Higher Sports and Fitness

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Higher Sports and Fitness

Selecting a Residential Experience Report

1 Introduction

Liz Alexander and Jim Griffin asked Jan Czerwonka to compose a report researching the best option open to Motherwell College for the Higher Sports and Fitness students' residential experience. The report looks at three different places, the types of accommodation and activities that the options have on offer and also whilst taken into account transport to and from each place and price.

2 Procedures

Information was gathered by using the internet to investigate three different types of locations, the accommodation that each had on offer and the size of groups each could take, the type of activities and ways in which the students could benefit from these activities, price of each location and accessibility the author also contacted three different bus companies in the local area in which buses could be hired. Which the SWAT analysis weak points of the student were leadership, speaking, confidence, considerate and value others.

3 Findings

3.1 Auchengillan Outdoor Centre - Bearsden Glasgow


Providore Building cost £305 for weekdays. Accommodation up to 30 residents.

Allander Chalet cost £705 for weekdays and can accommodate up to 60 residents. This modern building provides a comfortable base. There are toilets on both floors and showers on the upper floor. A drying room is situated on the ground floor. Every bedroom has double bunk beds, washing facilities and wardrobe. Bedrooms are also equipped with a table and four stacking chairs.

Kyle Cabin cost £452 for weekdays can accommodate up to 38 residents. The building comprises a main hall; dining area and modern kitchen, washing facilities on both floors; shower room; drying room; bunk bed accommodation for 26/30 group members in three dormitories; bunk bed accommodation for 8/12 staff in two dormitories and staff lounge.

Time to travel to this centre would be 50 minutes.

3.1.1 Activities:

Team Building activities helps students to work together to overcome communication problems solving team based tasks. Assist each other to overcome obstacles and muddy challenges. Crate Climbing will tests concentration, balance and nerves Para Drop activity provides sense of real achievement Climbing is for all levels of climbers Mountain Biking will provide good exercise and fun

3.2 Loch Eil Outward Bound Centre - Close to Ben Nevis

The Centre is set amongst its own grounds on the foreshore of Loch Eil. It's situated near Britain's highest mountain

3.2.1 Activities:

Activities are planned out for students with the key objectives being to understand and develop teamwork skills, leadership skill, improve communication skills and decision making skills whilst aiming to have fun.

Course runs from a Saturday - Friday.

The time to travel to this centre would be 2 hours 50 minutes

3.3 Thornbridge Outdoors - Derbyshire


The Lodge

The Lodge is situated centrally on the Thornbridge site and sleeps 32 including 4 staff. The building has 9 bedrooms with a mixture of bunk-beds and single beds sleeping up to 6 in a room. There are showers and also a separate shower for disabled and staff. All bedding is provided. The lodge has a separate classroom and a drying room.

The Farm

The Farm is 19th Century building and sleeps 29 including 4 staff.

The building has 7 bedrooms which are a mixture of bunk-beds and single beds sleeping up to 6 in a room. There are showers and one of the bedrooms is en-suite. All bedding is provided and the building is centrally heated.

The Camp

The Camp will accommodate up to 40 people.

It has showers, toilets and an outside covered area for washing up.

The Camp also has a separate dining room which can seat up to 40 people

Cost for all three is £15 per person per night.

3.3.1 Activities:

Wobbly Log and Net Climb is a good challenge

Climbing Boulder is great activity for building confidence, co-ordination, movement, skills and fitness.

Zip Wire will give sense of achievement

Jacobs Ladder is great team building challenge.

Weasailing is good team activity

Nightline would be good fun

Time to travel to this centre would be 4 hours and 20 minutes

3.4 Transportation

A wide selections of coach companies is available locally to hire buses for all size of groups from 16 seats to 49 seats at competitive prices. Some are:

Essbee Coach Hire - 7 Hollandhurst Road, Coatbridge, 01236423621

A & C Coaches - 4 Hillhead Avenue, Motherwell, 01698307766

Stonehouse Coaches - 2 Ayr Road, Larkhall, 01698888878

4 Conclusions

Looking at the evidence Auchengillan provides a variety of different types of accommodation to meet the needs of all different types of groups at very competitive prices. It is also close to college and transport could be hired at a very reasonable cost. A varied range of fun activities are available to pick from that will challenge students and push them out of there comfort zone. The only disadvantage of this centre is that linen is not supplied and has to be hired at extra cost.

The evidence also shows that Loch Eil is close to college so again transport would be a reasonable price. They are a few disadvantages to this place though all activities are planned for students there is no choice, the course also runs form a Saturday - Friday which is a long week of activities.

The final place Thornbridge has different types of accommodation to suit all types of groups with a wide variety of activities that could be choose from to enable students to achieve their goals. However this is situated in Derbyshire the cost of hiring transport would be more expensive and it is further away from college adding this onto the price of the accommodation at £15 per person per night would work out to be very costly for the college.

5 Recommendations

Having looked at all the evidence this report recommends that the best option for the college would be Auchengillan Outdoor Centre as it is the most affordable and it caters to the all the needs the college require for this residential outing. It offers a wide variety of activities that are both challenging and fun for the students which will also enable them to push themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve their goals. It is also the closest to the college and transportation would be very affordable and easy to hire.


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