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Unlike the traditional way of advertisements, Facebook can make advertisements very innovative that would attract the users to know more about it. They can advertise by means of small interactive games or by small innovative campaigns. Today sharing of videos are popular among the Facebook users. The advertisements can be made as small attractive videos that convey the information. At the end of the video a link can be provided to the website. Based on the interest of the user the advertisements in the form of videos can be displayed instead of the traditional .swf advertisements.

Another reason for the users not noticing the advertisements is that they are mostly in the colour of the Facebook's template. The users are more attracted towards all the colorful updates of their friends to notice the advertisement that gets camouflaged with the template of site.

The first page the site has very few ads unlike social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook also can increase the number of advertisements on first page as per the interests of the user.

Facebook has already introduced many games of many companies like Zynga and Digital Chocolate and the users have shown great interest towards it. Facebook can itself create some games or buy some famous game from third party. It would provide Facebook opportunity to increase the revenue through the games. Experts from the field can be hired to develop these games.

Encourage the users to form groups of their interest.

Unlike the other social networking sites the usage of groups in Facebook is lesser. The users can be encouraged to form groups and the groups can be displayed in the user page more prominently and visible to the user. Once the users are all creating groups of their interests then the advertisements can be increased in those groups. The group page can be used to as a platform to promote advertisements.


According to an online survey it has been found that Facebook faces a problem of facing more than 1.5 million losses when compared to MySpace which has higher scope of generating revenue. The Facebook though the second largest social networking sites, encountered a problem of generating revenue from the advertisements. The above given recommendations are given to help Facebook the site overcome this problem and increase the revenue generated.

Business Plan Template

What is your mantra (3-10 words on why your company should exist)?

Face of the new generation

What is the overall mission of the business (1-3 sentences on what your company does or will do)?

We develop user friendly environment where friends and family can interact and share their interests.

We also develop a platform for the users to share their photos and play games.

We also provide platform for the users to develop applications.

How will you make money in terms of product differentiation and/or being the low cost producer?

We will generate revenue from the advertisements. The interests of the users would be first understood and the advertisements according to their interests would be displayed on their pages.

What are your goals & objectives over the next 3 months to year (2-6 phrases on precise performance intentions)?

Launch new features and games by February.

To increase the number of clicks to 1000 clicks per million ads.

What tactics will you use over the next 3 months to a year to reach your objectives and mission (2-6 phrases)?

Use more attractive and innovative advertisements to attract the users' attention.

Hire employees with high experience to develop new games.

Provide more attractive advertisements.

Look into the opportunities of buying games from third party

Increase the usage of groups among the users.

Organizational and Industry Analysis Template (Do this first)

Give a brief description of your business model including what products or service you are producing or will produce?

The organization is into the business of social networking. It provides a platform for the users to connect with their friends and family. It also provides an opportunity to share their photos and play games.

Describe your customers?

The customers are the users of all ages. The actual revenue is generated by the advertisements. These advertisers also a part of customers.

List and describe your current competitors?

The current competitors are as follows

MySpace - number one social networking site. Generates high revenue through the advertisements.

Orkut- Famous in India and few other countries

LinkedIn- Leader in Professional networking

Dogster- for dog owners

Care2- for the environmentally aware

MyChurch- For Christian Churches.

aSmallWorld- For the rich and famous .

List and describe your potential competitors?

The future competitors are as follow

MySpace - number one social networking site. Generates high revenue through the advertisements.

LinkedIn- Leader in professional networking

Any start up that is able to attract the users as the users want to explore the latest sites.

Who will you purchase materials, components or other inputs from?

The advertisers act as the supplier. They are the sources of revenue for the organization. The application developers also act as the suppliers. The inputs are generated from the customers themselves about their interests.

SWOT (consider human resources, R&D, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, engineering, IT, finance, accounting, and legal)

What are your strengths (products, R&D, supply chain, brand, pricing core competencies, resources, infrastructure, scalability &interfaces)?

The user-friendly environment and the killer photo sharing application.

What are your weaknesses (products, R&D, supply chain, brand, pricing, core competencies, resources, infrastructure, scalability &interfaces)?

The users are too involved in knowing the updates from others to notice the advertisements. Generates only 400 clicks per million advertisements.

What are the opportunities (growth, market share, product lines, Blue Ocean, complimentary products, lock-in, brand, &first mover adv.)?

There is a large number of people using Facebook, it provides an opportunity to increase the revenue by increasing the advertisements.

What are the threats (substitutes, emerging technologies, new entrants, economic climate, government regulations, and social/culture issues)?

The treat exists from new as well as existing social networking sites.

Strategy canvas for existing products compared to competitor or industry

Very High




Very Low


User Friendly

High Revenue



Varietyof users

If appropriate, complete strategy canvas for new product compared to competitor or industry

Very High




Very Low


User Friendly

High Revenue



Varietyof users