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Improving Communication in an Organization

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Published: 18th Jul 2018 in Communications

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This research was to show how communications, knowledge and information can be improved within an organization. Planning, organizing, and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise.

To determine how to carry out work are more effective than others. For example clientele may learn faster and they may more ready adopt proposed technology when certain teaching methods are used opposed to others.

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The determination of how is being spent often is best made by staff members who are directly involved in programmed delivery. This suggests that decision making decentralized, with resources being sub-divided among the various units of the organization.



CSC consultancy is a start-up consulting firm, focused that has been recognized over six years now in Clarendon, Stalks Street Avenue. CSC offers advice to store owners, business owners and customers towards environmentally and sensitive buildings as well as recommendation.

CSC offers a list services for businesses owners to choose from depending on their particular business needs and wants. This includes sales, finance, discipline and management. CSC offers a wide variety of services for clothes/ business solutions, needs and wants, requirement. This includes business and marketing plan preparation, financial, search and procumbent, consulting service management development, human resource advising.

Established by: Oregon based with two principals; partners:

Miss Camille Davis, Mr. David and Everton Dailey. Which each of whom owns 30% share in the company.

Camille’s Fashion House

This company was established in August 21 2002, owned by Camille Davis and her husband Winston Davis. This company is a small fashion house that carters for every household wives, husbands, boys and girls, early childhood. This company has a good customer care service, which entails 13 males, and 14 females. Ten women work in the clerk area, and the other four are cashiers, eleven males’ works in the packaging area, and the other three works in the shoe department. Camille fashion house is located in May Pen, Clarendon, at Evans Street. There is a security at the front of the door when walking in, our staff in my company they are very friendly and corporative.

This company provides 27 employees in my establishment, a manager; Carnet Grant. The competition level in our area is very hectic, so therefore we have to advertise our business on the television, broadcast on the radio and the internet.

There are a wide variety of clothes, from Italian, to leather, and cloth materials, we also provide shoes from heals to flat sandal shoes, from originally made shoes and internationally shoes. We also provide a wide variety of hand-bags, from both locally ware to international. We also provide children wares from kids to teenagers, from clothes to shoe ware.

The company aims to provide quality services, good customer care, value of goods and services. This will improve more shoppers coming in to buy, whether on promotions or otherwise.

CSC co-owners Camille D, David B and Everton Dailey, will each provide 30,000 that will each provide the bulk of the start-up business expenses. This other fund will come from the small business administration year loan.


  • To ensure regular and adequate supply of funds to develop the communication process.
  • To ensure adequate returns to the shareholders this will depend upon the earning capacity.
  • To ensure optimum funds utilization, if the funds are procured however they should be utilized in maximum possible way at least cost.
  • To identify a sound plan of capacity structure, there should be invested in safe venture so that adequate rate of return can be achieved.


A survey was carried out in the street using observations and interviews with fellow citizens and residents in my district and country.

This survey was carried out to understand to recognize the communications which takes place effectively in organization. Also to understand the interaction between communication, knowledge and information.

However, a qualitative evaluation will be utilized for this research project of subjective methods such as interviews and observations to collect relevant data.

A SWOT analysis was used which includes; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to analyze how best to customize the course to the target citizens.

I have established collaboration with fellow citizens from the communications and knowledge department. Working at this institution will be an opportunity for me to work on a very insightful project.

Literature Review

What is communication?

According to “Skills You Need Helping You Develop Life Skills” at www.skillsyouneed.com ,communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we may communicate the subject becomes a lot more complex. There are various categories of communication and more than one can occur at any time.

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Different categories of communication are:

Spoken or verbal communication, face-to-face, telephone, radio or television and other media. Non-verbal communication; body language gestures, how we dress or act even our scent. Written communication such as letters, emails, books, magazines, the internet or other media.

According to the Journal of Communication Management, ISSN 1363-254x, the management of knowledge goes far beyond the storage and manipulation of data, or even of information. It is the attempt to recognize what is essentially a human asset buried in the minds of individuals, and leverage it into an organizational asset that can be accused and used by a broader set of individuals on whose decisions the firm depends. The ability to manage human intellect and its conversion into useful product is perhaps, the most critical management skill in our age, providing the ultimate in competitive edge.

At www.enotes.com , where how to assess internal and external sources of information and understanding was defined clearly. Managers in organization need information on what is happening within the organization as well as about the external environment within which the organization operates. People at lower level of organization need more of the internal information and less of external information. But with increasing level of external information increases and the quantity of internal information increases. The managers at the top management level thus need a large amount of external information on the environment within which they operate.


Discuss the range of decisions to be taken

Decisions are apart of the managers remit. Difficult choices may have to be made for the common good of the organization.

Information is used by businesses to assist in the decision making process at different levels such as:

  • Strategic decisions are long term complex decisions made by senior management. The decisions will affect the entire direction of the company for example to become:
  1. The market leader in the field.
  2. Azan super-center might discontinue the sales of utensils in Ohio Rios as went down in the past year.
  • Tactical decisions are medium term, less complex decisions made by middle management, they follow on form strategic decisions and aim to meet the objective stated in any strategic decision.
  • Operation decisions are day to day decisions made by Junior managers that are simple and routine.
  1. This may include the regular auditory of supplies or the creation of a staff master.
  2. The manager of Azan’s supercenter decides that he or she would advertise for a new sales representative in the local newspaper.

Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding

Every organization has a formal communication network which ideas and information flow along the lines of command. Downward , horizontal and upward direction, these are the three ways in which formal communication flows. Downward communication flows from executive to employees , conveying executive decisions , and providing information that helps employees to their jobs. Providing insights into problem , trends , opportunities , griviances and performance, thus allowing executive to solve problems and make intelligent decisions. Horizontal communication close between department to help employees share information , coordinate task and solve complex problems.

Smart managers know that particularly active grape is a sign that formal communication network is not providing the information employees believed they need:

  • External communication flows into and out of the organization by both formal announcement and informal contract at industry galleries or networking and social events. Informal external changes are now considered so important that a new class of technology has sprang up to enable them.
  • Internal source of information, that you use in your business can be primary information that you obtain from inside your own company. There are different types of internal information such as:
  1. Financing information
  2. Marketing information
  3. Purchasing information
  4. Sales information
  5. Administrative information
  6. Personnel information

Justify recommendations for improvement

Identify stakeholders for a decision making process

Stakeholder relationship that are unmanaged or mismanaged have a number of consequences for any given company. These include unnecessary expenses , and a lack of buying to processes and initiatives aimed of transforming the company. However , stakeholder management is a difficult understanding for an organization because it requires investment and commitment to long term structured process. In order to develop business strategies one should or must:

  • Identifying your stakeholders

Particularly in large organizations this process is a critical one because the network of stakeholders with an investment or interest in your business is broader than others.

  • Prioritized them, however noble your intentions, regarding stakeholder relationship management there unfortunately have to be some individual and group whose needs are more important and who require prioritization if you intend to maintain their support.
  • Understand their needs, stakeholders require consistent and regular communication and service. However, their individual distinctiveness. Requires that this communication be personalized and targeted.
  • Engage with them, you must find innovative and effective manner in which to communicate with these stakeholders. Whatever tactics you use , it is helpful to have a communication plan in place so that the process runs smoothly without negatively impacting on productivity.
  • Monitor your engagement efforts, it is important to track and monitor your efforts and gage the responses to them. Speak to individuals directly , encourage feedback and through email tracking assess whether people are reading the information that you are deciminating.

Make contact with those identified and develop business relationships

The most important way in which you can make contact with your stakeholders is by identifying the target audience. These ways include; meetings , conference calls , news , letters or emails or posters which could be a means of a formal method for communicating. While on the other-hand, hall- way conversations , lunch meetings, drinks at a bar after work and sport events could be a means of a formal method , in which to make contact and develop business relationships.

Has you build your network you need to nurture your contacts so that you can be a valuable network resource. They are as follows:

  • Stay in-touch
  • Connect with your contact
  • Ask how you can help
  • Share resources
  • Include and collaborate
  • Attend social events
  • Call your contact
  • Update your social media sites
  • Send a news letter or a blog post


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