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Web hosting is a must for someone who would like to make an entry to web world by hosting website. People are selecting to host their website to fulfill their personal, professional or organizational needs. Shared web hosting not only help them to make their web presence apart from cost effective solution of hosting but offering excellent service.

Curious to know about Shared web hosting, several websites are reside and hosted inside a single physical server. Each site is distinct and separate from each other and they have their own partition or disk space. Shared web hosting is economical as it is working on the principles of sharing resources.

User and system administration feature has to be strong in shared hosting. Many users are created by it therefore strong administrative control is required in this type of hosting.

Shared hosting is useful for small business to midsize organization and individual hosting as dedicated hosting servers are costly. Mission critical application and application with a mass base are deployed in high end dedicated server hosting.

Different types of control panel featured with Shared web hosting. They are cPanel, Plesk, InterWorx, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere and many more. The most popular among them is cPanel. Most of the Web hosting companies are using these control panel and Large players are also using Self Branded custom control panel. Moreover these control panels are copy right protected. These control panel are used to create hosting account. Control panels are adding new features regularly and creation and control of hosting account has made easy.

In shared hosting providers are generally taken care of Servers and application installed inside the servers and application patches, security and they are providing telephone, email and ticket based support for any issue related with their hosting.

Hosting service providers are offering shared hosing with windows and linux \ Unix platform. Linux hosting found to economical and featured with security and lots of open source software tools. Linux, apache, mysql, php based (LAMP) linux shared hosting are of high demand in hosting market. Cost of the linux based hosting are less because they are using open source software and applications. Microsoft Windows also have similar features and Asp.net, SQL Server, IIS, ColdFusion, Access are widely used there.

Almost all the hosting companies are offering Shared hosting. Numerous web hosting companies are located in USA. The business is growing rapidly with millions of customers. Their business growth are largely depend on online marketing, affiliate programs and pay per click.

Name based and Ip based process are used in Shared web hosting, control panels are featured with a mix of name based and ip based process.

Name based hosting is virtual hosting and commonly known as shared ip hosting. A single machine with a single ip address serving as multiple hostnames for the virtual hosts. Te main advantage of name based virtual host is it reduces the demand for ip addresses. The principle of name based ip hosting is when a Internet browser request a particular request from a web server through HTTP which includes hostname. Consequently the sever responded to find out the particular web site it requested.

IP Based virtual hosting is known as Dedicated IP hosting and different IP address are allocated for different virtual host. Business and corporate having high end application like banking, stock xtrading are using IP based virtual hosting and they are using their own SSL certificate for authentication and security purpose. The application software uses the IP address to determine the web site requested.

Web hosting Company decides the total number of account created on one server. Quality of service and market demand as well as cost factor determine account creation policy on a particular server.

The main advantage of Shared hosting is cost factor. Shared hosting is economical because its sharing the resource of a server. The cost of operation and maintenance is shared between the number of accounts, which brings down the cost a lot. The cost of dedicated server starting from $200 a month whereas a class one web hosting company offering shared web hosting at $10 a month. These companies also offering round the clock technical support for any issues related with hosting and people with little IT knowledge can set up and manage their website and web hosting account.

Performance of a shared hosting server depending on total number of host or account created inside a particular server as some account draws high traffic or uses application which required highly resources from the server then the overall performance of the server will be affected consequently. And any hacking activities, Virus or DOS attack on a particular site affects the performance of the server. Success of shared hosting depends on how a server handling loads on different hosting accounts.

Shared hosting has opened a new avenue in the field of web hosting world as people are organization found a cost effective way to materialize their initiative.