The process of communication & managing information / knowledge

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Developing communication processes to improve gathering, disseminating information & organizational knowledge at Delair Travels

Company profile

Delair Travels; a member of the Delmage group of companies is a well established IATA travel firm with an 'A' Grade license issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation in 1989. Delair Travels is now an award winning member of the highly exclusive Top Ten club.

Delair Travels providecomprehensive Travel related services including hotel reservations, ticketing, Visa and Passport assistance, Traveler's cheques and much more. They have the authorities to issue more tickets of Sri Lankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways International, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Lufthansa, K L M Royal Dutch Airlines, Sahara Airways and Indian Airlines.Delair Travels also have Direct Ticketing Access to over fifty international airlines and are thus able to offer very competitive fares to Europe, The Far East, Australia, the Americas and the Middle East, in fact anywhere in the world plus Delair Travels is able to meet urgent travel requirements by issuing tickets even when airline offices are closed.

  • Additional Services - Travel Insurance
  • Assistance with visas from Embassies based in Sri Lanka or abroad.

Delair Holidays provides a personalized service geared to handle all inbound and outbound tour arrangements for individuals, groups and corporate clients to any destination.


101, Vinayalankara Mawatha

Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

Current communication processes & suggestions for improvement

Travel & tourism industry is famous as an industry which relies on effective/skillful communication. The industry's main objective is to provide services for people who are away from home, on business or holiday. As a result, the industry is getting to deal with people directly.

As Delair travels too is a company which is a part of the travel & tourism industry, communication plays a major role in their business also. So to carry on the company activities they has to communicate with,

  • Top level management
  • Middle level management
  • Other
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Transportation services
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Tour operators (Thomas cook, john keels..)
  • Competitors (travel agencies)
  • Media
  • Sri lankan tourist board
  • Government

in order to meet customers' needs more efficiently while achieving the company's sales targets.

Existing processes of communications

In an organization not only verbal communication is being practiced but also non verbal communication. Both types of communication are needed in the daily organization activities to get effective results in their business.

Various types of communication methods are being practiced at delair travels at present to communicate with their stakeholders effectively. But let's only be specific about the communication methods being used within the organization.

Interpersonal communication - person to person interaction (direct or indirect aka verbal or non verbal)

Oral Communication - conversations

  • Small Group Communication - communication among a group which has a connection to each other through social relationship
  • Intercultural Communication - communication among a group who shares common cultural behavior
  • Conflict - (*actual or perceived opposition ofneeds,valuesand interests.
  • Public Speaking

Suggested Improvement ……..

Other employees (travel agents assess the needs of tourists and businessmen and help them make the best possible travel arrangements from the many travel options available. Also, many major cruise lines, resorts, and specialty travel groups use travel agents to promote travel packages to the millions of people who travel every year.)

(Good communication and presentation skills is essential in the industry where service to the customer is of utmost importance. An outgoing, friendly personality; ability to handle people, verbal fluency, aptitude for languages will be advantageous to be successful in the field. One should also have an up-to-date knowledge of available facilities and services in the field. In the administrative or managerial level, organising ability, an ability to make decisions, solve problems, work effectively within a team will be essential.)


(up-to-date on current rules and regulations and documentation required, in areas like cargo, ticketing and passports, visas)

Implementing & justifying improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in that organization

Communication skills of a good manager

Identifying weaknesses on a personal level & developing a personal plan to improve communication skills.

Evaluating the importance of team meetings, group discussions in order to improve proper communication within organization.

Implementing methods of good communication to be practiced at a hypothetical scenario