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This small school has 8 desktop computer networks with internet connection, two interactive whiteboard for classroom, network laser printer and "off-the-shelf" database for school administration. These schools accept the age range of 5 to 11 years. At these school has the internet connection for the student and teaching staff. For student access the internet for research purpose and leaning materials. This school has a laser printer and if the students have the assignment print out to this. Internet connection is research for the assignment. For teaching staff, keep the student attendance and the mark for tests, exam and assignments. Access the internet connection for teaching materials and the use for the interactive whiteboards.

That primary school has no expertise and the organization has not technical person. That is need to borrow the organization outside the person and reliant on that organization.

I have an idea and this idea is so easy to collect the student record. To save the student attendance record, the student assignment's marks the student's written marks and also easy to find the student record. This project is need the working period is six month. This six month the project organization need to install and working. This project is little more spend because that primary school hasn't technical person and to borrow the outside the organization.

In the project have a two technical. There is SSADM and UML. I write that software SSADM. SSADM is easy to explain and the user easy to understand. The managing team and the user easy to understand and the user what the option need to use and what is need. The managing team easy to understand. That why no spend too many time and cost.

Current system

Current system is running the off-the -shelf software. Off-the-shelf software is not security for the student record. Student record is the important for the school so we need to product that information. Example. Student's exam mark, student's assignment. In now off-the -shelf software is not protect that record. In that current system have so many requirement and risk. So we need to make the new student management program.

New system

So the school needs to use the student management software to manage student cases more exactly and faster. In new system, the teachers will record the students' data in the database and do the process of attendance, exams, and assignments with the new student management program. In student management program have a security and reduce the risk. New student management program have a password and that password have not the same the head ministry and office staff. Head ministry knows the all of the password and they are easily to change.

Requirement of current system

They use the off-the-shelf software that are easy to use and the but not have a security. The requirements of the current system are-

To manage all school information in one integrated, real-time database:

Supports admissions, enrollment and scheduling processes

Performs billing and tuition management

create-a-report capabilities

Includes extensive security and password protection for granting rights to information

security in accessing the teachers computer to submit assignments

using the internet router have a password and permitted hours

The student management software is also required to manage the student's attendance, exam, coursework and assignment.

And also use the database system and database of the attendance, exam marks, coursework, school fees, student record and result

That system need to the student registration, updating ,adding and deletion of the student information.

Creating the student record report monthly and security for the student record.

Backup the system monthly and daily automatically.

Searching the student information easily for the various types.

Benefits of the proposed system

Easy to fill record

Easy to update the student record

Easy to delete the record

Easy to fill the exam mark and assignment mark

Save the time

Easy to entry

Have backup when the software has an error easy to clear and not again type the school information and save many times.

Automatic Update

Current system disadvantage

Current system have disadvantage. The "off-the-shelf" software has a little problem. That software is difficult to find the student record and the staff record. That software is not safe the security and that software have no complete function. That why other outside people should be hark that primary school information. That software is too many waste of time for the work.


That small school needs to adjust with the software house. Those software houses have a rule and regulation. Small school need to give the information correctly and fully. Small School needs to pay the deposit for write the software. And also sign for the agreement paper for the deposit and what time finish and cost.

Risks of the proposed system

The requirements of the new system are

The staffs may not be easily to use the new system systematically

Insert of the student data storage and backup are regularly.

The staff may not be use easily because the staff is not computer expertise so the staff may not easy to insert, update, delete of the student information and related data information Example. Searching report.

The students can access the web sites that are not concerned with the school assignment and lessons.

Development specification

Those small school systems have a development specification and hardware requirement and cost. Development Specification has programming language, Database Management System. We explain the below the detail and our recommendations.

Programming language

Programming language has so many. They are C#, C++, java and Visual Basic. There are two programming language appropriate for the project; java and Visual Basic. Java is open source software and VB is licensed software.


We like to choose VB because it is easy to use and develop so it is quite suitable for this project which got short time to develop. Easily to make the design.

Database Management System

The DBMS suitable for the project are Microsoft access, Oracle, MYSQL and SQL server. Microsoft access and SQL server are licensed software. Microsoft Access is user friendly and SQL Server is suitable for complex and large project. Oracle and MYSQL are open source software.


We like to choose Access because it is easier to use than SQL Server and it is based on the Microsoft interface so it is familiar with the user.SQL Server is choose the OS(Operation System) and the Microsoft Access is accept the all of the OS(Operation System).

Antivirus software

The antivirus software is needed if we use the Internet, a lot of virus can be defect to the school computers and also the students' portable storage devices can carry virus and trogen horse, time bomb, spyware and malware. There is much antivirus software available. They are AVG, Norton, Kasper Sky and Avira. Kasper Sky is license antivirus software. AVG, Norton and Avira are license free antivirus software.


We choose the Kasper Sky because that software is really knows the antivirus. Less of the data and key is more security. Kasper Sky key is connect to the internet and that company give the key.

Internet Browser

There are many browsers that are available. They are Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera and so on. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are free software and easy to use. All of the software is own of the function. Internet Brower is as you like to choose.

Search Engine

The search Engines available for the proposed system are Google Search Engine, Yahoo Search Engine. Google Search Engine and Yahoo Search Engine are well-



We like to choose the Google Search Engine. Because Google Search Engine is easy to find the search box and clear. People can use easily to the find the information.

Document Reader Software

The document readers available in market are adobe acrobat reader and Microsoft word 2003 or 2007. Both are licensed software and each have their advantages and disadvantages.

At beginning we start to draw the project plan, calculate the various cost.

Project plan

We also take that software duration for 189 days and the plan is the show below.





Requirement Analysis and specification

10 days



50 days



36 days


Code and Unit Test

51 days


Integration Test

20 days


System and acceptance Test

22 days

Total Duration

= 189 days


That project has many costs. Those costs are human resource, software cost and the hardware cost. The human resource cost is at lease 295000.The detail costs is following


Rate per hr Kyats

Total hr used. Hours













Database Administrator










Total Cost


The software cost is at lease 375000.The detail costs is following





Software Development Cost



Training Cost



Installation Fees


Total Cost


The hardware cost is at lease 328500.The detail cost is following



Unit Price


Total Price


P4 Casing ( Normal Light )















15" digital control colour monitor






Processor: 4 CPU: Intel Pentium 3.00 GHz










80 GB HDD ( SATA )





UPS 600 VA ( SVC )









Total Cost with Kyats


The total cost is at least 998500.The detail is following



Hardware Cost

328500 kyats

Human recourse

295000 kyats

Software Cost

375000 kyats

Total Cost

998500 kyats

I recommended the new project because the new project is the save the time and they have the security.

If the data lost easy to find the database because the there have an automatic back-up.






Requirement Analysis and specification












Code and Unit Test




Integration test




System and acceptance test



Explanation Test

Requirement Analysis and specification

This stage collects the small school system specification and requirement analysis. This fact collects the form the school office staff and operation staff. This also contains the customer. The customer and the project manager discuses the need of the small school system information. The Project manager discusses the customer cost, time and benefit. When the customer accept the time and the cost the project manager plan that small school system.


This stage makes the new system and old system. The analysts use what technologies is suitable for that small school system and the analysts think top down approach or button up approach. Example, DFD (Data Flow Diagram, Use Case, ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram))

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram produce diagrams from the point of view of data, rather than the process and it is a graphic representation of ideas. Example, how the student registration stage will be processed and how student registration stage will be related with login stage.

It can be know by users. In this stage, we have to produce the data flow process for the propose system.

Flow Chart

Flow chart is the diagrammatic technique and consists of a small set of recognizable symbols. Program running process including the error checking will be drawn on flow chart. Therefore, we can produce the virtual program and can make the actual program more complete able. The flow chart is the first step of to create the program. Example, student registration data are well-matched with the system or not. We will be correct the error if data is not well-matched.

Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity relationship diagram show the relationship of entities and how they related to each others. So we need to manage or produce entities and their models for the new system. Entity relationship diagram is to normalize to create a model of the necessary data structure for the proposed system. Example, one student may have many teaching staffs and one teaching staff may have many students.


Normalization is a method providing a trouble-free, steady relation as a basis for database design. Normalization has many phases reducing the repetition, unnecessary of data and renews irregularity. Normalization is the bottom up technique and non lost decomposition. When start the normalization, it have a seven stages. They are Gather data, First normal Form, Second Normalization, Third Normal Form, Optimization and Data Model. All of the data models are combine the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) is occour.ERD and Normalization is equal. But ERD and normalization are not equal the normalization is fault.

Entity Life History

Entity life history creates with the making of the entity and documents the sequence of modify until it is deleted from the system. An event triggers off a process and it is the events, which need to be identified during the building of the entity lift history. The event can be divided into sub-event both of which can have an effect on one or more entity. All processes can be change, insert or read. So I have to extract the event from the propose system to create entity life history.

And also think what methods will be use Example. SSADM or UML. The analysts and the project manager discuss which programmer is suitable for that system.


When the finished the analysis stage the analysis discuss the designer and draw the system. The designer draws the interface design by using the visual basic languages. When draw the design the designer discuses the analysis and the project manager. Designer draw the design and the pass the code the unit tests.

File Design

File Design is communicate with the normalization. File design display the data type and the data detail. We need to contain the below the information. They are

Purpose of the file- according to the application, considering of Internet or offline

Availability of hard ware-file organization which is suitable for the proposed system

Method of access-how the file will be accessed? Type of access required for the new system

File activity- how often is the file likely to be accessed? The frequency of the file which will be accessed needs to be considered.

File volatility-how often will the records will be deleted or updated from the file?

File size- the size of the file, is it large or small

Output requirement-in which way is the output produced, in what form will the output want to show.

File requirement-number of transaction for the file

Sorting of file-if the file is too large, the system is sorting the file

Cost-cost depend on the file organization and response time required for the new system.

When designing the file.

Interface Design

The Interface Design will be include menu design and screen design. And each design will describe detail for system.

Code and Unit Test

After finished the design stage the programmer implement the small school system and test the system. That system contains the many programmers and one by one to make the program. Finally, the system analysis combines the all of the program and checks the error free and then ensures that the function correctly as the new system required.

Integration Test

After finished implement stage the tester tests the various testing. The tester tests the all the functions are correctly or they are error free. Until the satisfactory result is gained the tester is corrected and tested again error in that system.

System and Acceptance Test

This stage is started when finished the integration test stage. That stage is final stage for the system and all of the system need to test this stage. The tester test the all of the system and discuses the customer and explain the overall testing. Sometime involved the customer and analyst together test. The customer is pleasure that system the system is finished.

These small school systems need a many equipments. Software, hardware and also need off-the-shelf software. They have an eight desktop computer with internet connection and laser printer. We need to buy off-the-shelf software. Current software is out of date and we need to use the latest version. We also need to buy the one desktop computer and also need to the internet connection. We need to buy the other equipment because the network is rebuilt the new and we make the library area is the wireless area. The checklist contains qualification, the guarantee and the services, etc. The checklist of hardware equipment, software and the need of qualification.


Hardware Equipment

Need of quality


Desktop computer

Available of Intel Dual Core Processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, and 320GB SATA HDD, warranty is one year.



- Available in standard and Enterprise editions.

- Provide industry- Leading performance and end to end network integration at an exceptionally approachable

- Enterprise editions software enables these switches to deliver unmatched network configuration suitable and stability through embedded.

- Delivery comprehensive management and security, bandwidth optimization, networked multimedia, and virtual LAN (VLAN) support.

That equipment is warranty 1 year and saves to share the network.



- Cables need on our sites, gives us the part numbers and comfortable prices and come with a lifetime and advanced replacement warranty, compatibility is 100% guaranteed.



Provides an easy solution for placing a printer on your system.

Available to move another place and easy to connect the main computer. You will more save the time and save.

All of the printers are six month and six month above.


Operating System

You should choose the easy to use and understand of the operation software. We think Microsoft operation is easy to use and understand. Microsoft software have many type (WindowXP,Window7,Window Vista. etc)


Programming Language

We need the programming language. Programming language have many type .They are VB.net, java, C#, C++, etc. That software are open source that why we don't need to care software cost.



We also need to the database software. They also have a many type. They are Microsoft access, SQL (Structure Query Language).That are contain the operation system that why we don't care the cost.

All of the equipments are grantee six month and more than 1 years. So, we don't need to care the grantees and also they are save money and reliable all of the other equipment. I recommend all of the software and hardware really need that small system. Hardware equipment equally of that quality you must buy .Software equipment is I more provide for window7 (operation System), java (programming Language), Microsoft Access (Database)

I describe used the stakeholders in the project that is senior project, supplier etc. we will think so many people need. When we draw the program, the technical person will need.

When will need report that point in the project? Why we need to show the report.

When will need report for review purpose, need analysis.

So, I identify the following centre point:

The stakeholder is Steering Committee, Project Manager, System Analysis, Designer, Programmers, Business Manager, Outside tester, Trainer and Network Engineer.

As the school system is small system, so the designer and quality assurance Manager is no need. But I need one Project Manager, one System Analyst, Designer, three Programmers and outside network engineer group.

This small school system includes many people in that project. Because that system have no in house expertise so that system need the normal people. Normal people mean no need to borrow the outside organization. We borrow the steering Committee, Project Manager, Senior Manager, System Analysis, Programmer, and Training Staff Network Engineer. We need to borrow three Programmer and two Training Staff. And also need to the Network Engineer. Our team hasn't the network engineer, so we borrow the outside. We show the stakeholder and their activity in below the table.


Report to



Steering Committee


Analysis the steering group and project manager who is suitable for that project

What the staff is suitable for that program.

Project Manager

Report to steering committee and customer

Analysis the steering committee and system analysis

To show the proposal for customer, discusses the customer what the need and focus the time and cost.

System Analysis

Report to project manager

Analysis the customer

What the customer need and the discusses the designer and programmer.


Report to system analysis

Analysis the system analysis before draw the design

To draw the design for write the program.


Report to system analysis

Analysis the designer and system analysis

To write which part is finished and which part is not finished.

Outside tester

Report to project manger

Analysis the system analysis and project manager

Testing the program error and what need to test the error.

Network Engineer

Report to system analysis job finish report

Analysis the system analysis ,project manager and customer

Network engineer built the new reliable network.


Report to system analysis

Receive the training book and train to the customer

To train the customer and explain the customer how to run that program.



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