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Plan to Develop Business Communication Skills

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Published: 15th Aug 2018 in Communications

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Design ways to improve appropriateness

Appropriateness reflects tact or politeness and is defined as “the voidance of violating social or interpersonal norms, rules, or expectation (Kova, 1997).

Communication competence may be achieved by choosing the most appropriate channel, and the one that will be effective or accomplish one’s goal (Kova, 1997). The chosen channel may be an effective way to achieve the goal, yet it may not have a required degree of social presence or richness.

The perceived appropriateness and effectiveness of five communication channels were design to improve communication within Simplicity Pastry such as meeting, conference, workshops, email, and video conferences (Kova, 1997).

Workshops: One of the most pressing issues within Simplicity Pastry is the need to improve communication & interpersonal skills (Kova, 1997). Effective communication skills are a core competency at all levels especially senior management team, department teams, sales force, and customer service. Workshop can be use to improve simplicity communication level among employee (Kova, 1997). Simplicity Pastry Company will offer interactive workshops customized for their clients that address their specific and unique issues. While this workshop is part of the communications solution, the other part of the solution rests with the participants. If they want to become more effective in interpersonal communication, they must be willing to work and not just during the workshop, but after the workshop. The workshop’s goal should be at the center of all planning. Creative exercises will get everyone relaxed and involved, and don’t forget to follow up afterward: Although it can be scary to hear what people really thought of all your hard work, it will only improve the next event and the business. The workshop will train staffs and enhance their knowledge and skills in communication.

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Conferences: An annual conference will bring together agents, specialists and REC staff for informal networking, program planning and formal educational opportunities that meet the organization’s and individual’s needs (Kova, 1997). Conferences provide time for annual program planning work. Simplicity Pastry will have a good amount of time to work on their program plans and update information listed on their website. The conference will also provide an annual education experience related to the mission of Simplicity Pastry the and thus comply with federal requirements for annual educational in-service (Kova, 1997).

Meetings: The purpose of the all-staff meetings is to continue to enhance and promote two-way communication among all staff in order to highlight and provide information regarding organizational wide objectives, values and ideals (Kova, 1997). The primary benefits of getting together once or twice a year helps to maintain and build community among staff. Other benefits of meetings are: To improve communication and employee relations between all division groups within Simplicity Pastry, opportunities to celebrate successes and provide recognition to deserving and committed staff and it is an ideal time to solicit staff input on future organizational development activities (Kova, 1997). Meeting helps to boost productivity of businesses because it give the staff opportunities to voice their opinion, resolve issues before conflict arise and so forth.

E-mails: Electronic mail (e-mail), by its very design is suited to serve as one of the most practical communication mediums available. It can be used for all communication inside the organization if employed properly (Kova, 1997). Sending and Receiving e-mail to and from Simplicity Pastry will be a very simple task (if employees can manage the typing). Simple tasks like acknowledging receipt of e-mail and responding quickly can make communication through e-mail very efficient (Kova, 1997). However Simplicity can make e-mail easier for all it stakeholders by putting mechanism into place such as:

  • setup auto responders to indicate that our e-mail client has indeed received the mail
  • read e-mail, act appropriately, set ourselves time-limits to respond to/comment on e-mail
  • request to be removed from a communication list which we are not involved in (the process or the communication), to avoid false perception to the rest
  • use e-mail to backup conversation or communication of any other sort

Video conferencing: A video conference is a faster way to communicate with stakeholders of Simplicity Pastry. In case of any emergencies or long distance for example an investor cannot make it to a meeting base on certain circumstances a video conference call would be suitable to conduct the meeting without any missing information (Kova, 1997). Journeying to distant location to engage in face-to-face interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues is a time-honored business ritual but can be eliminated by communicating over video. With vast improvements in quality, availability, and ease of use, and with the ability to interact and share content in high definition, today’s video conferencing is as close to “being there” as one can get without actually making the trip. Travel reduction is the easiest expense to calculate when determining ROI of a video conferencing investment within Simplicity Pastry.

Implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in that organization

Simplicity Pastry wants to ensure that they achieve full integration and usage of video throughout your organization. Although there are clear tangible benefits to the usage of video, some employees will require additional encouragement and training to integrate video into their working lives. Through key learning from customers steps were identified to help achieve success in the implementation of video conferencing system within Simplicity Pastry. Simplicity Pastry will need to Securing Executive Sponsorship once Simplicity Pastry has made the decision to purchase video communications and installed the equipment, it is essential that Simplicity Pastry secure an Executive Sponsor to invest in the technology.

Training is a vital in any organization therefore Simplicity Pastry should ensure that employees feel comfortable enough with video to start using it as soon as it is deployed and keep using it. A great way to expose Simplicity Pastry staff to video is to hold Open Days or organize a 30 minute training session for all employees, walking them through the basics of placing a call.

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The implementation of Workshops will help to motivate staff. This is a great way for Simplicity staff to gain knowledge and information that will be beneficially to both the company and stakeholders. On the other hand conference and meeting is a great way to get feedback from staff. As this show how important their opinion are to the business success. Meeting will also give a fast respond to questions ask as well as reaching consolvement without or before conflict arises. Meeting also encourages collaboration and engagement of staff. This makes staff feels involve in decision making.

By implementing all the improvements, Simplicity Pastry will enjoy a range of benefits such as increase in employee productivity, increase productivity of the business, measurable return on investment for stakeholders, improve brand image, build strong relationship among staff, management and suppliers and so forth.

Create a personal plan to improve own communication skills

Before the researcher starts to create a personal plan to improve own communication skills the researcher must understand the two aspects of simplicity pastry. These aspects are the context which is the environment which the researcher works both internally and externally, and finally the content which is the role of the researcher within Simplicity Pastry. The researcher must also know the PEST FACTORS which will affect the organization externally

The content in which the researcher works was that the researcher has to know the polices and rules and regulation of simplicity pastry in order to carry out the task given. While the context in which the researcher works was to identified the factors that will affect Simplicity Pastry externally by doing an environmental scan. The factors that affect Simplicity Pastry are Political factor which deal with government laws and regulation of the country that all business has to adhere to. For example when the government raises taxes on food product this will affect Simplicity Pastry because it will only force them to raise the price of their product and consumer may complain and seek other alternative. With that said Simplicity Pastry will not get the chance to sell their product as they feel necessary because of the laws and regulation of the country.

An economic factor that may affect Simplicity Pastry is that base on the recession crisis that Jamaica is facing Simplicity will feel the effect of it strongly. Not just that but with the devaluation of the Jamaica dollars people are complaining about finding food to support themselves and that there is no job in the country. Social factors that might affect Simplicity Pastry Through an analysis of customers and potential customers, their changes in attitudes, lifestyles and opinions, were discovered that the classic wedding cake is a tradition of the past and is still trending in the 21century however the research as shown that the cupcake industry is a growing empire to replace old traditions. Technology factors this factor can affect Simplicity in the most dramatic way. Technology is what is trending in the 21 century, therefore technology is use to communicate with customers and employees, and even suppliers. Technology is essential to any organization because it’s a way of communicating to the audiences.

Five major strategic goals of Simplicity Pastry are as follows:

  • Increase profits and reduce expenses: Simplicity Pastry has been spending a certain amount for office supplies, insurance premiums, rent and other expenses which why simplicity needs to cut back on spending.
  • Increase Productivity: building relationship with employees will motivates them to work hard. Offer employees 40 percent of their daily wage for each sick or personal day they don’t take because giving back will let them know that they are apart of the organization and that their work in appreciated. Simplicity pastry can also implement training program for staff. Add a wellness program to keep employees healthy and working.
  • Create a Brand: It’s critical for Simplicity pastry to be different from the competitor. A catchy slogan or flashy ad or promotion won’t do it. Therefore simplicity needs to position their product as one that provides benefits to their specific target market. Knowing as much as you can about your customers is key to attracting them.
  • Increase product line and create new products: in the new 10 year simplicity pastry want to see itself making more product to satisfied it consumers
  • Gain competitive advantage over competitor: simplicity see it being the Jamaica’s number one pastry business in the eyes of all.
  • Provide quality service to customer.

Eight (8) competences requirements needs of Simplicity Pastry are as follows.

  • Managerial Competencies: good leadership skill are require to simplicity pastry
  • Coordination: things put in place
  • Problem solving: staff who can solve problem
  • Integrity: trust
  • Decision- making: precise and accurate
  • Good time management: good time management is needed to accomplish the goals of simplicity pastry as this will decided on the time the goals are achieve
  • Effective communication: this is needed so that staff don’t misinterpret the message
  • Smart objectives: simplicity pastry needs objectives that are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely.

The personal skills are skills that one learn while growth up. However those skills can be put into practices and make good use of them these skill are needed within an organization to make good decision and to help solve problem that the organization is facing, but according to an employee of Pastry Passion Personal skills is the ability to manage personal reactions to responsibilities and challenges in work and life. This involves managing your time (time management) and adapting to changing situations. While on the other hand professional skills are Skills needed to achieve organization. These skills are needed to overcome obstacles within simplicity pastry.


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