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The World Wide Web consists of many clients and servers connected together over the internet. A static website is one that has web pages stored on the server in the format that is sent to a client web browser. A dynamic website is one that changes itself frequently and automatically based on certain criteria. The code and content are two types of dynamic activity. In dynamic websites the codes are invisible and contents are visible. This report describes about the process involved in creating a website by using dream weaver with PHP application.

The two types of dynamic web sites are client- side scripting and server- side scripting. The client side scripts allow greater interactivity in a document by responding to users events. The server side scripting is a web server technology in which user`s request is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate web pages. The main aim of this report is to understand the basic concept involved when creating a dynamic websites. To create the website the basic understanding of dream weaver is necessary along with understanding of database and application servers. This report describes about the relationship about web servers, web browser, application servers and database along with user authentication.

The sample work flow of dynamic web page:



Web server

Application Server

Data base

The advantages of PHP:

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. PHP is used for creating dynamic web pages that interact with the users to offer customized information. The main advantages of PHP are

Ø Fast

Ø Stable

Ø Secure

Ø Easy to use

Ø Open source

Ø cross operating system

Creating a web site:

Setting up the site structure is the most important factor in creating websites, when laying out the site, there are three considerations

Ø Easy of maintenance

Ø Security

Ø Ease of user navigation

The understanding of PHP commands is most important to create a dynamic web page, the PHP code block always starts with <? And ends with?>, the variables in PHP is typically pre fixed with $ sign. The folder the music store is created and it is connected to server using advanced site navigation option in dream weaver. Two separate folders dwwithphp and image folder are created so that all the images goes to image folder and all the PHP web page goes to dwwithphp folder.

Creating home page:

The home page is the important page in creating web sites, so that total web site design can be created in such a way that web site has a better appearance. After creating a homepage.PHP a template is created so that it can be used for creating all the web pages. The advantages of template are that it can be divided into editable region and non editable region. Only in editable region the users can able to edit their contents so that the remaining non editable region will be fixed and users cannot use this region in any other web page. The templates are easy to update pages so that remaining pages will be updated automatically.

Creating Navigation:

The total navigation is created on the home page, so that users can easily able to navigate all the pages. Home, about us, help, products, privacy policy, login, contact us are the different links used in this website. Each of the links provides to the particular page so that users can access the entire page in the web site without any problem. The home page describes about the purpose of web site along with all the links. The about us page describes about the website company history. The product link is the most important link in the web page, since it navigate to the product page. The privacy policy page gives a brief introduction about the company policy in using or handling customer details. The help page describes about the help and support offered in the web site along with how to use the web site. The contact page gives information about the contact address of the company. The log in page is only accessible to registered users so that the users can add review, comment about the products and they have given only normal access level, so that they cannot change or delete products. The other user will be staff user, they can able to view all the user details, add, and delete data's.

Product links:

The product page is the most important page in the website since customer will use this page quite often to check the products or review, so the product page should be easily accessible, so that customer should not frustrate when using this product page. The product page gives a complete detail about the music product available in the store. In this website the product is designed in such a way that the entire customer can access all the products and only registered users can able to add a review or rate the music.

Connecting to data base:

Dream weaver provides a set of panel through which the user can generate dynamic server code that uses data from server side data base. The important application in creating the dynamic web pages is connecting to database, since all the records will be stored in the database. This website is connected to IS5103 database, so that all the data`s will be only available in this data base. This data base application helps the user`s to define the website connections inside the web page. In the database panel there are check list which gives detail about the database. The data base connection can be checked or verified so that the designers can able to view the data`s in their dream weaver screen.

Binding and server behaviour tools:

Binding panels allows the users to define the dynamic expression that the users can add to the web pages. When the user's needs to add a binding to the page or site, the users can choose it from record set. When the user`s defining a record set, the users are defining in record set in the current page, when defining the variable, they are simply defining variables name.

User authentication:

This is a security based option in the server behaviour tools. It helps to restrict user`s level access, so that all the users are given level including staff. The registered users are given normal access so that they can access only particular data. For the staff, the staff user level is given so that they can able to view, access, delete, and add the records in the data base.

The main of this authentication is to identify the visitors and to implement access control.

Validation Report:

Browser Compatibility:


In conclusion, the website is designed for promoting second hand music's. All the code`s are well written and implemented. Working on this project has been a professional and practical experience. This project gives enough confident to create a dynamic website. Finally this report gives an overall process involved in the implementation of dynamic web site using dream weaver.