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During Internship I have worked on three application i.e Employee Record, Restaurant and Photo Slider Application.

Employee Record

This is Website with provide the admin to add the details of the employees and view them. The admin can add the information of the employee using the website and views the details of them.

Restaurant Website

This is the light weight website develop for the Admin of the restaurant to manage the menus of the Restaurant. The manager of the restaurant has the facility to add the menus and their details using this website.

Photo Slider Application

This is a website that provides the facility to the user to view the photos of the website. User can make the slide show of the photos that are available in the website.


Use Case of the systems on which I have worked during my Internship.

Employee Record

This Use Case defines how the Employee Record website works and gives the brief info of the website user and functionality.

Actor: Admin


The Admin have to first login into the system to use the functionality of the website. Login involves entering the username and the password of the admin. Username and password is authenticated from the database and if it is correct then user able to login into the system.

Add Contact

Add contact provide admin to add new employee into the system. Admin can add new employee after login into the system. Add contact can take the details like Employee name, Email, Address, Occupation. After clicking create button user can add new contact.

View Contact

View Contact provides the detail of the employees that exist in the system. Admin can see the details of the employees by clicking the name of the employee.

Edit Contact

Edit contact provide facility to edit the details of the employee to the admin. Admin can edit detail if there is any error in the information.

Remove Contact

Remove Contact use to remove the employee from the list. I any employee leave the organization, then admin have the facility to remove from the database.

Restaurant Website

This Use Case define how the Restaurant website works and gives the brief info of the website user and functionality

Add Menu's

The admin of the Restaurant have the facility to add new menus of the restaurant with their details.

Delete Menu's

Delete menu provide facility to admin to delete the menus that are not available in the restaurant. Admin can delete that menu that is finished or unavailable in the restaurant.

View Menu

The admin can see all the menus of the restaurant with the details, i.e. menu's name, description, price etc.

Edit Menu

Edit menu provide the facility to the admin to edit the available menus if there is any wrong details. Admin can edit the available menus and update it.

Photo Slider Application

The website provides facility to the user to view the photos that are available on the website. The basic functionality that is provided by the website is to play a slide show of the photos that are available in the website. The admin have the facility to stop the slide show. Admin can use next and previous button to view the photos of the website.


Play is the facility to start the slide show of the photos that are available in website.


Stop is the facility provided to the user of the website to stop the slide show of the photos.


Next is the facility by which user can view the next photo by clicking.


Previous is the facility by which user can view the previous photo.


During my Internship, I have worked on the three basic website developments Projects. All websites are development involves Ember Js, Rest API, Handlebars concepts. The main advantage of using ember Js is fast response of the websites.

Employee Record

This is a web application develop for storing the details of the employees of an organization. The development involves ember Js, handlebars, bootstrap, rest API develop using php.

The website is developing for the admin or manager of the organization to maintain the record of their employees.

The first step is to login into the system using username and password. After successful login admin can add, delete or view contact details of the employees. By clicking the name of the employee, admin can view the details of the employee. Admin can edit or remove the detail after that. There is content binding between the names were we edit and were it views. Content binding is most important property of the ember Js. When we edit any detail of the employee, it edited in the list also at the same time before going to the server.

Restaurant Website

This application is for the manager of the restaurant to manage the menus of the restaurant. This is the light weight application that manages the menus and their details. The rest API xml URL is used to deal with the data. The website is using ember Js and handlebars to view, add and delete menus of the restaurant.

The admin can view all the menus and their details of the restaurant. He has the authority to add new menu and their details develop using ember Js to response at very high speed. Websites develop using ember Js can't use Ajax to connect to server each and every time. It send the response to the server when the whole editing or adding of data finishes. The most important benefit of this is quick response.

Photo Slider Application

This application is develop using ember to view the photo of the website and list them in horizontal order. When these images are clicked, the selected image will be shown. The website will have Play to start the slide show and pause to stop the slide show. There is also Next to move image forward and Previous to move image backward. The selection of an image reflect the id of each image in the URL.

The benefit of this application is that the user can send the direct URL to view any image.

Here I have use JSON file to manage the data. I have done this project on static data.


The basic programming that I used in developing these websites is Ember Js. Ember Js is JavaScript framework that follows the MVC architecture. I use ember Js for developing the whole website.

The rest API is also used in dealing with data's. The rest API links are providing by which we can fetch the data and show it on the web pages. We can directly update the data in the API.

The handlebars are used to show the data on the web page using ember Js.

The basic CSS HTML and bootstrap is use in the designing of the website. Ajax is also use in loading the html page.

I have learned basically the Ember Js framework. Learn the use of model, view, controller, router of the Ember Js. Learn the working of the classes and method that are provided by the Ember Js.

I have also learned some basics of php to understand the rest API.


I have used lots of tools, technology and library in developing these websites.

Tools and Technologies used are

Microsoft Visio

Code Lobster

Net beans




Ember Js



Libraries used are






There are lots of Testing Strategies are available. But I have use only two testing strategies for my website testing i.e. Functional Testing and Security Testing.

Functional Testing

Functional testing involves the testing of all the functionality that is provided by the website. It involves testing of each web pages and their functionality, connection to the rest API, forms that are submitting or getting input from the user.

I have test all the linking i.e. internal or external of web pages in this testing strategies.

All the validation of the text boxes are checked in this testing.

I have also check for the default values of the fields. For example if users edit for any details then the previous value should be filled in the box.

If user input any wrong data into the field, it should alert.

Security Testing

Security Testing involves the testing of the security of the websites. It involves the following test cases.

If the user input the URL that come after login into browser without login. The URL pages should not open.

Input invalid username and password, it should not login into the system.


The websites that are developing using Ember Js are very fast. Now a day all the modern website development uses Ember Js as their client side scripting. Every time the server is not communicating with the website. Some of the facilities like content binding are very helpful and important. Ember Js helps the developer keep the code in a clear and MVC pattern. The web services like rest increase the privacy of the system. The user of the website never gets the information about the useful data or the structure of the website.


We are thankful to Vevento Innovation Ahmedabad, for providing us an opportunity to complete our internship in their esteemed organization. I also thank Mr. Mridul Pandey for guiding me throughout the project and providing tremendous support to work on the project. I, also thank all the employees and trainees of Vevento Innovation, who have been very helpful for developing the project.