, then a queuing method would need to be included to solve for this issue (Halse and Wells, 2002).

CHAPTER 4: Critical Evaluation- Comparison of three methods to include SMS features in a system

From here, the part of critical evaluation for the seminar title, I will criticize on three methods of sending or receiving SMS messages in system, which are Kannel SMS gateway, OzekiNG SMS gateway and direct send through serial port.

Kannel SMS gateway

Kannel is an open source WAP and SMS gateway. Basically, Kannel will make use of obscure protocols to link the HTTP based service to SMS centers. Unfortunately, Kannel is mainly designed for Linux systems, and it is also easy to port into other Unix-like operating systems such as Sun OS. So far, there is still no any solution from Kannel official team to make this gateway support in other platforms (Kannel Group, 2009).

In my opinion, I think that Kannel is good for the company or organization that wants to develop a low cost system. This is because Kannel is an open source technology and it can be perfectly work well in any of the open source OS. Kannel can also handle the connections to mobile phones, GSM/GPRS modems and SMSCs, so the developer able to choose the best way for the communication among SMS text application and SMS gateway. Besides that, even though currently the Kannel official team does not provide any solutions for Kannel gateway to support in Windows-based system, but there are still some methods can be used to solve this issue. One of the solutions is install Cygwin into the computer. This is because Cygwin could create the Linux-like environment for Windows OS, it able to provide lots of Linux API functionality and a collection of tools that make Windows to more Linux look.

But the Kannel on Windows should not be treated as a complete software that ready to be use, the developer might faced some problems and lots of debugging needed when the time using for this application because it is more for testing and development purpose. Another drawback to implement Kannel into system is, there will be a long duration of development time needed for the first timer to research and explore on how to make use of Kannel because it is only work in command line environment.

OzekiNG SMS gateway

OzekiNG SMS gateway is a close source software product, but it has provided 20 days free trial version for people to test on their product. Basically, OzekiNG SMS gateway is designed for Windows OS but it can be also operate under two types of Linux OS which is Fedora and Ubuntu (Ozeki Informatics Ltd., 2010).

In my opinion, OzekiNG SMS gateway is very easy to use because it is a complete version of software product that is ready to use by the user. For example, a user just needs to click on the "Autodetect" button to connect the mobile phone or GSM modem during setup for the SMS gateway rather than insert all the details by himself/herself. Since that it is running under GUI (graphical user interface) mode, so it will be very user friendly and very easy for first timer to get into it. The user guide document that provided by the official web site is very complete and easy to understand, a user can configure the gateway easily based on the guidance document. Besides that, the Ozeki NG official team also offers three months technical support on the application after someone bought the Ozeki NG SMS gateway. In addition, a user can also find some useful source code sample for different functions such as send SMS messages, receive SMS messages and etc on different platforms such as C#, PHP, JAVA and etc. In addition, not only SMS message, OzekiNG SMS gateway also support different types of messages to be sent out from the gateway, such as MMS, WAP PUSH and so on.

Unfortunately, there is a high cost to subscribe for a OzekiNG gateway, the standard licenses for the basic package to be installed on a single PC already cost around EUR 590, the basic enterprise licenses is cost about EUR 4500. It is too expensive for a small business company to pay for development cost.

Send Through Serial Port

This will be the alternative choice instead of using SMS gateway to send or receive SMS with PC. The requirement for sending and receiving SMS messages through serial port is very simple, which is a developer just need to connect the SMS messaging application to a mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem.

In my opinion, this method is very simple and easy way to implement the SMS gateway into a system. Besides that, it is also a low cost implementation, because it is just need a GSM phone or GSM modem to connect to the PC for sending and receiving the SMS messages. In addition, every SMS message that sends out only will charge as normal SMS message rate by local service provider because is same like sending a SMS message from a mobile phone.

Unfortunately, this method allows only one message to send out at one time, and the sending rate is very slow, it will take about 10 to 20 seconds to send out for a message. Besides that, a mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem only has a limited storage to store for the received messages, so it may need to delete the received messages time by time to reserve extra storage for receiving new income message from recipient.


In a nut shell, actually tho7se three methods that I had discussed on above, each of them are having their own advantages and disadvantages. So, there are a bunch of things that need to consider by the developer before he/she want to implement a sending or receiving SMS messages function into his/her system, such as estimate the number of customer that system need to duel with, budget for develop the system, the operating system that involved and so on. After the developer has gone through all the consideration, then he/she just able to choose for a best way that is really can suit to the system he/she has developed.

I had chosen for Ozeki NG SMS gateway, because it is easy to use and easy to implement into my system. Besides, I can get the C# sample code easily from the official website, so that I can develop the send SMS message function in my system based on the sample code logic.

CHAPTER 5: CASE STUDY - Implementing Ozeki NG SMS Gateway into Online Trading System.

Connect mobile phone to PC

Before choosing a mobile phone as the role to communicate in between SMS gateway and SMS text messaging application, a developer must ensure that the mobile phone can connect to the PC. Thus, we can test on the configuration in HyperTerminal whether a mobile phone can connect to the PC or not. These are the steps required to configure on Microsoft HyperTerminal, so that it can connect to the mobile phone:

Put a SIM card had inserted into the mobile phone, make sure the SIM card is valid and has enough credits.

On the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.

Next, go to "Control Panel" -> "Phone and Modem" -> "Modems" tab -> "Add" button.

Press "Next" button

Select your mobile phone and click "OK" button.

Then the GSM phone will be recognizing as a modem for the computer.

Setup Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

After the user had installed the OzekiNG SMS gateway into his/her PC, then he/she can go to the web browser and insert "" then click "OK" button. The default username is "admin" and password is "abc123". A user recommended to change his/her username and password after login to the application, due to the security issue.

Then click on "Add service provider" to connect user's mobile phone or GSM modem.

Then click on the "Install" link button beside the title of "GSM/GPRS Modem Connection"

Next, the user just click "Autodetect" button to let the gateway detect for the mobile phone automatically, then user needs to fill in his/her telephone number for that particular mobile phone and so as the service provider name. After this, press "OK" button.

Now, the OzekiNG SMS gateway is installed in your PC and it is ready to use.

Send New Random Login Password with SMS message

Our team will develop an Online Trading System as the final year project. It is coded with C# language. So, I will make use of OzekiNG SMS gateway into "Maintenance Member Module" and "Maintain Staff Module".

The purpose to include this function into the Online Trading System is to provide a better service to customer. This is because as a human, we are impossible to remember everything about the information (e.g. password) that is related to us all the time. Thus, to make our system more user friendly, we had included this function into our system in case the member has forgot his/her password to login the account. Besides that, it is also more secure that for the system to send the password to the member's mobile phone compare to other method such as send to mail box. This is because the mobile phone is considering as a personal belonging for a person, and it is always stay beside him/her all the time. As we know that, most of the bank also send the validation request to customers' mobile phone, such as ask the confirmation for the online transaction.

These are the screen shots for the flows of request a new password from the Online Trading System.

There is a "Forgot Password" link button for user to click on it in case they are forgetting their password to login into the web site.

After click into the link, it will open a new page and ask the user to enter his/her "Login ID", "Email Address" and "Birth Date". The "Login ID" value will be used to match with the data in the database, to check whether it is a valid user or not. Next, the "Email Address" and "Birth Date" will be used as the validation to prevent the unauthorized user request for the new password. At last, the user need to click on the "OK" button to process to the next step.

If the user is a valid user and he/she had enter the correct information in the provided columns, then the system will start to generate a new 8 characters login password for the particular member. The C# codes that implement into system to generate the random login password with combination of number , upper case alphabets and lower case alphabets is as follows:

public string GenerateRandomPassword( )


string passChar = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLM


string newPass = "";

Random randomNo = new Random();

for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++)




return newPass.ToString();


After the user has press for "Next >>" button, then the system will trigger the Ozeki NG send SMS message function, the system will get the value that is returned from the GenerateRandomPassword() function and includes into the message content and send to the user.

At the same time, the system will update the new password to the system database according to the user id. So, the user old login password will be no more valid to the system.

If the user does not receive the new password after few minutes, he/she can click on the "Click here" link button to request a new password again. Next, he/she clicks "OK" button to exit from this page.

CHAPTER 6: Future of SMS Gateway

As we know that, Bulk SMS is already becomes the new mode of marketing strategy for a company or an enterprise. One of the drawbacks for email facility is sometimes a mail maybe arrested as a junk mail, so there is the risk of deleting the message from your email id. Besides that, a customer may need to stay with the area which covered by Internet accessibility to read for an email, but he/she can get his/her SMS message wherever he/she is within or without an Internet connection. In addition, if a customer has switched off his/her phone, the SMS message will store in SMSC server and still will deliver the message to the customer once he/she has switch on the phone. Another important reason that makes Bulk SMS become popular is because that it is low cost nature, it helps to save up the promotion and campaigning costs. Recently, Facebook has also apply the Bulk SMS marketing strategy, it will send out the SMS messages for those users that had verified their Facebook account with a valid phone number. For example, Facebook will send an alert message to the user once his/her Facebook account has received any new notification, such as new friend request, new inbox message and etc (Marion, 2009).

Unfortunately, the Bulk SMS function may cause the mobile phone spam issue. This is because some company may use Bulk SMS function to keep sending the advertisement contents to the mobile user, some of the SMS messages that sent to the user still will charge on the users' phone bills. In addition, some of the company does not provide any information to the user about how to turn off the services which will keep sending the messages that will charge on the users' phone bills. This issue will make the mobile users feel annoying and irritating (Ball, 2007).


As a conclusion that, the research done for this seminar topic really prove that the SMS gateway technology is a beneficial way to be implement into a system. This is because it is work well on providing the services to the customer.

I had applied SMS gateway technology into my final year project, which is Online Trading System. This is because after gone through the research, I found that sending the confidential data by using SMS message is more secure compare to send by email. Furthermore, it is more convenience for a user to check for the information from the mobile phone compare to other methods because a mobile phone may stay beside the owner for a long time. Lastly, I believe that with the help of this method, it can make the system work in more effective and efficiency way.

There are some challenges that I had faced during the time I was preparing for my seminar report. When the time I starting to research on this seminar topic, I had get into wrong direction, which mean I thought that HyperTerminal is consider as a SMS gateway. So, I had spent for lots of time to research on this part, but end up with I was get into wrong direction of researching in SMS gateway. Besides that, I also faced some problems when the time I need to choosing the SMS gateway to implement into my system. This is because there is really not much free SMS gateway are available in the market, the first good quality free SMS gateway I knew is Kannel SMS gateway. But it is very complicated to be implemented and it is not really support in Windows OS. So, at the end I had chosen Ozeki NG SMS gateway to be implemented into my system. Unfortunately, it only provide free trial version for 20 days. Thus, I may need to borrow PC from my friend or try for another way to keep using the free trial version.

However, I had learned for lots of new knowledge from this seminar which is I never learn from any subject before. For example, I had learned about the basic AT commands to instruct a mobile phone to send or receive SMS message with PC, implementation of Ozeki SMS gateway and etc. With these new knowledge, for sure that it will strengthen my personal skills.