Advantages Of Microsoft Word Add Computer Science Essay

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New picture-editing tools in Microsoft Word may help us to apply some special pictures effects or items without other photo editing tools or software to help us in adjust picture with color saturation and the picture temperature controls. Furthermore, the new picture-editing tools in Microsoft Word also get new improved tools for help us more easily in cropping and pictures correction. Because of this new picture-editing tools a simple document become into a work of art.

Apply new formatting effects to your text such as shadow, bevel, glow and reflection

With the Microsoft Word, we can use any formatting effects in our text example shadow, bevel, glow and reflection. Moreover, we can also use the spell-check text that uses visual effects and add some special text effect to the paragraph styles. Nowadays, many of the same effects for images are now available the document text and shape to help us coordinate all the works.

Capture and insert screenshots directly into your document

Capture and insert screenshots directly into our document from the Microsoft Word efficient and easily incorporate all the visual illustrations into our document or work. When we use some types of tablet-enabled device like Tablet PC or Wacom Tablet, it may help us get more improved tools to format the ink as easily as u format a shape.

Better illustrate your ideas with diagrams by turning bullet-point lists into compelling SmartArt® graphics

Microsoft Word always supplies us more options to add some creative ideas and visual effect to our documents. In the Microsoft Word have dozens of additional SmartArt® graphics to let us choose to build an impressive diagram by using a bulleted list. Furthermore, use the SmartArt® graphics to transform a basic document, bullet-point text into compelling and interesting visuals that is a better way to explain our ideas.

Recover work you thought was lost, including unsaved versions of recently edited files

When you are doing yours document for awhile, did you accidentally close it before without any copy and saving? In this kind of problem, Microsoft Word can help us to recover the draft that you done as easily as opening a file although you didn't saved the document before.

Communicate with ease, no matter what language you speak with improved translation tools

Microsoft Word also helps us on work and communicates easy and efficient across different kind of language. We can use it to help us in translate a word, phrase or document by few clicks. Moreover, it also set a segregate language setting for the ScreenTips, Help Content, and Displays.

Post your Word documents online and access, view and edit from virtually anywhere with Office Web Apps on Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft Word can also help us post our Word document online and then access, view and edit from virtually anywhere with Office Web Apps on Windows Live SkyDrive. With the Microsoft Word we can take a lot of advantages from the best-in-class document experience through the multiple locations and devices. Besides of those advantages, the Microsoft Word Web App can also help us in edit a document by using a Web browser when we are away from school, house and office without any problem from the quality of view.

Easily access Save, Print and Share features with the new Backstage™ view. Customize the Ribbon to access your favorite commands more quickly

The Microsoft Word nowadays simplifies how they access the features. The new Backstage™ view replaced the old types of menu to let us save, print , share , and post our document by press few clicks.

Find information faster with the improved Find experience and improved Navigation Pane

Nowadays, we can search the information more efficient and easy that we need by using Microsoft Word. With the improved of find experience, we can search and view our results in a single pane and access any of individual result by press few clicks.

Work with others without having to wait your turn

Because of the Microsoft Word, peoples can cooperate on a document at the same time we can also creative work, edit a paper or share some idea with others. Furthermore, we can easily check the author of the document, the availability of others person and start a conversation without leaving the Microsoft Word.

The advantages of Microsoft Excel

Highlight data trends by creating data charts in a single cell with new Sparklines.

With the new Sparklines in the Microsoft Excel, we can use it to create data charts in a single cell to easily ascertain the patterns in our data. Moreover, the new Sparklines may help us more effcient search the important data trends like item increase or decrease. It's an easy way and saving our time when doing a data charts and search the important information of data.

Find the right data quickly using new filter enhancement in PivotTables® with Excel Slicers

Microsoft Excel supply us a new filter enhancement in PivotTables® with Excel Slicers。The Excel Slicers provides us a rich visualization of our PivotTable and PivotChart views so that we can know the dynamically segment and filter of the data to display more accurate what we need. Because of the new filter, we can save our time and get more time to analysis across the large data sets in our tables, PivotChart and PivotTable views.

Display data in a dynamic and interactive way with PivotChart

The Microsoft Excel efficiently gathers all the idea with the ability to shows different data directly in a PivotChart. The independent of PivotTable views, to analyze and capture the most compelling picture of your numbers.

Do things easier and faster

Nowadays, the Microsoft Excel use the new Microsoft Office Backstage™ view replaced the old styles File menu to let you save, share, print, and post your spreadsheets with press a few clicks. Furthermore, with the improved of Ribbon we may access our favourite commands and efficient custom the tabs or we can creative our own personalize the experience to the work styles.


Nowadays many hackers stole our information to do some crime cases. Because of these issues Microsoft Excel files can be password protected for extra security. We can create a password through the Visual Basic programming or directly set a password within the Microsoft Excel files.

Efficient life management and organization

Microsoft Excel may use in manage and organize different areas of our life. The spread sheets of Microsoft Excel can be edited and customized by us for different uses. Such as, we can create a spread sheets to count your daily spending and so on.

Widely used

All the Microsoft Office Program is widely used and relative. Because we can send a excel document to anyone and no need to worry about whether they can open the document without any problems.

Access spreadsheet from anywhere at anytime

Spreadsheets can access and post online from anywhere at any time. Moreover, it can also view and edit by using anyone computers or window phone with Microsoft Excel and we get a good class experience of spreadsheets through multiple locations and devices.

Publish and share through Excel services

SharePoint server and Microsoft Excel are relational. Their service integration lets all the users of Microsoft Excel can share what their analysis and result by posting the spreadsheets to the web.


Nowadays Microsoft Excel become one of the most widely spreadsheets programs because all the users of Microsoft Excel seldom found problem when using it to sending a document to customer and so on. Microsoft Excel usually used for all the business management at last time but now it also popular at college and universities.

As my conclusion and recommendation, we know that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are useful tools and bring a lot of advantages and applications that useful to us. For me, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can help me in saving my time and do my assignment tasks or work more easy and efficient. So that after I do a research information about Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel I know more understand the use and potential of it so I recommend all of us should good in use of those Microsoft. Furthermore, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel not only help in our studies now it may also help in our daily life and work so that I recommend all the us should always go through their website and continues learning more about of the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to meet our needs.