A Paper Discussing the Creation of a Finance Managing Programme.

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I have discovered that in the company brick and stones (not real name) that there are problems with them keeping track of there finances, the time it takes them to show all the finances is 2-3 hours a day. I’m creating a program which will allow them to input there money for the finances that they have and the results will appear. This will become more efficient and it will also be able to show what they have spent each month on a variety of things as long as they input it into the system, it will also show there income and there profit at the end of each month. The time it takes them will be shortened to a max of 30 minutes a day.


I’ve decided to create a program which will make the companies life easier there will be no time wastage and that time that they have gained would allow them to do many other things with it. The main purpose of the program would be similar to a balance sheet. It will be able to show there income, fixed costs on certain payments, it will be able to show where they have spent most of there money and weather they have made any profits at the end of each month. If the company would like to see pasts “balance sheet” to see if they have increased on there profit margin or not.

If the company feels that a large amount of money is being spent on one of there payments they will be able to search for a specific name and view the monthly costs that has been made to that account or person, in other words is that they will be able to look for a fixed cost and they will be able to see each months balance sheet of that fixed cost.

The company will be given this program so that the person who was originally doing there finances will be taught how to use it. The point is so that I do not have to be present each day when the company is busy with there finances. That person who is in charge of the finances will be able to input the amount made and the amount which should be paid for each cost that they have, they will then be able to see a monthly report of what they have spent of each cost and how much profit they have made in total at the end of every month.

For my program to run I have decided to use databases, text files, and some others e.g. buttons etc. I have decided to use a database because of it being a monthly report and it will be able to show and you will be able to input in it easily. In a database it can allow you to input, update, delete, or change if there is an error. When showing it in a database you will be able to see each month in the year and if you like see lasts years results. It would be best to show the results in a database because you will be able to understand what is happening more clearly. If you feel that there are any errors in a specific month you will be able to find out what had caused the change by clicking on that month.

As time progress you will be able to see the past years balance sheet will increase because in the program it will build up all the data, unless you delete the past few years balance sheet you will still be able to view it.

In the program itself it will have security(protection code) so you wont be able to type random things in when inputting an amount of money, when inserting or updating it will ask you if you are sure you want to do so, this is all there to allow people which are not very good with computers know whether they are sure that they want to do a specific thing.

As I have seen in the company that there income has always been higher than there expenses the program will create an error when the income is less than the expenses thus meaning that there is no profit.

Key areas

Key areas which I am focussing on is the database, text files, secure programming( protection code) thus meaning that if the user would randomly want to input something the program will say that you have inputed something incorrectly and ask you to re-enter it.

I would like to make the GUI as user friendly as I can so that a person who is even unaware of how it should work, he/she will learn very quickly because the program is simple enough to understand.

When using the program every time you start the program you will need a user name and ID. This is for safety reasons so that not anybody can randomly do what they want and change things if they feel like it. This will allow you to identify the person who managed to change it.

What should the program achieve

The program should achieve maximum capabilities as it is only a financial system which will make the companies life easier. The program is designed to allow for an input and as a result display an output in a database. There will be more than one database so the user will be able to choose what he/she would like to see.

In the end the program is designed to allow for finances to be inputted and displayed easily this will shorten the time it takes them to do finances each day, Allowing them to use the time that they have saved and use it in something which can allow the company to grow further.


The user is a lady which works at the company brick and stones she controls all the finances. At the moment she is having problems with the finances she has got, she explains that the finances are all over the place and that there is not a perfect record of what is being bought and what debt they still have and what gets paid at each month. The lady has asked me to design a program in which will make her life easier. Her job is to maintain and keep a record of all the finances that happens each month; she would need balance sheets, and the prices of the costs that get paid each month. This means that anything to do with money she has control of, if anything happens to the money such as her paying too much to some of the insurances or debtors. She will be held responsible and may lose her job due to the miss calculations that took place.

The main owner of the company is mainly in charge if he feels that the finance lady is not doing an excellent job he will have rights to see all finances which can be seen on certain balance sheets. If he feels that they not up to his standard and he will not be able to understand what is happening she may lose her job.



I will design a program which will make the company brick and stones finances run in order, there will be no errors and it will be able to function to whomever uses it. It will have a simple GUI which will make the program as user friendly as it could. There will be no errors and the owner of the company will have full rights to see what ever he would like. The finance lady will be able to use the program and make changes to it but he/she will not have full rights to do what they would like.


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