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Website evaluation is where specialist works from beginning to end a website evaluating the usability, content, interactivity and design and also looking for known barriers. As Tierney (2000) said website of evaluation value is required for the reason that, the important unit as well as protection price. In evaluation also includes ranking the website and seeking for recognized best exercise and principles. Usability, design, content and interactivity evaluations are accustomed to increase the demand of the website and to get better the website by removing all of the difficulty that stop people to using the website. When the commercial Internet application was launched, most of the researchers get to know the potential of the World Wide Web into the tourism industry and business. The mode of improvement of information technology in the Internet has considerably changed in the tourism industry. And it is acknowledged that the internet play vital role in tourism. Burger (1997), Ho and Lee (2007), Douglas and Mills (2004).

Morrison, Taylor and Douglas (2004) forecasted that scaling will be play vital role in upcoming study in this area. A scaling bonded with user observation with website presentation to assist possessor recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their individual websites and in contrast with those of their challenger and the finest realistic examples in the tourism business. Competition of benchmarking and evaluation is the most effective way of finding out, as using our processes we assess every aspect of your site and theirs. If it's easier, faster, less concerning and more smooth to use a competitor then we need to know how we can improve our site to beat them. Five dimensions of website are design and usability, value added, relationships, information and process and trust. Morrison, Taylor and Douglas (2004)


Internet tourism is the largest and longest developing business in the all over the country. Internet tourism is also exercise for information telecommunication technology in the tourism business. Internet tourism is assist to giving general idea of previous tourism investigation that belongs to sensible approaches to website evaluation and also supply the up to date information. Merely the practical work which investigated website evaluation process are decide on, and previous studies that are associated to original website assessment achievement factors are examined. Murphy, Forrest, Wotring, and Brymer (1996). Murphy et al., 1996 J. Murphy, E.J. Forrest, C.E. Wotring and R.A. Brymer, Hotel management and marketing on the Internet, Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly 37 (3) (1996), pp. 70-82. Full Text via CrossRef | View Record in Scopus Cited By in Scopus (30) The study hold for the first time of evaluate tourism website is attempted in an early period of web development. In website evaluation, we create equivalent information from which most excellent exercise can be recognized. In addition, make a one set of key performance indicators to observe and make possible the development of functioning performance. To produce set of indicators to be used as the foundation for business objective then develop new trend and recognize latest trends and influencing national, local and perhaps universal factors. Academic researchers know the significance of judging the website usefulness. Lu and Yeung (1998) Lu and Yeung, 1998 M. Lu and W.L. Yeung, A framework for effective commercial web application development, Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy 8 (2) (1998), pp. 166-173. Full Text via CrossRef | View Record in Scopus Cited By in Scopus (23 who were brilliant in the evaluating website so they proposed a sample for evaluating website performance, in which the value of a website is approximate based on its usability and functionality. Murphy, Forrest, Wotring and Brymer (1996), Lu and Yeung (1998)

Use of the Internet for interactive information provision and especially for distribution/sales of bookable tourism products - in order to illustrate ways ahead for tourism businesses and organisations .A lot of local authority and destination management organisation tourism facilities are growing websites as one of their most important equipment for conversation with potential users .Buhalis, Law, Qi (2009)

Among the constantly development of the internet and in exact, the World Wide Web, opening an innovative advertising potential for traveller region. A few consultants assuming that twenty percentage shopping will be passed electronically by the year 2000. Rayman-Bacchus, Molina (2001)

From the year 2000 we know the really conversional result of the communication technology. They have particular space for the expansion of a various choice of new services and tools. The Internet as a conversation mode is increasing in rapid way. The Internet supplies basically dissimilar financial surroundings for doing business, its key distinguish as fast communication of information, easy to get too internationally, and at insignificant price. For examples of these new mode of challenging contain providing the product away (e.g. Netscape), the online sale for air tickets (e.g. Travel Bids).The Internet-base company is try to determining the condition of tourism facilities; an business that possibly financial records for the largest area of the services segment. Now the latest online administrations contain tour operators, car hire firms, national tourist offices, usual travel agents, airlines, hotels. Therefore the usual supplier and other operator are exclusive to the Internet. The goal here is to recognize and assess the method that these book type of big business administration - Internet business - is sharing to the development of the spirited e-commerce background of the tourism sector. For internet tourism elements of the website should be appropriate and elements are design, content, interactivity and usability. Rayman-Bacchus, Molina (2001).

2.1] DESIGN:

Design is very important because it gives idea about the website. It plays major role in the website. Website must be attractive and colourful and offer a good collection of destination picture. Now a day's many people are rely on web to get information to do research and business. Management and organisation may use the opportunities to ask the questions about font, size and colour. Qualities of audio and video components must be good. User has to feel easy when he/she is using the website. Website should give positive impression. Mills ,Law(2004).

Website is not properly organised then, user will check the website and perhaps user will never visit again. As per online investigation private and tourism companies has eleven seconds to get the attention of users otherwise they will fed up and check the other websites.

If we are studying about design, it's depending on individual perception furthermore everybody has their personal view regarding to design what user wants to see in design. But also website has fundamental rules which must be stick to while designing the website. They pay to some private organisation to supply the innovative key that is more basic to the visitor practice. Organisation is capable to understand as well as change your thought and assist to recognise into an attractive, sophisticated design idea that will able to help make new connection and support to your website at upper most level and also maintain the website brand. Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


Excellent usability feature support the user and allow them to accomplish their goal quickly. Website should be well organised and well managed. Usability is also related to pages download speed, spelling error and availability of different language. Every page should be easily navigated. This is important so as to how quickly the user be able to learn to utilize the website and how memorable it is. Poor usability shows the website complex and user cannot perform their task efficiently. . Mills ,Law (2004).

Now a day's people are aware that what is the use of internet so, that user would like to prefer online booking. So usability play vital role in website evaluation. But sometimes user has to face some problem while using site. We the researcher studied that many websites are not successful the most important essential usability standard. There are lots of fundamental things to do that may be passed out to construct your website well-matched with screen user and raise your goal about visitor from tagging graphical substance to the right exercise of tables and style sheet.Among the growing utilization of moveable devices to use the website, you ought to know or some idea should be ready in your mind that website is to be constructed can easily accessible on latest devices. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


Content means what the website is offer in term of product, material and everything mix up the pages of website. Content should be relevant to destination. Content requirement need to considerate before the creation is done. Information is must be accurate, understandable, up to date and approachable. Good content make the customer stay within the website and make become loyal to website. Information should be relevant and updated to encourage visitors and users to repeat the visit. The content of the website is very important and how you represent the website is chance to put on the market. You must be aware that website includes detail information so user can try to create positive perception towards website. . Mills, Law (2004).

The documentary content should explain your journey stuff must be brief and effective. Content like podcast, image and video have to be integrated to demonstrate the passage furthermore users must be getting close to website. Be ensuring that website has journal FAQs, map, and guide that will help to build user confidence and continue searching on the website. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


Website should have good e-complaint procedure. The ability of customer to interact with website that is the reason why the website should be active and allow participation .Website has to good effective search option. Interactivity means interaction between the host computer and user therefore communication is vital and answer to visitor email should be quick and provide professional information. Interactivity is the relation between users and website increasing users practice as well as plays an important role to connection with visitors. And also help to maintain your brand and visitors at certain level. . Mills ,Law(2004).

According to this you should be guaranteed that user practice on the website has to be pleasant and they must be visit to website after some duration. There are ranges of tricks so that you will give the vibrant practice to the users. Integrate response of device facilitate to users also be part of the site .information sheet will be encourage to the website along with email aware is easy although good technique to increase the faithfulness of the visitors on the site. And a visitors record which may be utilize for e-marketing. Additional multifaceted characteristics like, customer review and message board will assist to produce exciting society courage about your website also make to do them again visit. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


The Research method is creating and illustrative a subject, re-examine the literature, deciding a policy, gathering information as well as writing up.

Research objectives:

To recognise organisation goal and suitable effectiveness for team briefing schemes.

Explain the extent to which helpfulness requirement used for team meeting has gathered. Assess that some of those factor are more influential than other factor.

A description of the process exercised to gather the information .These may include understanding, analysing, describing and understanding. Another feature of management research focused by the debate is the belief that it should be able to develop ideas. Management research helps to engage with both the world of practice and world of theory. Management research helps to provide finding understanding and extra knowledge. There are two research methods. Research project is based on basic and applied continuum. Generally tourism website valuation examine on determining website information and process, connection, usability feature ,design and faith .Hashim et al,(2007).THashim et al., 2007 N.H. Hashim, J. Murphy and R. Law, A review of hospitality website design frameworks. In: P. O'Connor, W. Hopken and U. Gretzel, Editors, Information and communication technologies in tourism 2007, Springer-Wien, New York (2007), pp. 219-229.he purpose of basic research is that spread the information of procedure of organization and business. And outcome in universal ethics are connecting to the procedure. The purpose of applied research is clear understanding of particular business .and new knowledge limited to barrier. Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill (2000). ,Law,Qi,Buhalis(2009)

Qualitative research and Quantative research:

Qualitative research promote to primary information collection. Point of importance will come out as the research development and this will able to guide to discover in the management. Qualitative data based on meaning explain through words. Analysis conducted with the help of conceptualisation. Collection data is not in standardised format, so requiring classification into categories. Analytical strategies and process which start with theoretical propositions which can be experienced in opposition to the information gathered. Qualitative data are affiliated with concept characterised by fullness and richness foundation on our occasion to discover a theme in an actual way is likely. (Robson, 1993). Qualitative data has allegation used for its gathering as well as its examination. Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill (2000).

Quantitative research based research, personal contact, face-to-face interview, questionnaire .means we will able to practice a greater level of control. Analysis will be done with the help of diagrams and statistics. Quantitative data is in standardised plus statistical figures. Meaning of quantitative data is extracted from numbers. When we are doing the quantitative research always make sure that selecting the mainly suitable diagrams, tables along with statistics to discover, describe with present our data .Quantitative data used each and every data and be able to produce for every research strategy. It may be collection from simple numbers to difficult numbers such as test score. These collections are from produced easy diagrams and tables which illustrate the rate of recurrence during creating numerical connection between flexible numbers to difficult numerical representation. Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill (2000).

The researchers will use together primary and secondary data collection to complete the present assignment.

So we are going to use quantitative research. In quantitative research we the researcher going to make questions on website relevant to content ,usability, interactivity and design .We will going to make 5 questions on each . These questions we are going to send 30 people, then after getting their feedback we will analyze and write it. We also are going to make some graphs to get the clear idea about website. Primary data is completely based on questionnaire and surveys. And secondary data is based on books, internet, magazines, article, and journal. Secondary data contain together quantitative plus qualitative data be able to used in detail study(research). We will use books and article to get the information about website.


We the researchers are going to analyse on feedback of questionnaire. We sent the questionnaire to the thirty people about the website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in). From those four people are from under 20 age, fourteen people from between the age of 21 to 26,ten people are from between the age of 27 to 32,then two people from above 32 age. Each and every people have different opinion about Design, Content, Interactivity and usability. Then 18 people said website doesn't attract them and 12 people said website attract them. Every person has its own perception, so according to that they passed the comment and answered to our questions.


From the above chart we get to know what people thinks about website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in). The design of the website is quite good because ten people are disagree with the idea then most of the people is agree with first impression but in colour ten people said strongly agree and many people said strongly disagree so colour is in the middle. Maximum people said information is readable and ten people strongly agree with the website.

In overall homepage looks like messed up and inactive. There are a range of segments might given additional important plus integrating a number of slight moving picture would assist to carry it near to the life. There are too many shade used in the website which have the result is go down the image .If the delicate use of shade or colour can create the website attractive and make the pictures eye pleasant. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


The content of the website is not so good. Very less users could understand that what website is trying to say. In the other hand ten users strongly agree with the website gives proper idea and same users disagree with the proper idea about the destination. There is only two language option and other language has some problem. Then most of the users said website is accurate and up to date. Same number of users said that they are agree and disagree with the content is relevant to website.

Content of the website is fulfilled with the range of picture, explanation of vacation but it is puzzling sometimes. And also users were not confident about content. Video should be start automatically when the user operating the website. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)


In the interactivity side mostly people are agree with the video section. And opposite to this most of the people are disagree with the interaction of the website. Same number of users is agreed and disagrees with Communication, links and windows of the site. Ten users are strongly agreed for the comments.

Even though the site contains the essential comment device so we can make the website extra interactive and vibrant. Website doesn't provided online booking, advertises, other activity and didn't reply to any questions. The booklet of the website is also not appreciated by users. So users might be unhappy with the interactivity. Comments or reviews would give positive or negative impression on the users. We survey the questionnaire so according to research interactivity is really bad. Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)



The usability of the website is not well organised .Many users are strongly disagreeing with the organisation of the website. Eight users are disagreeing with the different segments like business, health, visitors, sports etc. Sixteen users are disagreeing and strongly disagree with the error. Some pages have error also take so much time to open the pages .Pages are so complicated and not easy to understand.

A number of attach component exercise the similar link to consign the variety of sources. Some examples of forefront and surroundings colours are not complementary to each other.


The website has some good points and some bad points. Tourism website evaluation is a recently appear as a part of study, error problems are required prior to general conclusion able to be drawn. Though each and every one, tourism websites are principally made for clients and business specialist, as well as visitors require being busy within the real evaluation process. An investigation for the business way out unsuccessful to the mainly influential challenger rising within the Internet based tourism service. We got know through our research, they appear like just beginning sites. Chance intended for separations emerge to giving rich information along with interactivity. Get back to the website on the first pages doesn't provide any characteristic like a sponsored link. Even when we tried to search something on homepage, they didn't show any result. The person who doesn't belong to this destination then, user couldn't find what he wants. The website is designed and presented but the home page straightway said that what is destination about. In the website everything is normal, no any surprise for users. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)

There is good quality of images along with plenty helpful result and destination data. Though, for a few users the website may emerge too mixed-up. Throughout the website is simple with mark posted links to characteristics and function. But there are some helpful links to exterior websites. Even as the website has plenty of destination information, but there is only one option for interactivity. Users also faced with online booking and holiday status.(Oxford House College notes 25th April 2010)

On the other hand, the website might propose extra interactivity, probably by presenting the most recent news, product or online chat with the users. Web host should provide online booking form rather than printed form. Also up to date proposes or any kind of packages must be posted on the home page of the website. They also arrange so many telephone lines for the users. Website has to promote online questions so lots of users will be excited about the destination. Website should be call to users to solve there problems. Design should be made that is gives proper idea about destination. Then it must give positive impression on the users. Colour ought to used adequate; font has proper size so user can easily read the website. In the content of the website information should be enough and understandable. Site has to provide information in different languages and that information must be up to date and accurate. The content of the website is relevant to the destination. In the case of interactivity video must be clearly show that what is about Maharashtra and the quality of video has to be excellent. Website ought to facilitate communication; comments .Interactivity should be offer windows and links to relevant website. Usability must be providing different segmentation for the users so they can search their personal needs. Usability must be aware of error .And we the researcher thinks website modified with the pages load quickly and seen clearly and well organised so users can satisfied with the website. . Website evaluation Report-Ellion & euinus (2007)

Words count-3493

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Please select your age category.

1] Under 20 2] Age 21 - 26 3] Age 27 - 32 4] Above 32

Does website attract you?

1] Yes 2] No.

Evaluation of DESIGN

1} It gives a clear idea about Maharashtra.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

2} Website gives positive impression.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

3} The colours used in the website are adequate.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

4} Information is readable.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

5} All words in appropriate font size.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

From your point of view what are the strengths and weaknesses of the website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in) regarding its design?

Evaluation of CONTENT

1} The information is understandable and enough..

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

2} Information gives proper idea about Maharashtra.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

3} Information is available in different language.

1 ]Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5]Don't know

4} The information is accurate and up to date.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

5} The content is relevant to the destination..

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

From your point of view what are the strengths and weaknesses of the website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in) related to content?


1} videos regarding Maharashtra can be seen online and video gives clear idea about Maharashtra.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

2} Users can communicate with other cities within the Maharashtra.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5]Don't know

3} Comments can be added and ask questions to webhost.

1]Strongly agree 2] Agree 3]Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

4} The website contains links and windows to relevant websites.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

5} Users can interact with webhosts. 1] strongly agree 2]Agree 3] Strongly Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

From your point of view what are the strengths and weaknesses of the website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in) related to interactivity?

Evaluation of USABILITY

1} Different segments (Business,Visitors,Health) of travels are mentioned in the website.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

2} Website information is well organised.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

3} Some pages have error.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

4} Information can be found easy and user is satisfied with the website.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

5} Pages load quickly and seen clearly.

1] Strongly agree 2] Agree 3] Disagree 4] Disagree 5] Don't know

From your point of view what are the strengths and weaknesses of the website (www.maharashtratourism.gov.in) related to usability?

Question- from 1(*) to 5 (*) how would you rate the overall presentation of the website?

Question- Does the website attract you to visit Maharashtra?

Please leave any comments if you have anything to add.