Advantages Of Implementing The Database Computer Science Essay

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Traditionally, Infotech College is using file based system to manage their operational data as in the leave application process for the staff. Unfortunately, the system that they had is not efficient because the current system faced with many problem.

The system is not efficient because the leave application process takes about 4 to 5 days to be approved by the college Director, counting from the day the staff fill up the application form. Besides that, the staff had their leave balance miscalculated. Other problem is the director has no control of the number of staff applied for leave on certain dates. Therefore, the use of database will make the leave application process become efficient.

Database is collection of organized information that can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. The database is usually stored in computer in many forms such as report, table, text, and graphics to represent information.

There are many advantages to implement the database environment in the company. The first advantage is data redundancy can be reduced. In the current file based system, data redundancy always happened especially for staff information in the college. For example, data redundancy happened when they are updating their address, phone number. With using database, the staff information can be easily accessed and updated without redundancy because they can search data of a staff in one single file and can update it without creating another file.

Second, the advantage is saving the time. The staff's current leave application process take 4 to 5 days to be approved by the college Director because the Director need to view many files from the staff's application form. It takes a lot of time for director to approve the application form which consist many of paperwork. When database implemented in the company, the duration of leave application process can be reduced which only take 1 or 2 days to be approved by the college Director. It is because the Director can access all of the staff's application form easily in a single file from his or her computer. He or she don't need to hardly find the application form on his or her table that maybe mixed with another paperwork file.

Third, the advantage of database use in the company, is database is more secure. When using current leave application, it can be compromised by the staff or anyone. The file of leave application can be stolen, destroyed or lost. Therefore, by using the database, only the authorized person can access the data. This feature can make the information of staff's leave applications cannot easily stolen, destroyed and lost. It also can be saved from unwanted accident such as fire. Besides that, the database is more secure because it can be password protected and only the authorized staff can access and update the data such as their information, address, phone number, day of leave and other data that is needed in the leave application. In this case, staff can only update their own personel leave application, while the Director can access all of their application form and approved them.

Fourth, the advantage of database is it can reduce information updating errors and increase the consistency of data. In the company, staff's leave balance was always miscalculated because it was calculated manually by management. By using the database, this problem can be solved perfectly. The database can automatically calculate the staff's leave balance without any error and there is no more miscalculation.

Fifth, database can reduce cost of company's expenses. By using manual file of leave application, company need to use many of papers for the application form to be filled by the staffs. Furthermore, when use paper, they also need the files to keep all the documents. All of that will affect the cost of the company's expenses. So, when used the database, there are no papers needed anymore for application form, same goes to the files to keep all the documents. Company just need to keep the application database in a computer.

Database Management System (DBMS) is a computer software program that is designed to manage all of the databases that are created. It can define, manipulate, retrieve the data in the database. Examples of DBMS is MySQL, Microsoft Access, dBASE, FileMaker, Oracle, SQL Server , RDBMS, Clipper and FoxPro.

In order for company to develop Leave Management System, MySQL is suitable DBMS to be used. MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL database management system which is developed, distributed and supported by Oracle Corporation.

MySQL is suitable DBMS because of its ultimate Scalability and Flexibility.