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Executive Summary:

Business may chance people to the job in different cultural defence on the international work the members of the team helps directly do to a job.

Mr. John, the manager of the British telecom has been promoted to the Indian Telecom services which is BSNL. Indian culture is really new to him and very strange. There will be collaboration of different culture which should be undertaken by Mr. John in BSNL. The main difficulties of Mr. John is working and living in India because of the culture environment and approach.

Mr. John had some steps to overcome this problem.

  • Should be more flexible.
  • Making friend
  • Successful sojourner

Terms of reference:

I am Saravanan, MSc graduate from university of Bedfordshire and I am working as a consultant in netting consultant from past seven years. Netting consultancy is one the most reputed consultant in India which as partners in abroad last week we hot a project from Mr. John the manager of BSNL posted from UK to India. I had an opportunity to handle this project.

Mr. John who is a manager of BT (UK) has been promoted to India as a senior manager of BSNL. BSNL is one of the telecom consists of many branches for each part of India. It works on with mobiles and landlines.

Mr. John had never been to India and he don't know the way of working and culture of the India he enquire me with his piece of paper about the Indian status culture and working experience.

  • How are Indian people? What is attitude towards British?
  • How about the business circumstance in India.
  • How can I face the culture barrier successfully?
  • What kind of problems I may encounter, particularly when I take part in international negotiation?
  • How can I do if face the kind of problems?
  • How can I mingle with local people of India?
  • How about the political factor? Will the local government change their opening door policies?

Overview of the situation:

Mr. John is working as a manager for BT, in United Kingdom he has been promoted as a senior of promotion is the collaboration of the Indian in single way he is very much concerned about the business style and culture of language in India. It is a country which consist of many languages and different culture this is main problem that Mr. John going to face.


India the second highest population in the world with 1.20 billion populations is in India. It has 28 states and 7 union territories with 250 spoken languages. It consists of different kinds of culture with different approaches. Indians are known to the world for the hospitality and high level of tolerance.

There are adaptation powers is high and hence they are able to scale height in the international arena. Indians slowly entered to international market but now they are achieving in many business in the world. Today India is a developing country because they are working with unity which is reason for their development. India companies introduce different type of offer day by day to attract customers because Indians easily get attracted to this because Indians easily get attracted to this kind of promotions. They mostly like to living with joint family. But in other countries we cannot expect this. Some people like to eat vegetable only. They celebrate different type of festival. It is defence upon the person because different type of religion living in India. They are developing their relationship by the festival.

There adaptation power is high which compare to the international areas is. Respectively the elders honouring hero's and cherishing love is the main culture of the Indian people .India is a field of developing telecommunication to the world thought they have many company and it has been adopted in the western economic culture they are different between the Indian and British of improving their style and historical inherent factor according to Greet Hofstadter the culture Dimensions (11/12/2009) ( please see chart 1)

There are many competitive networks available in India. They are BSNL Air Tel, TATA India com, Vodafone, Air cell, Reliance Mobile, Virgin Mobile. Among them BSNL is one the government firm and other are different on their own company. They produces different offer to the people to attract towards their network.

As shown in the figure Indian and British culture various.

PDI (power distance index) India is two times large when compare to UK. According to the greet Hofstadter remarks that “Power and in equality, of course are extremely basic facts of any society are unequal but some are more unequal than other” the senior may work as a developing technician in India but in UK there is no relationship between the workers in office. The workers have a good relationship between other parts of the world. The workers give there is no difference between the higher and layer officer in the company. They develop a understanding behaviour between them. This is the main part of the culture in India and so we cannot expect from other parts of the world.

2. IDV (Individualism) UK is two times higher them India. Because Indians are collectivist who is high degree with individual talent British people look after his or her family it is difficult to them but Indian people work as a group do to a wonderful job. UK have pond between the boss and employee which result in the boss as a master and employee as a slave.

3. MAS (Masculinity) UK is higher than India when compare to the studies and talent. They are many fundamental issues which are defence on the society with their family. They studies reveals woman's value less in the society them men's value .the men's value are more because they are value of assertive and competitive value of the work in the society. In India, the people are more care to the other people when compare to the people. The major part of woman's disadvantage is more shyness when compare to the men. Women's shows hesitate to shake and men and women. They work as both men and without any difference.

UAI (Uncertainty Avoidance Index) India and UK are more or less same when compare to the society detents. USI deals with society tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity. They are deals with culture program with its members for their feelings in unstructured situation.

LTO (Long term orientation) India is two times greater those British according to the chart. India is most popular for the long term orientation is associated with thrift and preservation but the value of short term orientation is fulfilling his social production. India is investing in the market and getting in the profit in the short time but British shows long term process they get low profit

Encountered the problem:

The help of international firma opened in western countries has become more familiar with the foreigners. Generally Indian people are most are welcome by the particular foreigners but the problem was different culture and communication, main problem may happen.

  • Communication can be held in different way for the improvement of relationship between them. This includes eye contact talking silent in meeting private information visiting colleagues etc.
  • There will be more problem arise while western and Indian people meet to together Indians are in depend on the communication between the members. They focus on the self on the achievement of the communication. They have the different in the superior and old age people.
  • According to the Hofstede time orientation dimension theory, Indian culture is a long term orientation towards life, threatens, persistence, status and communication difference between personal relationships.

Analysis of the situation:

In the pattern, explicit and implicit are complain to term culture relationship between the different part of world behaviours and affection shows to others are different on the human rights that are involved in the communication of face to face, difference on the future enhancement

Culture difference is perfectly explained by SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threats)

SWOT Analysis:


Experience and skills.

Being a responsible man Mr. John had manage all the problems that has been arrested while in UK that's why he has been promoted to do a business in India by his knowledge and skill.


Indians will always respect and give suite to their leaders especially who are in the high powers in doing the job.

Ambler and WITZEL (2004 pg83) remarks that “ages hierarchy and authority which are strongly linked”. It means that Mr. John should have a friends and adviser to him in the future.

As a foreigner:

India always welcomes all kind of foreigner with hospitality and curiosity. Some special policies have been greater by India to encourage foreigners to do their business here. Mr. John had been surprised when he reached India because of welcome given by Indian and he had good relationship building on his department.


Difference in culture:

Mr. John faces difficulties about the different culture in India. It has to be adopted by him with help of communication and relationship between others.

  • Mr. John hopes that there is no need for any more assistant for his work and his rules maintains. Because he had his own rule and way of approach to other.
  • Business has huge problem which make tension on mind of john. BSNL plays an vital role in India market on communication they are more private telecoms in India are using various techniques' to overview his business.
  • Regular meeting may causes difficulties for john to communicate between others, according to john his own countries language is helpful to him for the communication.


Mr. John had his experience before while working in Korea that will gives his opportunity to develop his way of culture in India

A good chance of studying about the Indian culture shows about the value of Indian culture

India shows the good environmental for business because of the population in India which attract business man in the earth. Transportation, communication and public awareness are better for doing business in India


Business may failure in the relationship between the different culture people. This may cause difficulties to the Mr. John leading to succession his business.

Poly culture problem: though India has much language in same organisation. Mr. John has more difficulties to understand what the employees of him team talking to each other.


Based on the analysis they are several steps to involve in the communication of first solution. Mr. John has to make decision upon his business with the employees to do the work.

To be flexible:

Indian people are more culture orientation on compare to the others they source the different values, believes and motivation. In the situation people should have awareness on their intercultural contact and the self present culture suitable manner. They should utilise all types of languages for communication to other. (Guirdham, 2002. Pgs508-5112)

To improvement the intercultural competence:

There is no difference in the personality between Indian and British but difference in the religion, feed and culture. There are difficulties to adopt in different culture by the person to maintain in the life problems in India as a consulted

Mr. John has to open his mind to meet people around him mainly to the neighbours and employees office team. By communicating between the people he can understand the culture language and thinking mind of the different people. The easiest way of communicating the people only during the festivals and any kind of celebration.

He has to share his views and opinion to his group members (employees) without any hesitation. While he worked in Korea he enjoyed language between then and got an idea about seeking credit in the culture. The best way of doing employment between others with help of drinks is happen in modern time this slows the common thing between British and Koreans.

Mr. John being seniors in telecommunication field he has to exchange his ideas to other with help of sound way on finest technology. This leads the best communication between the British and Korean languages for Mr. John to improve his talent

To make friends in India:

First before come to India he should read Indian culture and them life style. Because Indian culture totally different compared with British, so, he should read about culture and life style of India. The Indian culture is different to adoptee with other culture. The main problem of the culture is about speaking much different language in India. it is defence upon the area. Their life style totally different distinguish with British such as the way of food style, living, approaching etc. Mr. John should keep friendship with others. It is not only for neighbours and also should keep in work place. It is very useful for communication and work easily to Mr. John.

He should encourage their in work place. He may follow different way such as, he will give some gifts for their work performance, and he must after their festival, British party after that they will approach closely with him. The senior officer do not approach closely with lower officer in India, but , it is not happen in other countries so, whenever the foreign ear to them don't keep capitalism, community and formality after that they can easily adopted with Indian. They are sentiment and affection people. I mentioned about the ideas it is very useful to make friendship with Indians.

To be a successful sojourner:

Every successful journer shows the intercultural identity by using several positive factors is to gain extend and flexible idea from the different person. The following are some advantage of success journal

  • A drive to communicate
  • Broad based sociability
  • Culture flexibility
  • International orientation
  • Collaborative negotiation

By having a long term relationship the business partner may improve his business in a right way. So Mr. John had a contact on his overview business. Under his view the business a major way of communication and improve the different culture. “International communication is a two way street with both sides sharing the burden and responsibility of culture awareness” (ferraro 2002 pg129) is the main role of Mr. John so he had a net relationship between his employee and friends in India.

To be a successful intercultural manager:

A company needed a good way of communication, a stop and intelligent persons with ideas drained training place the important role in the success of business of business. The communication between the manger and employee shows the success in the business with different culture. If the manage does not co orientate with his employee is result in failure in business. ( Hofstede 2005, page 366 to 369)


Forecast can be defined as expectation of a future demand and making plans and outcomes is the result of it.

In India if we launch any new product there will be a success defence in the outcome of people's eagerness. This will help Mr. John to understand the culture of India and he can set a mind on the product a product at any kind of situation. This will helpful to launch any product in any part of the world.