Airline Reservation System Functionality Computer Science Essay

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Mobile Computing today is been highly used and is also high in demand. For todays generation, mobile computing in their everyday lifes is a must have.

Mobile Computing is a type of software which is basically used in transportable devices. Notebook PCs, Tablet PCs, Laptops and Smartphones are some of the examples for the Mobile Computing Devices. These devices carry out the same functions that are carried out on a desktop no matter which network it is using. From LAN (Local Area Network) to WAN (Wide Area Network)

With a device that has software of Mobile Computing, every task like working on a windows work document, downloading electronic content, carry detailed price codes, can be done quickly.

Today, even Airline Reservations can be done via Mobile Computing devices. Apart from calling call centres, going all the way to the airport or visiting city flight ticket offices; this is a much better, faster and easier way.

How is it done? Most Airlines nowadays, are launching mobile apps. By this, all the users got to do is simply download the airline reservation app of their desire. Users may even have to register the mobile devices on the airline website before using the app.

These reservation apps work mostly with devices that support JAVA application or have 3G, WAP or GPRS connections. After launching this app, passengers or users only have to follow the instructions of booking or purchasing the flight ticket which is the exact same method done by a desktop.

Certain airline representatives have even commented that this new way of purchasing flight tickets has grown rapidly and has become a trend. People who are always on the go such as international travellers and business executives have found mobile computing airline reservation an easy and hassle free way of flying.


Creating such a way will also come with its advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the Advantages. Energy Savings is the main advantage of mobile computing.

Mobile computers only consume one-third of the energy than the energy required on desktops. This is a major advantage. Devices that run on mobile computing also, run on battery. This basically means that mobile computing is a huge saver of electricity and it does not need to be plugged in constantly to a power source as the battery of mobile device can go up six hours without a power source.

Plus, as an extra plus point, when caught up in a difficult situation, a battery can always be purchased if a battery source has run out. This advantage for doing any Airline Reservation as well. Basically, an airline reservation can be done anytime and there is no rush to it.

Another advantage to mobile computing is that of its portability. You can carry a mobile computing device anywhere and with you at all times. Such devices that use wireless internet, accessing to an internet source would not be much of a problem as places from restaurants, hotels to public libraries all have a Wireless Internet Connection (WIFI).

Another advantage is the need of a lesser space. Unlike huge devices and assembled devices like the desktop, mobile computing devices does not need much space at all. Besides that, USB ports are all built in these devices which makes it to plug-in anything into the device


Now for the Disadvantages. Mobile Computing devices can be pricey. For example the laptops. Although, the technology for laptops are carried on desktops and then to mobile devices, they are can cost more as user proclaim, mobile devices are high-end.

Besides that, Security is also an issue to the disadvantages. Portability or easy to carry around can also lead to a problem. By having such characteristics, mobile device they are easily stolen. The security of the characteristics of the device is not on the disadvantage, but there is also a disadvantage as mobile devices may not be secure always or the site itself can be a fake one. . A hacker may intercept and steal data or money.

Limited upgrade options for mobile computing. Although many components can be replaced on a mobile device, but having a proprietary hardware may not be replaced. This makes upgrades difficult to be installed. These upgrades are not only for the usage of the device but also the apps installed in the device itself. To make a certain reservation, detail on the app must and should be up to date. Failing to do so, it can lead to many problems to the users. Another negative factor is the accessibility of Internet unless you have a data from a local operator and that means the user is visible on a public shared network. This would make things easier for hackers to hack through. For example if you’re using bank services through your phone, a hacker in the nearby vicinity could be stealing your details without the user knowing.

Impact of the Technology

Mobile Computing gives a big impact to Airline Reservation System. The main idea of today’s mobile computing environment is to provide end users to access information from any place, any time and in any type of mobile device. For instance, the a person would want to travel overseas urgently, he need not go to the get a hardcopy ticket and everything will be decoded to the end user through their mobile devices. Another example, customers can also save time and money by mobile computing as everything can be done mobile. Customers will also not have the hassle to carry many documents as every detail can be retrieved from one device. Moreover, Mobile Computing sanctions customers to remain linked while they are traveling as they can opt for satellite based networking which would offer wireless connectivity around the world.

Similarities and Differences of the Technology

Similarities and Differences of Mobile Computing can be compared with Security. For the similarities of these two topics, both of them use computer integrated devices. Mobile Computing uses wireless device such as smartphones and tablets, whereas Enterprise Computing uses wired devices desktops as enterprise computing are based in an organisation. Both Mobile and Enterprise Computing holds the risk of security as hackers can hack through their system. For the differences, Mobile Computing can be used by anyone and any time but Enterprise Computing is mainly for business and office purpose. On the other hand, the hardware of these two computing carries different hardware for different purposes.

Recommendation or Proposals

Mobile Computing gives many benefits for customers but there is some recommendation which can be proposed is firstly the security. Firewall security should be improved in mobile devices as without firewall, mobile devices are hackers prone. Software systems for mobile computing must be implemented for a stronger system and a better and more stable OS. Next mobile devices should have an inbuilt GPS as if it is stolen it can be tracked down.