24 hours without being digital

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24 Hours without Being Digital

I was fully excited about this day before I experienced it in reality. This was one of the memorial day of my entire life. I was fully prepared for this day. Before I switched off my cell phone, I left a new voice message to call my sister if it is important to call me as I will be unable to receive the call for next 24 hour. It was 11:55 pm of the Friday night when I was doing this and after that I went to the bedroom and laid on my bed and I made a plan for tomorrow that I will write about my activities in my diary at every hours.

I don't know when I fell asleep but when my eyes were opened; it was 10 am in the morning as I saw my watch, which is analog, right after my eyes opened. Usually, I wake up before 8 am but today, I couldn't able to do that as I couldn't use my cell phone to set the alarm. This proved how much dependent I became in the digital device. Then I went for the sour and it took almost half an hour. After taking the sour, I was about to use the micro wave to make the tea, but suddenly I remember that I am not supposed to use it today. Then, I made my tea on the stove. After having tea, I killed some of the time thinking what to do next. I knew, I couldn't listen music, I couldn't watch movies, I couldn't call my friend because, to do that, I had to use the digital device. I laid on the bed for some time thinking what to do. Suddenly, one idea came in my mind, why don't I visit my sister. She is living in other apartment which is few minutes far from my apartment with walking. I went to her apartment at noon. When I was in the half way to her house, I, suddenly, realized that I might have to use digital device over there in her apartment as this is not my apartment. Then I returned back to my apartment and it was like 1:00 pm when I arrived to my room.

Around 1:30 pm, I got a new idea to kill my time. I started to make a picture of my little brother but it didn't work because I am very week on art. I was feeling so bored. I was feeling some part of my body had been cut off. I was feeling something is absent which is supposed to be in my life every time. I was searching any idea to kill the time. I tried to read my history book but that made me sleepy for a while. At 4:00 pm, I got another idea and it was important thing to do also. I started to do my music assignment which has its due date on coming Tuesday. I spent almost 3 hours to do that. One of my friends come to my room and requested me to go outside for visit but I denied, as I couldn't use car coz almost car contain digital cassette. I told him everything and he left away. I was feeling every minute is taking more time to pass. At 9:00 pm one of my roommates came and he asked me about my day. “It was so boring”, I told him, as he expected. I got another new idea to kill my time. I started to cook food for dinner. It took almost 2 hour. I made special cultural item and I gave a surprise to my roommates. It was almost 12 o'clock midnight when we had taken our dinner. Finally I finish my experiment and first thing I have done is I opened my laptop and switched on my mobile. I got lots of voice message. I called back them told them about my day. They were really excited to hear my experience.

Today, I found how dependent we are in the digital device. Now, I can't imagine my life without digital device. They became part of my life. Digital devices contained on almost all place of human lives. On the one hand, it makes our live easy and convenient. They are more important than we can think about them. After experiencing this day, I am thinking that I am more dependent on the digital device than I supposed to be. So, on the other hand it has some disadvantages also. Digitalization is pushing us toward the laziness. So, I don't think people have to be as more digitalized even they can. It not only makes us lazy but also reduces our natural talent.