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A brief overview of current VPN technologies (both hardware and software).

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) supports local or long-distance protected access to network resources by tunneling thorough shared public links. VPNs offer one type of remote access solutions, other remote access software applications can also be used.

A VPN utilizes public telecommunications networks to conduct private data communications. Most of the VPN implementations use the Internet as the public infrastructure and a variety of expert protocols to provide private communications through the Internet.

In the VPN TCP/IP Protocol are __

Microsoft windows NT Server called Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

Microsoft windows 2000 Server using (PPTP).

Microsoft windows Server 2003 using the Layer 2Tunneling Protocol (L2TP).

Technology of VPN__

In Window NT Server service Remote Access Service (RAS)

Technology provides the equivalent of a private, encrypted dial-up session across the internet.

VPN could be building permanently across the internet by hire dedicated lines on an ISP.

Each end of two-way link and maintaining ongoing PPTP-based communication across that dedicated link.

In Window 2000 Server service Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)

It running in tandem with IPSec, window operation system can use PPTP or L2Tp to create safe.

The connection through a private across the internet.

L2Tp provides advanced authentication and encryption technologies.

Installing several modems on an RRAS server, user can dial-up the server directly no need necessary. (Instead); user can dial-up any ISP.

VPN server access the internet connection and a private connection can be automatic building.

The method is so saves money on hardware and systems management.

The VPN is not limited to dial-up connections. A user has a connection to the internet.

Whether through dial-up, cable modem, or a corporate LAN, a VPN can be used.


Networking Text Book

Design a suitable VPN using appropriate Internet Service Providers (ISP) for the requirements of the bank.

Overview of Bank using Virtual Private Network


VPN connection

The bank using VPN technology communication to other countries.

First, need the internet connection form ISP.

Needs VPN server in both sides.

Using protocol PPTP, L2TP and etc.

RRAS Routing and Remote Access Service

Central Bank in "Singapore"

Central Bank in "Myanmar"

Fig (1)

Overview of internal structural in Bank


The bank needs to put in place certain components to build VPN. These might be include:

Desktop software client for each remote user

Dedicated hardware such as a VPN connector

Dedicated VPN server for dial-up services

NAS (Network Access Server) used by service for remote-user VPN access

Share of all client or workstation with scanner, printer

and other application.


VPN server



UTP cable

Fig (2)

UTP cable

Overview details structural of VPN server

CISCO 1760 router

CISCO 1760 router (cold standby)

Client switch for internal LAN

CISCO layer-2 switch

Network Termination Unit

MODEMC:\Users\Zaw Hlaing Bwa\Desktop\JICA Network\DSC01344.JPG

Fig (3)

In VPN server consists device of the following:

CISCO 1760 router contain serial cable port form NTU.

CISCO 1769 router cold standby or backup router.

10/100 Mb Ethernet port for switch.

Console port to configuration.

Auxiliary port remote-access for modem.

56k modem for remote-access.

CISCO layer-2 switch.

Internal switch for client or workstation with UTP cable.

NTU (Network Termination Unit) for CISCO 1760 router.

Identify and list the hardware and software required to implement the bank's VPN.

Lists of VPN Hardware and Software require implementing on the bank's are__


VPN Server

Router (Cisco 1760 with serial cable)

Modem (56k Fax modem for remote access)

Network Termination Unit (NTU)

Cisco layer-2 switch

Customer switch for internal Local Area Network

External or internal backup storage drive

Special Anti-Virus Hardware



Administration tools / Ping & trace until

Backup software and data recovery software

E-mail archiving

Network inventory software

Network monitoring / management

Remote control software

Software distribution and metering

Storage and quota software

Terminal Servers

Thin Client Servers or workstation

Address: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Outlining-Components-Needed-Creating-VPN-Server.html

Produce a schedule for the implementation of the VPN, detailing the installation of any necessary hardware, network operation system upgrades and associated applications software required.

Installation of necessary hardware

Installation of necessary hardware in bank's are need to before building the Virtual Private Network.

They are in following__

Router (Cisco 1760 with serial cable)

Modem (56k Fax modem for remote access)

Network Termination Unit (NTU)

Cisco layer-2 switch

Customer switch for internal Local Area Network

The network connection is used ready from public network.

Network operation system upgrades

An operation system that is designed for network employees uses. This is a complete operation system with file, task and job management with some before products, it was a parts component that making under the Operation System OS.

The network interface card NIC will still need to be activate though so plug it into a hub or switch all by itself when take the upgrade server off the network. Keep the NT 4.0 domain controller on network, it will be run without PDC. Keep the network not broken parts, it easier fall back to the original configuration. Or the upgrade server if destroy, can always promote one of the BDCs, recreate another NT 4.0 upgrade server and must be try again.

Put the window server 2003 installer CD into the upgrade server and run the setup. This is all very simple. The Window Server 2003 is not compatible when mistake the hardware on the upgrade server. Need to be run the compatibility wizard. It is an option that pops up when put the install CD.

The upgrade should run very flat. After a few minute rebooting, need to be running Window Server 2003 before. It is the first domain on the network it will be display warn notice message box and need the DNS server. For example; this is need for all AD Active Directory domains. Just be allowing the setup program to install DNS server on the upgrade server.

The upgrade process is finished. Have a Window Server 2003 Domain Controller. It is the roles of PDC (communicate of both computer) and DNS server. Insert the server back on the network. The NT 4.0 BDCs will display the PDC emulator on the upgrade message box and duplicate domain changes from it. This ways have no asked the question that they are now member of a Window Server 2003 are Active Directory domain AD.


Applications software

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software applications include clients, servers and utility programs. VPN software technology enables private communications over wireless / computer networks via a method called tunneling.

The most popular of SEVEN application software are needs for VPN. Lists and describes the following.

There are__

Hamachi software

Cisco VPN Client software

Open VPN

Shimo 2

Thinc VPN Daemon

Free S/WAN

ISA Server

Hamachi software are VPN software that uses a cooperation server to create peer-to-peer connections over UDP.

Cisco VPN Client software VPN client software supports IPSec connections to Cisco VPN concentrators. This VPN software application runs on windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Open VPN is SSL-based open source VPN software. Open VPN runs on windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

Shimo 2, apple Mac OS X contains built-in support for VPN. Shimo is a GUI Client for Mac OS X Personal Compuer's. shimo 2 version without only as exchange for the Cisco Virtual Private network Client on Macs, but it is also well-matched with other PPTP, L2PT and SSH based VPN technologies contain Hamachi and open VPN.

Thinc VPN Daemon, the free VPN software enables VPN via low-level daemon/ network device are configuration. Originally design for LINUX/ UNIX networks. Thinc are also running on windows computers.

Free S/WAN is an IPSec Virtual Private Network software solution for Linux networks. Active development of Free S/WAN has stopped, making this solution of attention mostly for students and researchers.

ISA Server (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) is the successor to Microsoft's Proxy Server 2.0 support by Microsoft's.NET. ISA Server's provides generally two basic services of an enterprise firewall and a web proxy/cash server ISA Server allows administrator to create policies for regulation usage based on user, group, application, and destination. ISA Server comes in two editions.

They are__

Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Address : http://compnetworking.about.com/od/vpn/tp/vpnsoftwarefree.htm

Write a section of the report on the responsibilities and level of service required form an ISP in order to implement a successful VPN within the company.

We would like report the bank service and level from the ISP. The ISP give service to the bank are must be correctly standard service and level of reply to the bank are must be grade standard. The following document is report of the responsibilities and level of service required from ISP.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Select the ISP that has a history of provided that are reliable and quality service in bank local area.

With Basic V-Point, CO-OP shared office area will not be in a position to warranty the quality of the connection to the internet. Some additional items are the following;

The bank needs a "status of business" product of ISP.

When the money of pay for ISP, reflect free support 7x24 to serve needs in important of a problem of telecommunications.

Bandwidth, minimal downloading or the uploading of 128 k are suggested.

The address of IP allocated by DHCP is satisfactory, on the other hand a solitary statistics of address of IP is selected.

CO-OP shared branching will need the URL support web page for reference should the bank need it.

CO-OP shared branching will need the PPPOE user name and password for the bank connection to the internet.

ISP services and support level

ISP supports of level are the following:

Basic support

Enhanced support

Premium support

Basic support

The norm of service level of support of ISP, once the realisation of bank is complete, the report of bank is with the source there is the beginning just. The source a fundamental offer of support gives in all services the bank demanded to be begun. The operation of bank on the source a platform, the bank can begin appreciate the advantages of initial services and of offer of growth ISP. The support of ISP includes bets at level of product regular and improvements.

Enhanced support

Under the enhanced support program, source one support staff and technical experts are available for extended hours during the week with a clear escalation procedure that provides for additional opportunities for support and more flexibility when it's needed.

Emergency support

Under the enhanced support program, source one support staff and technical expects are available 22 hours a day, seven days a week with a clear escalation procedure to ensure that you get the product support and technical expertise you need when you need it.

http://www.sourceonenet.com/support/service standards.cfm

Task 3__ 15 Marks

Prepare a short report on Network Security covering:

Trojan horses, Worms, Viruses and the major network security issues. (10 Marks)

Why there should be a Network security policy in place in all the networked companies. (5 Marks)

a) Trojan horses, Worms, Viruses and the major network security issues. (10 Marks)

Security in Network - Major Threats

I'm detects applicability of the Logical of network threat are describe the following sir.

The logical of network threat are__


A virus is the code cruelly which copies. New viruses are discovered every day. Some exist purely to copy. Others can make the invidious tomb such as the deletion of files or even the interpretation of the very computer a high terminus.


A worm is similar in a virus. They copy as viruses, but do not change files as viruses make. Main difference is that poetries domicile in memory and remain unobserved usually until the rate of replication reduces resources of system to the point where it becomes visible.


In legal malpractice, which is same as negligence, means simply that a lawful representative has fruitless to use normal care. In other words, the lawful representative has fruitless to make it that a lawful representative of ordinary caution would have made in the same circumstances or similar, or made him that a lawyer of normal caution would not have made under the same conditions or similar.

Besides fact to prove the lawful representative was negligent, the client must be witness there also legal representative negligence was the adjacent reason of damage to the client.

Address: http://www.jeplaw.com/faq.htm

Trojan horse

A Trojan horse is called the Trojan horse of the Greek legend. It is a malevolent concealed program as a normal application. Trojan horse programs do not copy as a virus, but they can be spread as fusion in a virus

In VB Script

VB Script is active scripting language distributed by Microsoft to fight with Netscape's JavaScript. VBScript is based on the programming language accepted by Fundamental Microsoft of Persons with a strong visual sense. VBScript is a scripting active language used in HTML to run small programs to produce a dynamic Web page.

By using VBScript where a promoter can make the text or the graphs change when mouse's arrow to them, update the modern and the time on the Web page or insert similar personal information in how long it's summer since this user the last arrival the site.

Address: http://netsecurity.about.com/cs/generalsecurity/g/def_worm.htm

And, also I'm seek relevant of the Physical of network threat are describe the following sir.

The physical of network threat are__


The cause of Network Cabling is occur of __

Missing or loose of connection

Frayed or broken section of mouse

Crimped or bent cable

The condition of cable routing are nearby transformer, large electric motor or etc

Adapter Cards

The cause of Network Cards (NICs)

There are any I/O address conflicts and memory conflict

Using of correct interface

The network carry speed setting correct

Using of more than one NIC in a computer

Network Driver

The Driver causes of network issue are

The half-life of component

Change of component since it was correctly right

Software has been installation latterly

Use of half-life of driver with new component

Network account

The causes of network account issue are

The person is typing of exact correct user name

The name of the domain name is exact correct

The user is entering the exact correct passwords (Remember passwords is not mistake)

The user is remain to do log out

Network Printing and Fax services

The cause of network printing and faxing are

Fax's or printer's devices power is On or Off

The client computer's driver are select shared printer or fax devices are correct

Using of cables have connected exact correctly and excellent condition

The permissions of shared printer or fax must be correctly

Large network communication

If we have to large communicate of need to some cause good for communication. Sometime, we are incautious of the following cause. They are__

The all of cables are connected correctly and in excellent condition.

The elements of matching are communication with medium.

The software are configured properly