United kingdom is a globalised country

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Executive Summary:

The United Kingdom is a globalised country with capitalist economy. The nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of UK is the sixth largest in the world and their purchasing price parity is the seventh largest in the world. The economy of Europe is the third largest in the world following Germany and France. In terms of purchasing power parity UK is the third largest in the world after Germany and Russia. The economy of Great Britain comprises of economic status secured from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In this document theories such as SWOT and PEST analysis is used which explains that UK is the best suited country for living and working. The first country ever to industrialise globally was the United Kingdom and for most of the 19th century the United Kingdom had contributed a pivotal role in international economy. The GDP of United Kingdom has been ranked 18th in the world. Great Britain has moderate population of 58,789,194 as per the 2001 census report and ranked as 18th populated country in the world. This review analyses the nature of living and working in U.K. in detail.


A Client is a consumer or a group of individuals who receives the benefits or services from a social welfare agency or from the government. A client is said to be a person who seeks the lawyer's advice and one who pays for certain commodities. A client is also a person who comes under the protection of some other person. (www.definitions.net)

Terms of Reference:

  • Mr. Smith a Business entrepreneur from United Kingdom export flowers from Hemel Hempstead exports various types of flowers, bouquets etc.
  • SRI HARI a Businessman from Indian-based Company, wanted to live and work in United Kingdom in Partnership with the UK flower Exporting Company. (Hemel Hempstead)
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Overview of the Current Situation:

The Indian Businessman SRI HARI wanted to live and work in United Kingdom.

Living in the United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is in the 22nd place when considering the size of population, and it is in the 79th place as per the country geographical area with a slightly smaller size than the Oregon. As like some other countries the United Kingdom does not possess an official language for itself but the language which most people use is English. The culture of the United Kingdom is analysed and found from its history. Christianity is the major religion of the people living in England.

As like most other countries England also suffers from poverty to some extent. The income poverty of the people of England is about to 23% which is quite high as well. The major cause for the poverty is the insufficient income arising from unemployment, insufficient wages and benefits.

Amartya sen decides to live in British standard of living, as he is familiar with the history of his subject he is able to know about the modern economic facts and the political adaption of economic examination. Amartya sen is an expert in introducing new techniques and almost differently able to understand and explain the issues comes from the standard of living. The value of the standard of living lies in the way one lives. Thus the people have to start living themselves which is the major value for the standard of living (Sen, 1988).

Working in United Kingdom:

The culture of United Kingdom is a different one; it has been framed from cultures of people from different countries. The National insurance number is very essential for working in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has used the flexible workers to a great extent in the past twenty five years has increased the growth of the company. Working in the locations which are flexible is also an important aspect which actually creates changes in the communication technology being developed.

People from different countries arrive to the United Kingdom for various employment opportunities for which they should posses a valid employment visa. The British high commission or the UK embassy situated in countries all over the world provides employment visa to people from different countries. The people along with the members of his family who stay in the United Kingdom has to have a proper work permit with them. There is a variety of working patterns in use in the United Kingdom which has to be followed effectively (Kent, 1999).

Analysis of the Situation:

Political Factors:

The politics of United Kingdom has been framed into a constitutional monarchy and from that the head of the state is the monarch and the head of the government of the United Kingdom is the Prime minister. Andy Williams (1998) explains politics as the political parties that is confine to the British government. Politics has been shown in various forms in various countries and does not belong to the government. The member of the trade union joins the politics like the minister of the government and in some countries the priest acts as the army general as well. Politics is the disagreement with individuals and the way in which their lives are governed. There is an argument that the parliament has taken the full control over the government and that power has been shifted to the prime minister including some executive agencies. Politics is present in all countries; even in the undemocratic countries politics is present (Williams, 1998).

Political Effects on doing Business in United Kingdom:

Somebody may feel doing business in U K is good; it may also lead to those people getting in close touch with the politics. The most vital thing is that the political effects on doing business in United Kingdom is because of the Corruption. Corruption is very persistent for the human over the period. The journal politics of corruption deals with assistance of law scholars, scientists, sociologists, etc. Thus corruption is an interlinked chain; it is really tough to explain it briefly. Corruption is also said to be an act from which the public office uses the power for its personal use. This article thus tends to have another look at corruption and put some more perspective for itself. They either stay alive or give way (Aidt, 2003).

Economical Factors:

Economic method is a word that is mostly used to explain about the goods produced in a country or an economy. For the past two years inflation is maintained with 0.5 percent as per the target of the government. Since 1995 the world has strongest currency in the sterling which is maintained. For the next three years the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been projected to be about 3 percent. The inflation rate has been made from 2.3 percent to 2.6 percent. In future the government has to rely on establishing the competition through an work force, labour markets and other supply measures (Bamford and Grant, 2000).

Recent Growth Trends in United Kingdom Economy:

The economy of UK is 2.5 percent in the long term growth, which is comparatively less while seeing the other capitalistic countries. The major policy is to raise the rate of growth after knowing how it is achieved in this report. The economy of British is healthy and steady for the past five continuous years with problems of unemployment and inflation. The economy of Uk has been subjected to various changes which before the war period is severe (Buxton et al., 1998 )

Growth in Manufacturing Sector:

The countries growth in the economy is mainly influenced by the growth in the manufacturing unit. The wage growth rate has been increased from 2 percent to 3 percent for every 10 percentage from the percapita incomes (Garrett, 2007).

Textile Industry in United Kingdom (Fabric):

The United Kingdom has a large scale textile and clothing industry for trading at the international level. In 1993 the contribution of the United Kingdom to the world in the field of textile and clothing production has been 9.3 percent. There is a vast increase in the field of textile industries in the recent years. The textile industries keep on changing from years to years and it does not remain the same for a long period. The transport and communication plays a vital role in the exporting of goods from the textile industries. In some areas the international trading of textile products are carried out through the impersonal markets (Singleton, 1997).

Sociological Factors:

In the nineteenth century there was a substantial situation of problems which are for the social welfare. The situation was made even worse by the state by not providing the security against unemployment, poverty, illness, etc. The social reformers had to struggle the parliament and also in the country. The people with the financial need are given basic living standards by the social security method(Oakland, 1998).

Language in United Kingdom:

United Kingdom does not have official language they do not have a defined language for themselves but English is their main language and therefore its their official language as well. People coming to UK in the recent years have brought many languages in to the country. Most of the south Asians living in UK speak so many languages with English and this caused migration of people bought lot of languages inside the country. Surveys say that more than hundred languages are being spoken by the people. Thus the languages cannot be distinguished using some criteria's though there are lots of reasons exist.

Communication Style:

Culture and communication are interlinked; culture is transferred within the people, outside the people and also from generation to generation. In communication the person who acts as an intermediate between various people speaking different languages is known as an interpreter. Eye to Eye conversation is mainly followed in UK. The people who change the written contents are known as the translator. The communication in UK is mainly influenced by the verbal and the non-verbal communication (Kozier, 2008).

Technological Factors:

Technological factor is a more vital for the cooperation of the United Kingdom. The rapid improvement in the field of technology have characterised the industries to feel that they will be able to carry out the costs of research and development. Thus the small scale industries may cooperate with the other firms in order to reduce the risk. Similarly the large scale industries gets lots of benefits from the large markets, they also think that the individual action is the best strategy than the cooperation.

The firm was not able to create all the theories on the own. The fragmentation arises from the market theories of one technology. There is an increased competition among technologies within the industries which reflects the intensity for some manufacturing industries as well. The technology plays a vital role in every countries development (Contractor, 2002).

Hofstede Analysis:

The power distance (PDI) of the United Kingdom is the lowest from Hofstede Dimension for the culture when compared with the Indian power distance, with a ranking of 30 compared to India average of 77. The power distance of UK explains that the inequality level of power and wealth within the society is very low. This is not accepted by the population, but instead accepted by them as a cultural aspect.

The United Kingdom has an individualist (IDV) with an average ranking at 84, whereas the ranking of India is 44. This individualist shows India indicates a less collectivism. On seeing the individualist UK is double the ranking when comparing India, UK has a much higher collectivism when compared to India. Totally from this we are able to find countries with people who are integrated strongly and also extending their families for protecting them from the loyalty exchange.

The United Kingdom has a Masculinity (MAS) ranking of 61 from the Hofstede Dimension whereas India is in the 51st ranking slightly a lesser ranking than the UK. This dimension says the country with the better ranking has the gap between the men and women to be greater.

The United Kingdom has an Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) with an average of 30 whereas India has a lowest dimension of 34. The UAI of UK is slightly lesser which shows the tolerance of the society, which automatically explains the nature of man searching truth.

The United Kingdom has the ranking of 20 in the dimension of Long Term Orientation (LTO), and compared to India an average of 54. Long term orientation has associated with the economy and persistence; and the short term orientation has some interest towards the cultural traditions and completing the social needs (Hofstede, )

Solutions and Recommendations:

From this PEST analysis it has been concluded that UK is a developed country where people from any other country can come and earn lots of experience from its living, life style, culture, environment and society. There are several rules and regulations in the country where people can work as per the law. As like other countries UK also suffers from the problems like theft, corruption and bribery. The other thing is the cost of the economy has to be maintained and can be brought to a balanced situation by proper understanding and management. The sociological factors such as living and working in the United Kingdom has to be adjusted where the people from different countries has to keep in mind the strength of goods and services and also about managing time effectively. In some countries the distance between people when they talk varies most of the Asians they will have lots of distance when they talk, whereas in UK they have the same distance when talking with people. The people from various countries when they first come to UK they just get adapted to the lifestyle in UK and the love to live in this country. Everything in UK is more advanced than comparing the other countries and this gives a better experience for the life in UK. The major thing that is affecting most of the people coming from other countries is weather aspect which is quite tough to adapt at the beginning stage to live and work in the United Kingdom.

Forecasts and Outcome of the Analysis:

Living and working in the United Kingdom gives a great experience to the life and that is very useful for the future. The above analysis gives the Asians and the people from many other countries a brief knowledge about the living and working in the United Kingdom. The people from different countries enjoy the life style of the United Kingdom and the life style in UK makes many people to enjoy living their life in UK.