Analysis Of Bicycle Ecommerce Websites Computer Science Essay

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By researching this website, I got many ideas to make e-commerce website for Bicycle For You, such as, how to display our service to get awareness from customers, know what kind of opportunities we can get from making e-commerce website. This website was established by several categories which are store locations, BUY bikes, bike trails and Maps, Maps, Free service for life, bicycle fitting, How to assemble the bike, Global bikes in action.

I got ideas about SWOT analysis of e-commerce website from this website. So, we can recover for weakness and threats of Bicycle For You website.

From this website, I got information of what are the benefits of making E-commerce website for Bicycle For You.

By researching this website, I got knowledge of supply chain management exactly. Especially, I know what are Top 15 supply chain management.

After launching e-commerce website for Bicycle For You, we definitely need to secure wireless network. Otherwise, we must face unnecessary risk from online. So, I got information of one of online security system (Firewall) from this website.

This website displays not only bikes photos but also other accessories of bikes on their first page. For example, bike jersey, Road tires, LED headlights and bike repair tools. This website also advertises their bike and other accessories with variety of categories. For instance, it displays separately one box for categories of bikes and other boxes for other accessories. So, customers can watch clearly and they can see separately accessories what they want. Our Bicycle For You website should be like this. Their display styles are very clear and can display many varieties of accessories.

This website use banner advertising to display their services on their first page. For example, shipping free service for customers who buy over. Every customers like services. So, Our Bicycle For You website ought to display what is our main service on first page of our website. And they accept other organization's banner advertising on their web page. So, it can get further incomes.

In this website, they display variety categories for bicycles only on their gallery pages. On this page, they show many bicycles with their name and customer can search the bicycle name on this page. This website have one webpage separately for their service. This webpage is maintenance page. Bicycle For You should have one webpage separately for service.

Branding has three key elements which are differentiation, relevance and perceived value. Differentiation means to customer, what is significant thing of your product or service which are unlike yours competitors? Relevance means does your products or services fit with customers? Perceived value means, Is this product or service good?

Branding strategy for Bicycle for You

There have many branding strategies for Bicycles for You to become branded product on web. Among these strategies, I would like to use Rational Branding strategies. As my opinion, this strategy is more suitable for Bicycles for You.

Rational branding for Bicycle for You

Rational branding is very suitable for Bicycle for You. The reasons for why rational branding is very suitable for Bicycle for you is most of the online users are busy people. They actively engaged in activities such as, finding information, buying airline tickets, searching information of weather from online and making hotel reservations. So, they may not want to give time to watch our Bicycle for you branding advertising because our advertising is not their searching on website. We can prevent this by using rational branding. Rational branding relies on specific help offered, not on a broad emotional appeal. For example, customers can have many valuable services from Yahoo mail such as e-mail account and storage space for messages. So, users can see our advertising on each page that provides this e-mail service.

E-mail is very useful thing for human to make communication to each others. So, e-mail marketing can offer many opportunities for Bicycle for You because advertising is one of the processes of communication. By using e-mail marketing, customers can see easily Bicycle for You's advertising in their mail. But our advertising messages may reach in spam of customer's e-mail. We can get many awareness form customers because online users have been using and checking their e-mail. So, they can see our advertising in their mail one way or another ways. Advertising Bicycle for You with e-mail marketing is low cost. In e-mail marketing, Bicycle for You advertises photos of their bicycles categories and bicycle's accessories with each price. And can also give information of Bicycles for You such as, special discount for which months or which festival and what kind of opportunities for customers. But Bicycle for You advertising can persuade customers. Advertising must be interesting at customers view.

Banner adverts

Banner advertising is small advertising on Web page that display with moving graphic, graphic images or small games and which already included a hyperlink to the main advertiser's Web site.

Banner adverts for Bicycle for You

Bicycle for You company have three various ways to arrange for other Web sites to display banner advertising.

Banner exchange network

By using banner exchange network, Bicycle for You company can display advertising on another website freely. As like that, another company may also advertise their banner advertising on Bicycle for You's website. But competitor's web pages are not suitable for Bicycle for You to display banner advertising.

Second Way

Bicycle for You company ought to display banner advertising on traffic website, if want to advertise with banner advertising. But some websites are used by many customers. At this website, they have already made cost rate to advertise on their web pages. If Bicycle for You company want to display banner advertising on this website, company need to pay their advertising cost. Bicycle for You can get many customers by advertising traffic website. However, sometime we need to think about which website is most suitable for Bicycle for You.

Banner advertising network

Banner advertising network is as like broker who already had web site for to accept others organization's advertising, for example Double click, Value click. So, if Bicycle for You makes advertising on this website, need money to pay.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is not application of technology but it is strategy to learn more about customers, what their needs are and what are their behaviors to make stronger relationships between them. Customer Relationship Management is also called technology-enabled relationship management. Now, many companies can measure what are happening with customers. And companies able to know which pages were viewed by customers, how long each page was viewed because of clickstream.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Bicycle For You

Customer Relationship Management can help Bicycle For You to manage not only relationship with customers but also relationship with employees, stakeholders and vendors. According to Customer Relationship Management, Bicycle For You can know, what kind of service for bicycle that customers need. And make decision for what prices of bicycle should be relevant for customers. Especially, Bicycle For You able to know information about customers behaviors, preferences, needs and can use these information to get awareness from customers.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a process or strategy for creating webpage content to improve a website's relevance ranking on a search engine results page.

Search engine optimization for Bicycle For You

Bicycle For You can increase number of their customers, by using Search engine optimization. Bicycle For You website need to be in first result if customers search bicycle website. So, Bicycle For You need to spend money to be in first result. Many customers used to search website what they want to know on the fist result. Therefore, that is the best way to get customers for Bicycle For You. However, Bicycle For You might not be in first search result at Google website which result is random system. But, we can spend money to be in first result at Yahoo website, MSN website.

Supply chain Management is a management process which is used by companies to become their trading cost effective and efficient. When companies combine their supply management and logistics activities for their product's supply chain, managing for this integration is called supply chain management.

By using EDI (electronic data Interchange) Bicycle For You is able to make major improvements to the penetrate bicycle markets. Today, most of the supplier were using internet to make trading. Therefore, Bicycle for you can get many suppliers for reselling their bicycle or accessories of bicycle. Bicycle for you also show information about their products to their suppliers in a short time. By able to giving information to suppliers, who can get idea for how to persuade customers and how to make to get interest from customer on their products? So, the way can make a good relationship between Bicycle for You and suppliers. And we can also made faster documentation process with suppliers. Not only Bicycle For You can make faster documentation process but also save stationeries and printer consumable costs, documents storages costs and postages costs which have to cause between Bicycle For You and suppliers. By making faster documentation process both of Bicycle For You and suppliers can save time and able to made many processing within a short time. By availing, EDI Bicycle For You can increase a quality of trading relationship with suppliers. Suppliers also can make more accurate order with Bicycle For You with EDI.

Enhanced services for customers

By getting good relationship with supplier and getting closer, Bicycle For You can give more valuable services for customers. For instance, Bicycle For You can get customers responds from suppliers. Therefore, Bicycle For You can enhance immediately what customers need. For example, one of the customers of Bicycle For You bought one bicycle from one of suppliers. After that this customers did not satisfied about the tiers of this bicycle. Therefore, this customer might give respond to supplier who sold this bicycle to this customer. When this customer give respond to supplier, Bicycle For You can get respond form customer immediately because good relationship with supplier. So, Bicycle For You can make service rapidly for what customer want.

Bicycle For You ought to care about secrecy threats. The reason for why secrecy threats is one of the five main security threats for Bicycle For You Web site is, Bicycle For You has important data, such as documents of future plan, Customers credit number record, essential documents for company and so on. So, these data are sensitive data for Bicycle For You. Someone might hack this unauthorized information for whom benefit.

Integrity threats

Bicycle For You might face integrity violation, which can occur when Bicycle For You's e-mail message is intercepted and its contents are changed before it is forward to original destination. For example, one of supplier of Bicycle For You ordered bicycles 100 for reselling. And then, these amounts of bicycles are changed to 1,000 instead of 100. So, this integrity threats can cause impacts for Bicycle for You. Another instance, cost for one bicycle is $300. This cost was changed by someone who is man in the middle exploit, to $3,000 instead of $300. At this situation, no one won't buy. So, Bicycle For You might lose many customers and awareness of customers.

Necessity threats

Bicycle For You also might have necessity threats. Bicycle For You can have many impacts because of necessity threats. For example, bicycle lovers want to watch Bicycle For You website. However, they can't access Bicycle For You website because of delay, denial or denial-of-service (DOS). Therefore, bicycle lovers might not be customers of Bicycle For You because of necessity threats. They might be customers of other competitors.

Threats to Wireless Networks

Bicycle For You ought change their important passwords may be once per month and should protect. Otherwise, a wireless network might allow anyone within that range to log in and who can have recourses which are connected with network. Such resources might include data of Bicycle For You which are not permitted to know for Bicycle For You competitors. On the others hand, competitors can hack important data and information of Bicycle For You.

Bicycle For You can prevent secrecy threats by using encryption solutions. Encryption solutions can prevent data, information and resources which are not allowed to know for competitors, by coding. So, allow only people who know code numbers for Bicycle For You data, information and resources

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol

Bicycle For You can prevent necessity threats by using secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol.

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures able to prevent unnecessary threats from transaction of Bicycle For You.

Access Control and Authentication

Access control and Authentication are very useful for Bicycle For You. Access control and authentication control who and what has access to Bicycle For You website

An estimate is made of whether the user may be satisfied using that Bicycle For You website. The study will decide if the proposed system will be cost-effective from a business point of view and if it can be developed given existing budgetary constraints. A feasibility study should be cheap and quick. The result should inform the decision of whether to go ahead with a more detailed analysis.

System analysis (2nd stage)

In this stage, we have to think about what kind of products or what kind of service that we have to display on website and what types of function we will use for Bicycle For You's website.

SWOT analysis (3rd stage)

Before establishing website for Bicycle For You, we need to consider about SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats). By considering SWOT analysis, we can know what are strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of Bicycle For You website and able to prevent form weakness and threats.

Scope definition (4th stage)

In this stage, we have to decide about what facts should be display on Bicycle For You's website. For example, what types of payment that customer can pay if they buy bicycles and other accessories and what information these can dedicate our products. We also need to display facts for how to contact Bicycle For You and where stores and brunches were located and something like that.

Requirement Gathering and User communication (5th stage)

During this stage, Bicycle For You need to ask customer to define basic requirements, analyze the information gathered and use these information to define user types. To define user category, a set of fundamental questions must be addressed which question are What is the user's overall objective when using Bicycle For You website? How will the user arrive at this website? And what generic characteristics do the user like and dislike?

System design (6th stage)

In this stage, the overall system architecture is established. A system design is a description of the structure of the system to be implemented, the date which is the part of system, the interfaces between system components and the algorithm used. The design process involves adding formality and detail as the design is developed with constant backtracking to correct earlier design.

Data Base design (7th stage)

We need to consider about information epically for customers as data base design. For example, what types of bicycles which are produced by Bicycle For You for kids, for men and for women. And then, perfect information about these product and need to show what kind of benefit customers can get by using our products.

Interface design (8th stage)

During this stage, how to make to establish e-commerce website for Bicycle For You website and what are the main objects of this website. And we need to consider about is this website friendly with users.

Unit testing (9th stage)

During this stage, the system design is released as a set of program or program increments. Unit testing involves verifying that each increment meets its specification. Individual increments are tested to ensure that they operate correctly. Each increment is tested independently without other system increments.

Integration and system testing system (10th stage)

The individual increments are integrated to make up a complete web application. This process is concerned with finding errors that result from sub-system interface problems. It is also concerned with validating that the Web application meets its requirements and testing the emergent web application properties.