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As a front office manager, there has a wide range of responsibilities. A font office manager must maintain a high level of efficiency among the front office staff. Front office manager must make effective decisions regarding reservation policies and room assignments, and handle guest problem and complaints. The manager must have a good communication with other departments of the hotel.

The front office manager will allocate duties to staff members, prepares weekly work schedules, shift assignments, and holds regularly scheduled staff meetings to make sure that staff members will understand and accrete to hotel policies and operating procedures. Besides that, to hiring and training employees, and for periodically reviewing the performances of each staff members also the responsibilities of the manager. The manager may also require assisting the front desk representatives in the performance of their duties during the periods of summit activity.

About the reservation policies, set quotas, maintaining maximum room occupancy the front office manager is needed to define. To perform this duties, the manager must continually monitors, departures, and cancellations. The manager may also be responsible for the setting of policies regarding no-shows, early arrivals and overbooking. The front office usually are responsible for dealing with client and taking the corrective action when special guest are needed, having any problem or any complaints.

All the operation of the front office and guest service like concierge, transport and luggage service are the entire front office manager responsible. Sometimes, the front office manager will also arrange for private telephone line and other special services to different department.

2.0 Answer for question 1

Usually the check-out time for the hotel is 12noon. But other hotel check-out may be 1p.m, or 2.p.m. It depends on the hotel organization. In hotel industry there have three shifts. There is shift A, shift B and shift C. The time for the shift A is 7a.m to 3p.m while the shift B work time is 3p.m to 11p.m and the shift C work time is 11p.m to 7a.m. Therefore, the front desk is very important because the front desk is to register and check out guests.

At first, it seems like so simple as greeting people and making them feel welcome. However, when the front office is busy, the patience and the skills of the staff may be tested to the limits. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, the front office personal must perform their duties with efficiency, accuracy, and composure, maintaining and orderly flow guest. Although the check-out and check-in procedures consider simply, but each step of this is important to efficient room management and the maintenance of a pleasant and orderly atmosphere at front desk. Therefore, the front desk sometimes face some problem like peak check-out at 12noon, time spent checking for late changes and guest accounts not being ready for presentation when the guest check outs. Therefore as a front office manager, they should have the ability to solve it.

2.1.1 Solve the problem by apply express check-out method

To solve the problem that mention above, front office manager can apply the express check-out method. The express check-out only for the regular guest because they guarantee will come back again. Express check-out was applied because during the check-out time, the front desk will become busy and crowded. Front office is busy because the front office staffs have to handle the large amount of guest checking out at the same time. Therefore, to speed up the check-out processes and the guest who don't want to queue up at the front desk, the hotel provides the express check-out system.

With the express check-out, the guest can check out anytime they want without going through the cashier at the front desk. With this method, the front desk won't crowd. For the guest who wants to use the express check out, the guest need to fill up the express check out form and sign it the day before they check out and then deliver it to the cashier to settle their accounts. Besides that, the guest has to agree that they will check their account when they leave the hotel because the late charges will be posted to their account.

The guest has to check out in the morning of the day with a copy of their account and slip it under the door of their room before they leave the hotel. Usually when the guest finalised account, the cashier will sent to the guest by email. If the guest wants to give back the key room, they can either left it in the room or left it in a special box or handed it at the front desk.

3.0 Conclusion for Question 1

As we can know, the front desk is very important for a hotel because when the guest check-out or check-in, it was the last chance for the front desk staff to put the best services for the guest. The front desk will also communicated with the guest and give some information about our hotel and services. The front desk must make sure the information that passes to guest was details and clear because to avoid the guest not understand about our hotel and our service that will provide. Besides that, the front desk must make sure that the guest has settled all the payment before they check-out. Not only is the front desk important, the front office manager was also important because they have to manage the entire department. The front office manager also needs to make sure that the staffs have done their own job. But no matter you are front desk staff or front office manager, you motion is the same that is try our best to provide service to guest and help hotel to earn more profit.

Introduction for Question 2

When the guest comes to hotel they must make reservation before they come to stay at a hotel. Reservation is the request for room accommodations. The processes of reservation are consisting receiving, documenting and analyzing such request. The reservation system is made up by the staff, space, equipment and procedures that use to handle the process.

A hotel's reservation system is the basic of room sales and management. No matter how tentative the reservation is, it also represents a sale. While the percentage for the room sales in walk-in accounts is small. The percentages for the no-shows (people who place reservation but do not check in) and the cancellation is small. Therefore, the wide variety of reservations system was used to document room requests.

Hotel reservation system is usually means as a Central Reservation System (CRS). Computerized systems that can keep and allocate data of a hotel, resort, or other lodging implement are known as Central reservation system (CRS). Besides that, central reservation system is also a tool to reach the global distribution system as well as internet distribution for one single system. Central reservation system is basically help for hoteliers to upload their rates and availabilities to be seen by all sales channel that are using CRS. For an hotelier to easing their task for online distribution, they can use central reservation system (CRS) because CRS does all to allocate hotel data to the sales channels instead of the hotelier.

For the one who make reservation, their name will write on the page for the appropriate date. The reservation system included racks that containing reservation slips and chalkboards on which the guest name and dates were written. The simple devices still can be found at some "Mom and Pop" motels but for the vast majority of lodging establishments, the computer has become the primary instrument for managing reservations.

Answer for Question 2

The software that use within the tourism industry for the purpose of marketing and sales are Central Reservation System (CRS). This system is used by travel companies for booking, airline, train and bus tickets, buts its principle application is for accommodation providers. This system is most powerful system that helps to convert browsers into customers. CRS will receive and documents reservations for a chain, franchise network, or referral organization by using a WATS (wide-area telephone service) and computer. For example, a client can call one toll-free telephone number to contact the Marriott central reservations service to place a reservation. For the handle incoming calls and enter the reservations data into the computer is the CRS jobs. Although anyone can call a central reservation service (CRS) toll-free, travel agents and airline reservation can place hotel reservation through one of the major airline reservation system.

2.1 The advantages of Central Reservation System (CRS)

There are five advantages of CRS. There are flexibility, distribution benefits, cost-cutting, increase efficiency and customer benefits.


Central reservation system (CRS) can be accesses by individual consumers, travel agencies and centre staff. Besides that, personal log-on codes can be assigned by travel agencies which will automatic generate any special negotiated rates or commission. Central Reservation System (CRS) can be tailored to suit the individual accommodation provider's requirements and information can be update easily. For example, he can decide exactly what information what he can included such as add graphics and maps, adapt colours, font and heading styles to match the existing website design. Other than that, the customer loyalty programs and group booking discount can be automate features by the central reservation system. The other software packages such as web design or data analysis programs can be integrated with Central Reservation System (CRS).

2.1.2 Distributions Benefits

With Central Reservation System (CRS), accommodation providers can market and sell their products around the globe, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week because now, mostly the modern system has multi-lingual and currency conversation capability for bookings from around the world. Therefore, for the guest who wants to reduce the risk of their having second thoughts and not booking, they can pay by online instantly.

2.1.3 Cost-cutting

Since the bookings are processes automatically online, central reservation system (CRS) can reduces staff wages rather than the company having to employ people to take bookings over the telephone or by mail. Internet selling also cuts by eliminating the need to print and distribute marketing brochures, write letter and pay commission to third-party agencies.

2.1.4 Increase efficiency

The way to enable the accommodation provider to monitor activity on his website can by Central reservation System (CRS) because the real-time reporting will shows the number of the hits and how many were converted to the actual bookings. This system can build the customer profile, behaviour and identifies sales trends. Their information can be used for strategic planning purpose also. Promotional campaigns can be coded to monitor their effectiveness. For targeting future marketing campaigns, they can use the customer database generated through the sales.

2.1.5 Customer benefits

For the customer who can refine a search for accommodation by issues such as date, location, hotel rating and features, the central reservation system (CRS) are offering an effective and time-saving tool. Besides that, central reservation system also allows customers to take advantages of special offers and promotions, and to add on "extras" such as attraction tickets, airport transfers and meal deals to their booking. Since the accommodation provider does not have to pay commission to a booking agent, therefore online booking is more often for economical. In additional, it also easy to retrieve, change or cancel bookings via the central reservation system.

Although using Central Reservation System (CRS) will bring advantages to the hotel but it still have the disadvantages. The first disadvantages of using Central Reservation System (CRS) are it was always on risk. Nowadays, there are many people know how to hack someone computer. We know that, CRS was store all the customer information. If someone is hack the computer, all the customer information will lost and it will damage the hotel reputation and earnings. Besides that, the hacker can send the virus to us so that they can stole all the customer information and makes our computer system down. Other than that, the system will cost money because need to update and need the staff need to be trained for effectively use the system. Furthermore, the security issues are exposed with the high risk of computer fraud. Examples of computer fraud are false billing, financial fraud, identity theft fraud and others. Besides, the human error is frequently not as quickly identify, and record input needed to be updated for more accuracy.

Conclusion for Question 2

With the central reservation system (CRS) helps, the working organization has been easier. CRS can help the staff to save more time because all the guest details are inside the computer. When want to check the guest profile, the staff no need to find it one by one. They can just click the computer and the guest information will all appear. Besides that, with the central reservation system, it can help the hotel decrease the system problem. Example, when the guest want to check-out and the guest mention their room number is 850 but the correct room number that the guest is 805. Therefore, with the CRS it can avoid the problem happen.