Acceptable Use Policies Purpose Computer Science Essay

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The School District is providing the facility and access to computer system, with local area network and Internet to its users like employees and students.

The provision of computer system and internet is with education purpose for students and also aims to facilitate the employees within campus to make their work performance efficient.

Access Rights and Privileges

All users including students and employees are obliged to follow the principles written in the District's principles, rules and regulations, governing conduct, disciplinary code and conduct, and the law of The District's equipment and network.

This access is not established for a public service or a public forum. School authority possesses all rights and privileges granted by the District, therefore there are no users' privacy rights.

The School District possesses the right to put particular restrictions on the use of computer system, computer resources and other internet material that are accessed by students and employees posted through the system.

Through the District private network all district employees and students will have access to the Internet.

Parents can particularly request for their children not to be allowed to access by informing the District in writing.

No user (students and Employee) will be issued any access to District-provided Internet e-mail.

Students can have right to access their external email service or personal e-mail account for the reason of legitimate instructional and school-based needs. This decision will be local and changes can be made according to needs.

No guest or external user except employee and students will allowed accessing District e-mail account. The access to e-mail or network accounts can be issued only by a District administrator.

Unacceptable Uses

No user will be allowed to use the District's private network for accessing obscene or profane content that directly or indirectly accounts illegal activity such as violence, discrimination and other hatred literature.

No user will allowed to post any personal information using District's Internet and these personal contact may include home address, personal telephone, school address, work address, personal pictures or video bites, clips, etc.

Users (student) will not be allowed to meet the person with whom they have interacted on Internet unless they are permitted by their parents.

No user will be allowed to attempt illegal act such unauthorized access to other computer using District's Internet such as illegal log in or hacking, or using other person's account without his or her permission. For these illegal actions no justification will be acceptable even if such access is made for browsing purpose or exploring other thing.

No use will intentionally harm the software or hardware system provided to them. This harmful act may include interference with another's ability to use equipment and systems, harming data or network performance.

No user will be allowed to use the District's private network for other illegal acts such as drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, involve in criminal activities and threatening others or using unauthorized copyrighted material like music, movies, and other intellectual property, etc.

No user will be allowed to use peer-to-peer file sharing applications or implement such programs that provides the access to copyrighted or unauthorized materials by downloading or exchanging.

No user will be allowed to use the District's private network for harming others by requesting information to District network.

No user will be allowed to post such information that may jeopardize the life of an individual or lead to personal harm or injury.

User will not use the District's private network for posting false and defamatory information related to a person or an organization.

User will not use the private network for accessing to information about gaining file copy or modified copy of files that belongs other person or other users.

User will not create any direct or indirect connection make backdoors to the information about District, community or other organization that aims to allow unauthorized access to network or other information.

User will not use non-standard language that includes obscenity, profanity, and vulgarity, inflammatory, threatening, and hateful message.

User may not use the District's private network for any type of personal attacks such as prejudicial or biased attacks

User may not use the District's private network for harassment or annoying other person.

User may not use the network for posting others private message without his or her permission

User may not forward or repost letters or may not engage in spamming like sending unimportant message to a large number of people or group

User may not install unauthorized or unlicensed software on private network by reproducing it.

User may not plagiarize the content or source found on the internet

User may not use the private technology for a private business and unnecessary personal activity.

User will not use the private network for political lobbying or other political interest

Students will not download files unless approved by their teacher.

System Security Obligations

Users are responsible for the use of Internet account access and will take precautions measure to support the safety and security to prevent others to get access to their account. For this purpose it is recommended to be careful about giving personal account information to anyone including friends, family members, class mates and coworkers.

User may be responsible to protect his or her account id and password and will not pass it to others at any case.

User may not attempt to use the District's private network to enter into other administrative network which is prohibited or unauthorized.

User in case of identified in any security issues regarding violation of law or rules and regulations may not be allowed access to the District's private network

User may not be engaged in any type of unintentional or intentional computer viruses spreading activity using District virus protection procedures when downloading software or exchanging files.

User will inform teacher or other authority if any security issue rises.

User in case of receiving any inappropriate message will immediately inform to their teacher or other appropriate school authority.


District will use filtering technology to prevent illegal access as required by law in the identification of the need to building a secured and appropriate computing environment for any type of objectionable or inappropriate material that can cause accessible using the Internet.

Due Process

The school District will provide all possible cooperation to local, state and federal governmental officials if any investigation is required to perform relating to any illegal activities conducted through the District's private network.

If a student is found with allegation of involving in violation of any of the District's Acceptable Uses rules, he will be issued a notice in black and white for the alleged violation and will be also provided with the opportunity to be heard according to the rules described in the Student Hearing Process Policy. In such case Disciplinary actions might also be taken.

If an employee is found with the allegation of violation of rule and laws described by AUP will be dealt with according to law, School Board Policy or collective bargaining agreement(s), as applicable


The Chief Information Officer possesses the authority and right to the development, publication, execution and implementation of the processes and techniques needed to protect the State School District's technology systems and services from all type unauthorized access, loss and abuse.

Principal of school is responsible for establishing a proper plan that ensures appropriate supervision of users both student and employees. He is also responsible for interpreting and implementing AUP policy at the local level.