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Development of large software system is complex activity full of various opportunities to introduce errors. Software engineering is the discipline that attempts to provide methods to handle this complexity, enabling us to produce reliable system software with maximum productivity.

It was felt that it is important and very instructive, not only to discuss the principles of software engineering but also apply them to a software development project so that all aspects of development can be clearly seen on a projects.

Software development is activity starts from requirement analysis and ends with testing and maintenance.

Nowadays internet is most widely using everywhere in world for shopping, organization, communication, business, etc.; websites is most interactive to present company product, services, profile, and reviews. So there are many different types of technologies are available for developing interactive and complex web application, and with so many technologies to choose from, there are so many technologies in particular that stand out from the market, used ASP.NET and PHP. This research inspects to explore benefited of ASP.NET and PHP to effect in business or organization.

Web application build on a platform of fundamental web technologies, in particular XHTML, JavaScript, and HTTP. Although these are relatively manageable technology, it is generally regarded as difficult to write and maintain secure applications. The developer must master of this platform not only fundamental technologies but also handle for session management, caching, data retrieve, form input validation and interactive user interface. In addition, most web applications are exposed to all hackers in the world, so the developer must also consider potential security problems, such as, injection attacks, cross site scripting, and insufficient authentication or encryption. In some past years so many web application framework have take place, all claiming to make web application easier, efficient, interactive, and more security. Among that most widely use such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, AP.Net. These frameworks are providing different points in the design and making more interactive web application. (Møller)

We are living in a modern world where communication has very important, and there's a real need to be able to communicate quickly and easily with other people in world. In today world so many communication devices and methods available such as Email, Phone, Phone texting, postal letters, and online chatting offer media through which people can exchange ideas, talks in the form of written words. An important aspect when chat communicating is the responsiveness factor, while in Email and letter don't offer a live feedback from the other people, so other side phone and live chat offer a more dynamic way to communicate. (Darie, 2006)

In this chapter introduce the whole dissertation. The aim is focus on concept of web development, to identify the various types of web application. In web development so many technology available in market for development high standard and high efficiencies web application and websites. ASP.Net is more demandable scripting language in market but other side PHP is less expensive than ASP.Net.

ASP.Net and PHP are mostly frequently use for web application development. In this dissertation evaluate ASP.Net and PHP on basis of some most advance essential factors required for web application development. Although PHP is programming language and Asp.Net is framework but still at the end same objective accomplished from both.

1.1 Research question

What is scripting language? How it can help to optimize the effectiveness, efficiency and interactive web application?

In order to answer of this question following:

1.1.1 Scripting Language (ASP.NET and PHP)

Here is study about ASP.Net and PHP; this will include its definition, purpose of use, market value, and benefit to developing websites in ASP.Net.

1.1.2 Definition of ASP.NET

ASP.Net is a web application framework to build dynamic web sites, web application and web services. ASP.Net is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), it allowing programmers to write ASP.Net code using all supported .NET language .NET framework include a huge library of coded solution to common programming problems and also a virtual machine that handles the execution of programs written specifically for the ASP.Net framework. The ASP.Net SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) extension framework is allows to ASP.Net components to process SOAP messages. (Donald, 2005).

1.1.3 Definition of PHP

PHP is the web development language written for web developers. PHP is stand for Hypertext pre-processor. The original name of PHP is Personal Home Page Tool, and still many people think that's what the acronym stands for, but this word is expanded in scope, a new and more appropriate name was selected by community vote. (Converse, 2004)

1.1.4 Investigating the effects of ASP.NET and PHP

A through research would be done on effect of how ASP.NET and PHP website accurate working on live internet, how it's work for complicate website, web application and web services.

1.1.5 Optimization the effectiveness, efficiency web application on ASP.NET and PHP

In market so many products available for developing web application such as PHP, Dream Waver, and HTML 5 etc. In market every product have own features and also might have some advance technology but here I am explain about ASP.Net which is product of Microsoft it's provide inbuilt Framework with so many language support such as C++, Java Script, VB.Net, C# etc. Here all types of language have own advance feature there helps to make effectiveness and efficiency web application. (Donald, 2005) PHP is a server-side scripting language, which can be embedded in HTML or used as standalone binary. (Converse, 2004) PHP is mainly used for server-side scripting so PHP can do anything any other CGI program can do, such collecting data, generate dynamic page content, send and receive cookies. (Olson, 2010)

1.1.6 Background of ASP.NET

ASP launched in October 1996 it started public beta version (V1.0) and an upgrade to Internet information service (IIS) 2.0. From that started point, ASP slowly evolved into version 2.x, 3.x and finally 4.0. In this above four versions of ASP used scripting language, VBScript as the default language. Early days the web, most of web pages contents are static and web pages needs to be refresh, constantly and manually, modified. To develop websites that is dynamic and would be update automatically, that ASP (Active server page) provide also ASP provide server site executed with its output sent to the user terminal, that why server generate dynamic web pages which are user requested in ASP application . (MSDN Library)

1.1.7 Background of PHP

PHP launched in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf and it named was PHP/FI. This version is initially as a simple set of Perl script for tracking access to his resume, and named this set of script "Personal Home page Tools". In this version is less functionality so Rasmus wrote a much larger C implementation, which was provided to communicate with database, and allowed to user developed simple dynamic Web application. In 1997 PHP/FI 2.0, the second write-up of the C implementation, had a lots of user around the world, with approximately 50,000 domains reporting as having installed. PHP/FI was officially released on in Nov 1997, and this after spending most of its life in for beta releases, and it's nearly succeeded by the first alphas of PHP 3.0. (Olson, 2010)

1.4 Aims of use ASP.NET and PHP for web development

It is most powerful language for developing web application, ASP.NET AJEX, Atlas, AJAXPro.NET, MagicAJAX.NET, Anthem.NET this all types of framework are available for developing powerful, user interactive, and complex website. This above framework are all great feature on its, in my web application I am using ASP.NET AJEX framework. Web application needs to refresh constantly for new update so in this role AJEX is perfect match framework. ASP.NET has lots of feature for developing web application, in Chat server when user login into account that time page need to refresh so take time to load whole page rather than load only login part of the page its take less time, it's would be done by ASP.NET AJEX. (Zakas, 2006) PHP is a particularly useful programming because it allows for advanced programming and is easy to integrate with web pages. One more powerful plus point of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with MySQL, and MySQL is popular database in online database system. MySQL is made for commercial database application that available free under open sources to anyone. So it means PHP is very cheap, because PHP is open source software and another great feature of PHP has large programmer's community that can help each other with code. (Mehmood, 2010)

Chapter 2: Literature Review

In this chapter main focus of study would be on ASP.NET (Active Server Page) and PHP (Hypertext pre-processor). First of the understanding about what ASP.NET and PHP explore their history. Next on definition of the ASP.NET would also present here. Furthermore, discussion would be on methodology of ASP.NET and after than study would be usage of ASP.NET.

2.1 Active Server Page.NET (ASP.NET):

ASP.NET (Active Server Page.Net) is design for developing multi-architecture web application and interactive web site. ASP.NET framework provides in-built default Visual Basic language for developing accurate web application. It covers virtually all features of ASP.NET 2.0 including more than 50 new controls, personalization, master pages, and web parts. ASP.NET is Microsoft's flagship technology for building highly interactive, highly scalable websites. In a world some largest websites hosted on the Internet were built with ASP.NET Framework. Master Page and Themes easily create a common style and layout for all pages, Membership API, build and entire user registration system that stores user information in Database or Active Directory without writing any code, AJEX, updates a webpage without refreshing page to the web server. (Walther, 2006)

2.2 History of Active Server Page.NET Framework (ASP.NET)

Release of Internet Information Services 4.0 in 1997, Microsoft began researching possibilities for a new web application model that will solve common complaints about ASP, especially with regard to separation of presentation and content and being able to write clean code. Mark Anders first demonstrated ASP+ at ASP Connections conference in Phoenix, Arizona on May2, 2000. Demonstrations to wide public and initial beta release of ASP+ came at the 2000 Professional Developers Conference on July 11, 2000 in Orlando, Florida. During Bill Gates keynote presentation, Fujitsu demonstrated ASP+ being used in conjunction with COBOL, and support for a variety of other languages was announced, including Microsoft's new Visual Basic.NET and C# languages, as well as Python and Perl support by way of interoperability tools created by Active State. After some time later of development and series of Beta releases in 2000 and 2001, ASP.NET 1.0 was released on January 5, 2002 as part of version 1.0 of the .NET Framework. After than Microsoft released ASP.NET Framework 2.0 2005 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and it redistributable Package was released on Jan 2006. Than after ASP.NET Framework 3.5 was released on Nov, 2007 as with .NET Framework 3.0., and nowadays Microsoft released ASP.NET 4.0. (Sahu, 2010)

2.3 Objective of Active Server Page.NET (ASP.NET)

Why using ASP.NET? ASP.NET provides a robust set of functionality for implementing rich and flexible forms authentication in applications. ASP.NET makes it easy to configure security for site. But integrating user define code, centralizing user information, sharing security settings across multiple sites, and integrating security with ASP.NET mending controls requires some additional work.  (Vogel, 2006)

2.4 History of PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor)

PHP is short for Hypertext Pre-processor, is an HTML embedded scripting language. It is use for developing web application, and its part from begin one of the strong language, server-side scripting language. PHP also use for developing interactive and dynamic web sites .The basic syntax of PHP language is same to Pearl and C. On this type of similarities, PHP is used the Apache web server on various platform, also PHP is used with IIS on windows. It is originally designed for creating dynamic web pages. Rasmus Lerdorf is credited with creating PHP in 1995. PHP runs on all web servers and it's available on different operating system and platform. It's free to run PHP on web server and operating system. (Santanu, 2009)

2.5 Microsoft Visual Studio

Many different technologies are available today for developing complex web sites and web applications, and with so many to choose from, it's great that there's one technology in particular that stands out from the crowd and is such a joy to use. ASP.NET 3.5 is a fantastic technology that enables to develop web sites and applications with very little hassle. Developing web applications was never this easy, yet even though it may appear simple, there is real power and depth to this technology that enables it to host even the most complex applications available today.

The biggest change since the previous edition of ASP.NET is in the amount of code developer have to write the ASP.NET team aimed for a 70% reduction in the amount of code write, and having spent time myself working with ASP.NET 3.5 in the field, even if this claim does sound somewhat large, the reduction in time spent with fingers on keys is very noticeable. The mundane and repetitive tasks that developer would have previously had to complete have been simplified. For example, providing user login functionality to a site is now a very swift process-adding a few controls to a page and setting up some user accounts is pretty much all just developer need to do to get basic user login functionality implemented on a site, and personalizing the user experience is just a step away from there!

Now add the new development environment designed for building ASP.NET 3.5 applications, Visual Web Developer will find building dynamic, feature-rich applications to be a fast, smooth process. (Powers, 2008)

The most significant advances are improved support for developing AJAX-enabled Web sites and support for Language-Integrated Query (LINQ). The advances include new server controls and types, a new object-oriented client type library, and full IntelliSense support in Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition for working with JavaScript or JScript.

The .NET Framework version 3.5 includes enhancements for ASP.NET in the following areas:

New server controls, types, and a client-script library that work together to enable to develop AJAX-style Web applications.

Extension of server-based forms authentication, roles management, and profile services as Web services that can be consumed by Web-based applications.

A new List View data control that displays data and that provides a highly customizable UI.

A new LinqDataSource control that exposes Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) through the ASP.NET data source control architecture.

A new merge tool (Aspnet_merge.exe) that merges precompiled assemblies to support flexible deployment and release management. (MSDN Library)

2.6 AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Ajax is a growing new technology at the time of this writing, in the unique style of Manning's In Action series. So though faced an interesting problem, although Ajax is compatible. It is not really new. It is not really a technology, either.

Ajax brings together several well-established web technologies and uses them in new and interesting ways. Learning to use a completely new technology for the first time is in some ways simpler. Ajax is different: there is also much to unlearn. (Ajax Tutorial)

2.7 ZBit ASP.NET Chat Pro

Totally customizable, fast advanced chat with no page refreshes has all general chat features and many sophisticated extras. Chat program that gets around firewalls and proxy servers. Private and moderated rooms, Private messages, Ignore, Kick, Ban from room or site. Abusive words, flooding control Hyperlink aware Pure ASP.NET and DHTML - no Java Applets or ActiveX. Out of the box comes with "General chat" and "Support Helpdesk" skin. Translatable to any language, comes with English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Danish resource files. Chat server is easy to set up on website or at a third party hosting provider and no need to be an advanced network engineer to do that. (Zbitnetchat)

2.8 ASP.NET Vs PHP simple comparison

Firstly let's talk about the reason I have chosen to investigate the difference between the two scripting languages. There are some questions about these languages. "What is the different between ASP.NET and PHP?" "Why can't PHP application talk to ASP.NET?" The following question is answer as. There are many factors when choosing a web application language. I would attempt to outline the differences using a For and Against.


ASP.NET website can be developed using the Visual Studio.NET IDE that offers so many features that make coding much easier and development more productive. Developer can download a free version of Visual Studio that offers an impressive array of features. This can be use for student of hobbyists, also its runs on IIS (Internet information services). With Visual Studio application can be writing using many types of programming languages such as VB.NET, C#, J#, C++ COBAL. The .NET framework has more efficient for error handling than PHP. It's have better logical separation for application and design, in front the application design and behind page user control code.


PHP is open source and free language. It's easier to learn because basic scripting language structure and build functionality. In market PHP5 available its offers many object orientated development concepts. PHP language has so many IDEs available that are very good and well supported such as Eclipse. It's also runs on Apache server which is open source and free. Microsoft implementation of FastCGI open standard to allow PHP websites runs on IIS 6 and IIS 7. PHP language runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC OS. Marginally faster due to the overheads imposed by .NET's Common Language Runtime, which is responsible for intermediate compilation of .NET's many languages. PHP has a huge support base as it is open source.

Against ASP.NET

ASP.NET requires a Microsoft licenses, to Developer ASP.NET application requires a basic knowledge of object oriented concepts. ASP.NET only runs on Microsoft platform and its need Microsoft server to run.

Against PHP

PHP is free to using but when using 3rd party add-ons developers often run into issues when developing commercially available such as ownership of code or intellectual right. PHP IDEs need lots of add-ons as similar to visual Studio. In PHP no built in AJAX support required add-ons. (Jasir, 2010)

Quotes from other developers for ASP.Net and PHP

"For ASP.Net

ASP.Net is strongly Typed, Object Oriented, Sandboxed, Multi-Syntax, Component Centric, Event Driven, forms oriented, pre-compiled experience.

PHP is a loosely typed, objects optional, fixed syntax, component-less, runtime interpreted, structured programming model."

Joe Stragner

"For PHP

In the end, PHP is less expensive, faster, more secure, and able to be deployed from a Linux server that is also less expensive, faster, and more secure than their Windows based counterparts."


2.9 Microsoft Hosts Project to Run PHP on .Net

Microsoft Hosting project a project on its Codeplex site to deliver a PHP language compiler for the .net framework and known as Phalanger. The primary goal of the project, released under Microsoft shred source Permissive License, is to enable full functionality of existing PHP scripts on .Net without any modification or any changes. Truly the original PHP interpreter, Phalanger compiles scripts into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language). The Phalanger offers web application developers the ability to leverage both the ease-of - use and effectiveness of the PHP language and give power and richness of the .Net Platform. And also the compiler developer can deploy and run existing PHP code on an ASP.NET web server and develop cross-platform extensions to that code. The Phalanger is compatible with PHP 5.0, and it lets developers combine PHP objects with .Net ones, also developer can use a class which written in PHP from .Net application or to import a .Net class which could be written in C# or Visual Basic into scripts. (Taft, 2010)

2.10 Google Maps on PHP and AJAX

Now days Google maps is very popular in world, Google maps are available for free and its gives each signal road details of the world. User can use this maps on lots of devices are available such as mobile, navigation devices, computer. A Google map has a fundamental effect on the mapping world. While everyone else was still doing grainy static images, Google developers gently develop satellite imagery and road data and this all of take terabytes to store, Google just gave it all away for free.

In today software world a lots of important web technology and patterns have emerged in parallel with the Google Maps. However AJAX or Web 2. Is less important, it's not true because all Google maps work on AJAX and Web 2.0. (Purvis, 2006)

The map data we see in Google Maps is compiled by a private company with Google has partnership, Tele Atlas is company name and they are world largest company in navigation and location based services. Google Maps also coordinates with several other in-house applications currently run by Google. The most popular applications is one of them Google Earth. (Sherwin, 2010)

2.11 Online Chat Solution

In past year online chat has been very popular before AJAX came in market. There are numerous reasons for this popularity, and people are familiar with them if they ever used an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, or such as Instant Messenger (IM) application, or an early days there is a JAVA chat Applet. When AJAX came in market it's pushed online chat solutions forward by making it easy to implement features, but there are some problems such as harder to implement with other technologies. AJAX chat application inherits the entire AJAX factor, such as integration with existing browser features, and also if AJAX coding is written well than its support cross-platform compatibility. In additional AJAX chat application never used ports for connection so there is main problem solve in AJAX, but other languages are used ports for connection so there is problem because many firewalls application block communication ports which other languages are use for connection. On other side AJAX uses HTTP for communication with server. (Darie, 2006)

2.12 JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

JSON is data format that can be used in place of XML for exchanging information between PHP sever script and JavaScript client. JSON and AJAX are moving parallel in market. In market XML is more popular and widely supported format. In JSON easy to update the other language code in the place of XML. (Darie, 2006) JSON is lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of JavaScript Programming Language. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but use conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of language, including C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python and many others. These properties make JSON an idle data-interchange language. (JSON)

Chapter 3: Research Method

In order to test scripting language is flowing ASP.NET and PHP; case study is conducted on a solution of Chat server. The chapter assesses the applicability of standard research method in general and identifies of research and enquiry where adopted in order to achieve the case study objectives.

3.1 Identify principle

The Web-based chat application is very useful component to any online company. It is a great way for customers and support staff to communicate and achieve instant result to customer query. If customer drops e-mail or phone call have delays that seem to drag the online experience rather than use chat and also customer can simply their question with details into browser window and customer get instant result of their query details from the other side of the world. Chat application is allows companies to provide less cost support to customer and also regardless of the language barriers that maybe normally there between only two people communicating. Chat applications have had a tremendous impact on the way information is communication over the internet. This type of great advantages of chat application, now many more businesses add chat pages to their web sites so they can provide instant access to their helpful customer support services.

The chat application can store chat messages history within a database for reporting purposes.

A provision to logically group the chat room for special needs that web users may find helpful for query, such as department wise etc.

Automated chat responses for commonly asked question. These may be include detecting a line of words or words which are combined to from phrases that can be catalogued, and responses can be sent back instant from of artificial dialogue that might help to customer find what they are looking for. (Spaanjaars, 2006).

3.2 Experiment on Chat Server

In experiment on chat server would be done on two scripting language ASP.NET and PHP. Chat server is easy and quick way to communicate with people, customer and support. In this experiment which language will more efficiency, accurate and interactive web page can be build. On this basis the two types of scripting language which perform faster than other, how quick response of user request. I would be check the Chat server on both scripting language as a working speed and how interactive application on both language.

3.3 Case Study

In my case study there is two chat application would be build on ASP.NET and PHP for research of this different scripting languages. Firstly it must be emphasised that this application analyses the framework as a whole. The development framework is .NET 3.5 using Microsoft Windows server 2008 RM2, Microsoft IIS (Internet Information services) web server, Microsoft SQL server 2005 database server and ASP.NET with Visual basic as a programming language; and LAMP , Windows XP , Apache 2, MySQL 4.0, and PHP 5. (Crampton, 2005)

Chapter 4: Implementation of Chat Application

4.1 Case study on ASP.Net AJAX Chat Application

ASP.Net AJAX application is fully communication core build over network through GUI based which completely oriented on distributed server. In a today's competitive organization world the communicating between business partner, retailer and consumer need to be internet base communication for selling and purchasing purpose. The chat application provides services online chatting.

4.2 Hitting the High Spots

The most interactive future requirement in chat application lies in responding to the user in real time and displaying user information quickly so that other user do not wait for long time for messages. These so interactive services in chat application it's hard to archive but it's easy in ASP.Net AJAX to achieve this goals, must support in-time communication between the server side and the client side. This task would be done with the help of the some AJAX functions. In AJAX the Timer control helps, when requirements of in-time communication than done its jobs such as it's not update whole page and load only selected section in page, it would be done by combination of the UpdatePanle control and the Timer control. In detail, the chat application is making for different users can chat with each other users in each separate window or everyone one who is online can chat on same window that aim of chat application to archive that, chat room is main module main include the chat user, the chat information, and the chat room. In object oriented terms, must abstract and encapsulate the three objects, which are utilized to achieve the related operation in the chat room module. In chat application one of the points worth the adopted simple way to deal with the chat user information it is persisted in the server side buffers, not in the client side database and any types of files. When user login into chat application, he or she has to input account name and password. If they provide details are not matches than user can logging with temporary username and password. However, if the chat application does contain user information than user has to input password and the one saved in buffer will be compared if it is same than current user can login. Otherwise user gets error message to re-enter the information or change to other account information. (Zhu, 2008)

4.3 Timer Control in ASP.Net AJAX

ASP.Net AJAX has three types of server controls to manipulate and maintain the chat application, such as ScriptManger, UpdatePanel and Timer. Here mainly used of Timer control in chat application, which provide sending the synchronous or asynchronous request to server at specified fixed time intervals. This control is usually used in combination with the UpdatePanel control to update selected part of webpage asynchronously; also it can be used to "Postback" the whole page in regular time. In AJAX Timer control is different form that defined within the System Threading namespace. The main purpose is of generating the client-side script so that the client side can send out request to the server side on schedule.

4.4 Ajax Timer control Events.

Property or Event name



Indicates whether to enable the tick event.


Specifies the interval time.


Specifies the task to be executed after the tick event is triggered.

4.5 AJAX Web Chatting Module

In this topic I researched into the implementation of the AJAX web chat module, which mainly interacts with the general flow, the entity class, the login module, and the main chat page.

General Chat Flow

In general chat flow, first the user should log in and identify should also be authenticated. Then, user enters in the chat interface, where user can send chat messages to online user and see the online user chat records, and at the same time system update the online user list.


Web Chatting Main Page

Send Chatting Info

Get current online user list

Update Online User's Time

Get Chatting Info

The Three Entity Classes

In this AJAX chat module there are three mainly entity classes are chat user, the chat information, and the chat room, where the chat room class invoke the other two classes.

4.6 UML- use case chat server

Mention Use Case diagram depicts two actors entitled Client and Server along with different cases in system. It shows interactions between actor and cases.

User Login

Select Chat room



Sign out

Authenticate User


Get Request

Get Response

4.6.1 Login Module

In login module the login button is put inside the UpdatePanle control to achieve the AJAX effect, and also in login module defined an UpdateProgress control to display interactive interface when user login button hit. See Appendix A.

4.7 Case study on PHP AJAX Chat Application

PHP AJAX chat server is fast, customizable and multi language chat application. These applications communicate with each other in a decentralized way using Peer to Peer (P2P) systems. In today market so many audio and video chats application solutions out there, most of all based on Java Applets. Applets are known for their common security problems on internet browser and sometimes the application is not use port 80 for communication. So, this not solution for getting touch with other people on internet.

4.8 Hitting the High Spots

In today world communication is very important part to communicate with other people in world, so there are many methods to communicate. In above ASP.Net AJAX chat application topic I talk about how application behaves on browser. In this topic is also talk about how's PHP AJAX chat application work. AJAX is most probably solution available for chat application. PHP Chat application is the simple, modular and extensible. In this application is simple aim is AJAX chat so implement the simple and basic chat function, posting and retrieving messages without reloading whole page.

Chapter 5: Result

5.1 Comparative analyses with Variations

This comparative analysis looks at the performance and capabilities of the entire framework. The LAMP and .NET framework configurations above represent typical configurations which are using widely in enterprise. It is evident in my research that both technologies are very compatible with developments in web domains; however ASP.NET is better compatible to large scale enterprise developments. PHP is comparable to ASP.NET in terms of performance and final product, development and maintenance of complex application using PHP is more intricate and problematic than the same with ASP.NET. Other than PHP is ideal for smaller enterprise project, and is capable high quality large scale development. (Crampton, 2005)

5.2 Evaluate ASP.Net and PHP

In this topic I evaluate most advance future of ASP.Net and PHP on basis of required in web application development.

Programming Language

Asp.Net developers can use different programming languages for coding mainly C# and VB.Net. PHP is itself programming language.

ASP.Net - VB.Net

VB.Net is newer version of Visual Basic; VB.Net is introduced with pure object oriented programming capabilities but there is one thing in Visual basic is Object based. Visual Basic Developer can easily move to VB.Net because VB.Net and Visual Basic Syntax is quite similar to each other and its can take less learning efforts.

ASP.Net - C#

C# syntax is similar to C++. Programmers worked in C++ can easily develop application in ASP.Net using C# and also C# is object oriented language.

Object Oriented

ASP.Net programming languages are pure object oriented supports inheritance, abstract class and functions overloading, private public and protected variables. PHP5 also supports object oriented but I can't say it's truly object oriented language like ASP.Net. In Asp.Net all variable used in within class require declaration but in PHP any value can be assigned to the variable due to its loosely type nature.PHP is also missing one of the object oriented feature polymorphism which is function overloading. Function overloading is most advance feature of object oriented language it's allows to programmer use same name for the function but different parameters.

Multi-tier Programming

ASP.Net user interface, business logic and programming language can be kept separate. This programming model reduces the work of programmer because in this programming each layer works independently. Some efforts are required to add new functionality in the web application.PHP code write within HTML, PHP code is enclosed in between <? Some PHP code > It's hard to find PHP cod in HTML.

Database Support

ASP.Net supports multiple types of database platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL server, Microsoft Access etc. In this platform there are different types of libraries to access the database. SQL server is most compatible RDBMS for ASP.Net, SQL server libraries contain number of database object, methods and functions with different types of parameter. In PHP are widely use Oracle and MYSQL as database platform and its access through ODBC drivers and optimize for PHP.

Here some database platform which are compatible with PHP.

DB++, FrontBase, File PRO, Filebird/InterBase, Informix, IBM DB2 - IBM DB2, Cloudscape and Apache Derby, Ingres - Ingres DBMS, EDBC and Enterprise Access Gateways, MAXDB, Mongo, mSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MYSQLi Improved Extension, Oracle OCI8 and SQL Lite3.

Integrated Development Environment

ASP.Net has great IDE Visual Studio with lots of control which gives to programmer more flexibility and work faster as compared to other programming languages and for PHP there are so many IDE available to developing PHP application such as Notepad etc.

Data Controls

In Visual studio has rich amount of data controls to work with database data. Following types of data control available in Visual Studio, which can do these types of operation view, add, modify, and add the data.

Grid View










Report Viewer


At other side PHP have lack of data control, so in PHP massive amount of coding is required to access and display data on web application. Developers have to make their own controls.


ASP.Net has crystal report control for making basic to expert level report, variety of reports. Report viewer control is making for developers for reporting purpose. In PHP there are no such tools for web application reports. For making report in PHP developers have to do lot of coding to generate reports from database.

Exception Handling

ASP.Net supports exception handling to control the application crashing and errors. In PHP this capability in incorporated to make PHP robust language and compete with the leading technology like ASP.Net.


Multithreading is the processing architectures motivates to optimize performance. PHP have a lack of functionality of multithreading which can create a problem for feature application. At my point of view multithreading is hard, and it is good concept for deadlock, race condition, and data lock. PHP doesn't have multithreading but it can be done by PHP- Java bridge gives a solution for multiple web page for processing instead of doing this sequential using normal PHP code and display nice performances. It might be good future if it will do inside PHP.

Garbage Collection

Early day's garbage collection incorporated in ASP.Net, but this feature of ASP.Net reduces memory spaces usage by automatically remove object which are not in use form long time. In PHP this will be done by the constructor and destructor.

Platform Environment

In this factor PHP won because PHP supports multiple platforms including windows, Sun Solaris, MAC, Linux, and UNIX. ASP.Net runs only on Microsoft platform only. Nowadays MONO in market its support cross platform to run ASP.Net application on other platform.

Cost and Open Source

ASP.Net required product Microsoft and requires licensing cost. On other hand PHP is free of cost and its run without license. Companies and Origination can go with ASP.Net just consider the cost factor.

Web Server

ASP.Net supports IIS (Internet Information Services) and PHP supports Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS), and GlassFish.

Support & Documentation

At the support and documentation site ASP.Net have a MSDN library which is located centralize and authentic source. At the other side PHP have widely available documentation and support available with different implementation, tough for developers to identify which source is best. (Adam, 2009)





Rapid Application Development



Multiple programming Language



Object Oriented Language



Database Support



Data Control




Windows Only

Multiple platform

Web Server


Apache, IIS




Support & Documentation


Multiple Source

Exception Handle



Mobile Application Support



Web Services Support



Garbage Collection


Constructor & Destructor




5.3 ASP.Net AJAX Chat application

In this topic I would like to describe ASP.Net chat application, performance, interact with user, interface, security and GUI interface. As a chatting application, its main functionalities involve: user login, authentication, sending chat messages, displaying chat messages without refreshing page, displaying the user list.