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Mobile Phones have wide range of applications and are widely used for mobile specific services. Telecommunication technology is constantly evolving. Mobile phones are highly mobile communications devices that perform an array of functions ranging from that of a simple digital organizer to that of a low-end personal computer. Mobile or cell phones are decorated in variety of designs and going on improving the old version of technologies and changing to new version of technologies which are implemented. The two most dominant types of digital cellular networks are known as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks. Other common cellular networks include Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (IDEN). It recently reached a critical mass with the widespread adoption of third generation (3G) wireless communication and handsets with advanced microprocessors. Today all the people use mobile devices to receive calls and make calls from anywhere and at anytime in the world. This gives the utilizer a lot of independence but also can interfere the utilizer always and everywhere in this world. Mobile phones are used for communication but also for coordination between people. Mobile device is developed based on the importance of browser application that dictates how much hardware design and general user interface style is browser specific about. Many of them are downloading large number of mobile phone applications with the advancements in the handsets and wireless networks. The increased number of applications results in greater chance of installing Trojans and similar malware. Internet applications like Orkut, facebook, twitter or any other social networking websites are taken into consideration for this project. This is explained clearly in the further sections of the project.

2. Introduction

Mobile phone is a new desktop and well designed internet application that provides the next generation of desktop applications. Making a website run on mobile device is easier once perfect software or a tool is found. Mobile phone becomes more effective with the usage of internet technology. This usage of internet in mobiles varies from country to country. Most of the people use internet through mobile only whereas South Korea and Japan mobile browser is widely used for mobile specific services. Even though the usage of internet in mobile is not popular everywhere, it is estimated that after ten years from now most of the users will connect to internet and use mobile browser as an everyday tool. This kind of browsing will be increased if the cost per byte is decreased and then most of them will show interest to use it with which they can improve their browsing experience, connection speed, number of services in the mobile phones (Virpi Roto, 2005). In this project Orkut social networking site is taken into consideration for explaining the internet application in mobile phones. The Orkut Mobile App is a Java application. This enables one to capture photos using mobile phone's camera and then post them to Orkut album with a single click and can also share those photos via SMS messages. This process also enable to access scraps, friends list and photos even in offline mode. Orkut friend's list and Mobile phone book will be treated as one and one can call Orkut friends from the phone itself. All these features can be enjoyed on visiting m.orkut.com from the browser of the mobile phone (Google Operating System, 2008). Thus it is clearly understood that Orkut has high accessibility not only through computers but also through mobile phones all over the world.

3. Application Description

Orkut mobile allows one for quickly and easily accessing the Orkut from Internet enables mobile or phone device. The reason for choosing Orkut is it is the most highly used Social Networking Site on the Urban Indian Mobile Landscape.

Figure: Shows the usage social networking sites in mobile phones (Vital Analytics, 2009, p.3).

Orkut and Face book are the most popular social networking sites that are used by 11.4% and 6.7% in urban India through Mobile phones among which Orkut is most highly used social Networking site (Vital Analytics, 2009). As all the applications in Orkut through computer are available through mobile unit, its usage is getting increased all over the world through mobiles. It is possible to check out the scraps, photos and friend's status via this application in mobile also. It is also possible to an individual to set and see the latest updates from their fiends and also see the mobile contacts and Orkut friends on list. Calls, SMS can also be made at the time of browsing Orkut on mobile. Login into the Orkut application in mobiles is similar to that process of logging through computer. User logging is the process for having security to one's account. For this the user has to provide ID and password in order to access the application features in an authenticated manner. This request of logging into the account is checked by authenticating the user's account. If the ID and password entered are authenticated then the user is successfully logged in. After logging into the account there are five different tabs available namely Home, My Scrapbook, My Contacts, My Photos and My Profile. On the Home page there will be status smessage and latest updates from friends. Navigation is smooth but the only drawback is the image size is small which is quite understandable for a mobile application. My Scrapbook option helps one to check the scraps from their friends and will be possible to reply to those scraps easily by pressing 9 or using menu list. Similarly all the contact details will be available through mobile phone. Entire profile can also be viewed through mobile. The following image shows the display of Orkut on mobile screen.

Figure: Shows the home page of Orkut in Mobile phone (Techno Friends, 2009).

It is possible to accept the add request sent by friends in the Orkut through mobile but it is not possible to send request through mobile for friends in Orkut. Orkut mobile allows accessing many of the same corresponding features that are available on Orkut form a computer. Through My photos it is possible to access the photos in the user's account and can also upload the pictures from the mobile on single click. Scrapbook option in mobile Orkut provides most recent scraps that will appear on the home page but only three will be displayed on the mobile screen. All the scraps can be read from the scrapbook up to ten scraps per page. Not only reading the scraps it also possible to write the scraps in the mobile Orkut from their profile page (Orkut, 2009). Hence from the above context it can be understood that mobile Orkut is also effective in all aspects of serving the people with all the requirements similar to that of the Orkut features provided by the Orkut in computer. All the features like logging into the account, scrapbook access, accepting friend requests, posting scraps, visiting friend's profile, viewing all the updates from friends, uploading of photos is possible in the mobile Orkut.

4. Description of Mobile Components and its features, effects etc: and Information on I/P and O/P

The latest trends in the mobile components are never stay constant. Applications are being developed and being implemented on a spree. In the process various implementations are not being completed. The list of issues is as follows

Battery Life: While accessing the web application it consumes battery life of the mobile device to a great extent implies that continuous usage of the web application will mop away the battery life. Testimonials being sent from the Orkut can never be viewed in the small devices.           

Screen Size: Orkut has a feature that provides to view the images of others or update the images of the user. In most of the handsets the picture quality is below par or even poor. This is due to the congested screen width of the mobile device and also there are some features not being supported by mobile handsets.

Complexity: The most successful mobile application is never the same in terms of user friendliness when compared to the desktop applications (Joanna Lumsden, 2008). The common applications are never easy to access like it is done on the desktops and laptops.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth usage was very expensive in the earlier instances where as it is less the present scenario. The bandwidth is also limited for the mobile applications which limit the access to various orkut applications like viewing the videos and other applications. 

Memory: Phones that have less memory space are incompatible for using the Orkut applications.

Connectivity: This is main issue being faced by maximum mobile users while accees their Orkut account. Even though most of the service providers lure with attractive tags, it can't help them providing overall coverage of the network. Applications may not run properly or may run sluggishly if the network coverage doesn't provide continuous coverage. 

Latest Features: Mobile devices turn conventional in short span of time this is due to the developments in the web applications. Underpinning on this fact latest software is updated in the existing applications with an intention to make the application more interactive. In lieu of this enhancement most of the devices that supported a particular application might not support the same application due to add on features. The software that supports the Orkut may not be the same as time passes. The software needed for Orkut is Opera i2 which may be enhanced by other mobile manufacturers causing the previous version to underperform.

Platform Friendly: Some of the applications in Orkut only run in limited phones. There is a need for the developers to design applications that can be implemented on any handset. Even though it is not always provide to develop a universal application that can be run on any mobile. The operating systems may not be same on the each device as iPhone OS is the operating system on iPhones and where as the Blackberry uses a different OS. This implies that features available on these mobiles vary from the older handsets.

Orkut provides many options like sending and receiving the scraps, updating the existing profile or images and many other features. To access the above applications users must first login into the Orkut with their respective account. The following code is the code being followed in the Orkut login applications that uses WML (Wireless Markup Language) code.  This code is normally used for login process (MSDN, 2009).               

Code for User login

Simple Code in WML 

<?xml version="1.0"?> 

<!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD WML 1.3//EN" "http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/wml13.dtd"> 



  <card id="card1" title=" Simple Code"> 

    <p>Hello WML  Mobile Web </p>  



  <card id="card2" title="Simple Code "> 

    <p>Welcome to World</p> 



This code normally exists at the server end. Once when the user enters the user id and password the mobile device access this code and applies the information provided by the user. On the basis of the authentication the corresponding sequence of events take place. If the user has entered wrong information the request is denied by the server stating that the information is incorrect. If the information is genuine then it displays the home page of the Orkut. There by the user can carry on with desired actions. The following figure depicts a message on the users mobile after the user access the Orkut site (Crypto Card, 2009).    


 <?xml version="1.0"?> 

<% response.setContentType("text/vnd.wap.wml"); %> 




<%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*" %> 


String strName = request.getParameter("username"); 

String strPasswor = request.getParameter("password"); 

Connection conn = null; 

Statement stmt = null; 

ResultSetrs = null;  



<card id="login" title="Login Information"> 

<p mode="nowrap"> 


String driver = "org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver"; 




String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/wap"; 

String uname="root"; 

String pass=""; 



System.out.println("connection established");  

rs=stmt.executeQuery("select username,password from login"); 

if( rs == null) { 


Database error while processing article <%= strName %> 



else if (strName == null ||strName.length() == 0) 




The next application is the scrap sending process. In this application the user desires to view the scraps or send scraps. This one of the most common applications being used widely .The process is similar to the login process but more steps are to be followed for the viewing the scraps. The code works at the server end of the application. It is invoked when the request for sending a scrap is made. 


<card title="Input"> 



receiver: <input name=" receiver ="15"/><br/> 

message: <input name=" message" size="15" format="*N"/><br/> 

sender: <input name=" sender" size="15"/> 





One of the several applications in Orkut is to view the updates of the user. The user should first login into the Orkut account then opt for the updates option provided in the home page and finally click on the Updates tab. The update process works on the steps created for login process. The user will have to login into the respective account and if available the user will be supplied with updated information.



Messages are also the most sorted applications in the Orkut community. It enables to send messages from one user to another user. It is similar to sending scraps. The following is relevant pseudo code for sending messages. The code works with similar to the user login process. The user first clicks on the message option on the home page provided then  

<?xml version="1.0"?> 





<card title="Fieldset"> 



<fieldset title="CD Info"> 

Title: <input name="title" type="text"/><br/> 

Prize: <input name="message" type="text"/> 







The information input deals with sending information to the user account. It describes the process chain involved in information input. The user generally tries to acquire information from the various users. It helps in sharing applications from multiple users and also to. Mobile input information functions in a similar way to text messages, but uses multimedia services (MMS). MMS allows you to send not only text, but also sound files, video and images. The communication process is same as SMS; a handheld device compatible with the MMS standard is needed. For the devices that aren't MMS compatible, service providers sometimes provide a feature that alerts a user has received a multimedia message. The message usually informs the user to visit the web page link to view the message. The output information is mostly of texts and images which are not to the standards that are seen in the desktop devices. There is lot of scope for improvement in this regard. This is partly due to the incompatibility of the format of much of the information available on the Internet with mobile devices and partly due to the small physical size of the screens of mobile devices. 


WAP with WML can use used for the ORKUT application.

Encoded response



Encoded Request

Application Server

[Microsoft IIS/ apache]

WAP Gateway

Mobile Application

ORKUT for example:

Mobile application components will be used by the application user. For example whenever one of the mobile applications is being selected or requested for service in he following way the mobile application will be taken care of.

The request is sent and transferred from the user mobile phone to the WAP gateway. This transmission will happen using the mobile network communication.

The transferred data is converted to web based data which is the processed to the server which deals the request.

The WAP gateway received the WML data and decoded the WML into HTML so that the application server can understand this.

The application server [ASP, CGI, and JSP] receives the desired information and the data is formatted for fitting into the mobile phone interface.

Then the final data is shown to the mobile device of the user.

5. Recommendations and Conclusions

Orkut in mobile has many features and advantageous to all the users in saving the time but it is a bit expensive process of using internet on mobile. With the access of Orkut in mobile one can post scraps not only to friends but can also send latest scraps from scrapbook as text message SMS to their friends mobile. This feature of receiving SMS scrap is also possible for normal mobile phones which don not have fancy features like GPRS or EDGE. This can also be given reply from the mobile which do not require GPRS connection in the mobile which requires message charges to reply to that scrap which is quite expensive and this is should be reduced so that there will be more interaction with friends (GS Live, 2009). As videos cannot be opened and viewed in the mobile which is a bit drawback, this facility should be provided for which the usage of Orkut in the mobiles creates more interest among the users. Similarly testimonials, access to communities and sending add requests cannot be done so if these provisions are also provided Orkut usage in mobiles will be maximized and creates interest among all the applicants (Orkut, 2009). Hence it can be understood that Orkut has to improve its features and upgrade it services for mobile users.


Orkut is a free access social networking service owned and operated by Google. This service is designed to help users to meet new friends and maintain existing relationships not only through computer but also through mobile phones. Orkut software for mobile is available for Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, Java Samsung LG and Sony Ericsson phones. Already Orkut has a mobile pattern or version of web portal for fast and easy access from mobile handsets. There are limited features to access from all mobile phones. This application for mobile is user friendly extremely and can share and upload photos in which this application is installed in mobile devices. Orkut is the best social network that allows a user to interact with everyone through internet. Usage of Orkut through is much more effective because this provides many facilities like wireless connectivity to internet, accessing Orkut from anyplace, any time. Orkut in mobile allows one to access most of the features that are available on Orkut form a computer. This service of accessing Orkut in mobile helps in keeping in touch with the friend's world wide without a computer and allows conservations like sending, receiving and responding to the scraps from the mobile phone itself. Everything can be known up to date of their friends like birthday reminders, friends updates, pending add requests etc.