Application Development For A Hotel System Computer Science Essay

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This Hotel system I will design it by using some application what will be able to save the information in the database what I will design , This will be add for the system more feature what require to be add it , Following application :-

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 is the program use of early 1999 for development the application and this method is easily to use and to show the power of the build the program be using the tools for the Visual Studio .The program can be make many thing with making connection with the database to save or retrieve the information .

Microsoft Office Access 2003 is the program using to make or develop the software and providing many feature for making a lot of thing specify the performance for your database , such as the following operations to maintenance many of tables and query and forms also the report . This all related be the user or the designer what requirement for the database what need it .

Web development:


There are several and different development tools for developed the website include some codes and markup language. So for our website we can use some of these tools such as:

HTML Codes is stand for (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the most popular and it used for design web pages. So i will use HTML codes in my website for the interface between the users and hotel website.

CSS is stand for Cascading Style Sheet and it is style sheet language used to describe the presentation of document written in markup language .Also style sheets are a very most powerful tool for website developer. In addition CSS allow the same markup pages to present in different style for different rendering methods such as on-screen, in print and by voice.

PHP is allowed to generate dynamic website with adding HTML pages on to the main website , this will be for the guest or user . This language is can be read it normally as there some version for the SQL creating and also PHP reading . I will use PHP for the developing the website with creating small control panel to control some option and with link it to SQL database for saving the database with higher securities .

RAD (Rapid Application Development) is a software development methodology which involves iterative development and the construction of prototypes. RAD refers to a type of software life cycle which minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. In addition the planning of software written in RAD and the lack of extensive pre-planning allowed software to be written much faster and make it more flexible to change in requirement 13. So in these days RAD software development can be easily purchased and used.


Database is important for website, I need the database for enter the data . Also I need the DB to create dynamic control panel with creating guest book , the news and contact us . the database type will be SQL creating directly online . There are different types of technologies for design database can be use for website but here I am using the securities database and make connection with the PHP language .

The type of the database such as:

-MS Access is a powerful program to create and manage the database. MS access is easy to use for every body and it has built in features to assist in constructing and viewing the information from the database. The MS access is more easer than SQL and Oracle. And this type of database I use it for the Hotel reservation system for the save and retrieve the information .

-SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database computer language designed for retrieval and management of data in relational database management system. Also SQL is programming language for querying and modifying data and managing database .This SQL allow my to select the data and save it also retrieve it directly for the website what I make it sample for the new record delete and update the record for the website .

These types of database i choose the MS access for the hotel reservation system and for the website I use SQL because it is easy to access and use for providing the services for the website .


Security is one of the major sensitive issues for the Hotel reservation system and the main thing is for the database MS Access. This issue of security is one of the basic tasks in reliable for the System and also for the website. The security of website requires some tools to achieve site security as following:

-Firewalls refer to either hardware or software that based on security policy.

-Anti-viruses software protection ,The easy way to prevent threats to system is to install anti-viruses such as McAfee and Norton anti-viruses or checking the better main hosting .

In addition there is one of the standards for security called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to safeguard confidentiality for the person. Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents through the internet. Also SSL works by using a private key to encrypt data that’s transferred over the SSL connection. Furthermore SSL can prevent the hackers and protected the page when the address begins with “http” and there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the page.