Emerging social and business technologies

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Emerging technologies when they are complete standardised they attains multi dimensional accessibility for the companies to achieve business success because of their research and innovation in respective fields [1]. There exists different types emerging technologies such as Robotic Surgery, nanotechnology, GRID technologies, cloud computing etc which are on high demand in the market and the innovated products in these fields are showing drastic effect on the businesses of the organizations which are doing the business of these technologies. These technologies show drastic impact and bring changes in the society by its applications which help the society to face different challenges that are solved by emerging technologies. In this paper we are discussing about two types of emerging technologies that achieved good demand in the market. These technologies include 'future car technologies and methods and tools' and 'Robotics in Surgery'. This paper is divide in to five parts which includes introduction about the two technologies which are hot topics in the market which is explained in brief, then discussion about the two emerging technologies: 'Future car technologies and methods and tools' and 'Robotics in Surgery' and their impacts on society and business perspective. Then, recommendation and conclusion parts follow in the paper.

Key words: Nano technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, emerging technology, social impact, business impact


          In this paper our main goal is to explain social and business impacts that are shown by emerging technologies. Here we are dealing with two technologies 'Future car technologies and methods and tools': Nano car technology and robotics in surgery. In this section we briefly discuss about the two technologies in brief:

The two technologies in brief:

Nano car technology is one of the growing technologies which may lead companies to increase its customer base and improve their profits by make sales. Under this technology good quality new cars are manufactured at lower cost and sold to the customer at vary low price. When we compare the price of the final product, nano car to the regular cars it is very low and these cars are very ideal for transportation. The future perspective shows positive impact on the business and society may benefit from these products because the products are available at lower costs and it causes less pollution.

          The other technology robotics in surgery is most exiting subject to be discussed. It is an exiting subject in which emerging technology is used in surgical profession. Robotic surgery is upcoming topic in the market and many specialist hospitals are using these technologies in their surgical application to reduce the risk for patient and to provide impressing service to them. The robotic surgery is an excellent concept to be there in the practical surgery but they are mostly limited to some of the facilities because of its higher cost. So, as per the business perspective lot of marketing is needed for robotic equipments to make them more practical.

Technology1: 'Future car technologies and methods and tools': Nano car technology


The research and development departments of the companies are striving hard to invent new products to achieve competitive advantage and attain more customers in the market and have lots of revenues in the market. This concept best suits for the TATA Motors for their invention and launching Nano car in to the market. The society in which the product was launched is strongly affected by the launch of the technology. The technology's impact on society and business can be explained as follows:

Social Impact:

          The introduction of the future car technology 'nano car' has shown strong impact on the society. If we consider the market in which nano car is introduced we can understand the impact it shown on the market. Nano car was designed and launched into the market by TATA motors. The technology used in the design of the car is customised product in such a way that the product is available for the customer at very low price which is approximately appx £1400 (INR1,00,000). The availability of car at such a cheap price shows impact on the customer decision and it helps them to own a car at very low prices as mentioned above. The pollution caused by nano car is very low because of the engines design and it is expected that the CO2 emissions of the car is 110g/km which is far less than the regular large cars emissions in the market [2]. So, there is a chance of decrease in pollution caused by the usage of cars in the market.

On the other hand it is also expected that if most of the people who are actually about to own motor bikes change their decision and may purchase cars because of its comparative low price. If the usage of cars increases the CO2 emissions into the environment may increase and this may lead to the global warming. The fuel consumption of the car is comparatively low for the nano cars this lead to less usage of the fuel by the users. This helps the society in either ways which are explained as follows. It is expected that fuel consumption continuously grows every year and it is approximately 1853 kilograms per person every year [3]. If the usage of the nono car increases in the market this value may decrease and fuel consumption across the world may decrease. This directly decreases the environmental pollution and it improves the availability of the fuel resources across the world. There are few other technologies such as electric car technology which is designed on the base of alternative technology which uses electricity as the fuel to run. It is also designed in such a way that it uses very small amounts of electricity to charge the car and the cost incurred in maintenance of the car is less when compared to the fuel consuming vehicles. From the technology of the nano car it can be easily understood that it provides numbers advantages to the society using it in both financial and environmental concerns. But, scientists conveys the information in other way 'may the nano car uses less fuel but if the number of users of the car increases it also increases the fuel consumption and this may lead to increase the CO2 emissions into the environment it causes to increase the pollution in the environment'.

Business Impact:

          There are many automobile companies in the market which are planning to implement the nano technology to manufacture nano cars and release in to the market. This is because of the impact it shows on the business. Before providing the information on the impact of the future car technology 'nano car technology' we are supposed to know few characteristics of the nano car. The cost incurred in manufacturing the nano car is very cheap and it is made available to the customers at very low price (appx. £1400). The fuel consumed by the car is very less comparative to other cars because of its size and the engine used in the car. As the fuel consumption is low, the CO2 emissions of the car are very low this decreases the environmental pollution.

          The primary concern of the business perspective goes with the customer satisfaction and satisfying their needs. The price of the nano car is very cheap and it may attract many customers who are about to purchase motor bikes in the underdeveloped, developing and developed countries may chose nano car is their best option to go for. So, in four P's of the marketing the primary P 'price' is satisfied by the customer. The design of the car is good and the features of the car are made attractive so, the product is manufactured gains the customers. Generally most of the organizations innovates new technologies to attract customers and to be competitive in the market. Nano car technology is in demand because of its above mentioned features and it is considered as the competitive advantage of the company in attracting the customer. It is explained by taking of an example TATA motors and it's launching of Nano car into the market. Nano car designed by the TATA has got one lakh advance bookings in India before its launch. Tata is planning to launch its nano car in UK and Europe markets in 2010 and this increases its customer base and improves profits for the company.

Technology2: Robotics in Surgery[5]

          The second emerging technology which we are to discuss in this paper is Robotics in surgery, an exiting subject in which emerging technology is used in surgical profession. Robotic surgery is upcoming topic in the market and many specialist hospitals are using these technologies in their surgical application to reduce the risk for patient and to provide impressing service to them. The robotic surgery is an excellent concept to be there in the practical surgery but they are mostly limited to some of the facilities because of its higher cost. So, as per the business perspective lot of marketing is needed for robotic equipments to make them more practical.

Social impacts:

          Using artificial intelligence in conducting medical surgeries shows direct impact on the society. As a starting stage people may afraid of using automation in receiving services related to surgeries but if they believe and trust on the robotics then they may only visit hospitals with robotic facilities. The errors made by the human professional surgeons can be decreased using these robotic professional surgeons. At present we are not using professional robots to do complete surgery bust using them in assisting professional surgeons while doing surgery. Many tools used conducting various test on the patients are done by using these machines. Previously, the surgery is done in a complicated method, where the patient's body was wounded for the purpose of doing the surgery. This sort of the methods involves lot of risk for the patients. There are situation where patients dead. Using this robotic technology, where machines are trained in such a way that even heart surgery can be done for patients by making small hole on the patients body [5].

It involves less risk for the patients life as the bleeding of blood is low and would made on the patients body will be cured in no time. Practicing surgical profession is very sensible and it is involved with lot of risk. Many people in the society find it as indigestion for keeping their life in hands of a trained machine. This raises fear of risking their life by doing so. I hope this is the reason why most of the people are afraid of robotic surgeries and this was the reason for putting boundary fro robotics by limiting them to the assisting surgeons in doing surgery. In most of the countries doctors are not good in using technical equipment so there is a necessity of training surgeons to learn how to operate these intelligent agent machines which are used by them in doing operation. In order to create trust among the people we should educate people about Robots and their efficiency.

The main impact of the robotics in surgery on society is it decreases the problem faced by the society, which is in lack of professional Surgeons. These professional robots can meet the surgical requirements of the patients. And as these robots provide safe and risk free service the patients may feel risk free to attend surgeries [5]. This reduces the fear of surgeries among the people. The cost of robotic technology is another resistance of the society from acquiring robotic technologies.

Business impact:

As we mentioned above, a line was drawn around the robotics technology resisting it from entering into the practice. Two reasons can be provided for this issue, one is because of the fear of the customers in accepting trained machines for surgery related profession. But, in developed countries the robotic surgery is accepted by the customers. For this reason marketing of these technologies are more important before putting them in practice. In recent days in countries like US and UK robotic surgeries are in demand and some of the surgeries done by robotics include General Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Cardiac Surgery etc. The customers for this technology include specialty and multi-specialty and super specialty hospitals in the various areas. The research and development departments of the organizations which are operating in this segment strive very hard to innovate new thing and innovating in designing new systems which used in medical assistance. Previously for many decades the surgeries are done by hands or some handheld equipment to operate patients.

Before understanding the impact of the emerging technology: robotics in surgery, we are supposed to know the advantages and disadvantages of the robotics in surgery. Because this information is relevant in understanding how it is considered as per business perspective. The main advantage of use of trained robots in surgery resulted in solving previously faced problems of laparoscopic surgery, and various critical operations such as improving visualization, ergonomic position and setting hand eye co-ordination etc. These problems are considered as complex operations earlier, but now a day with the helps of robotics they are done with very ease. There few disadvantages of these robotic systems: what ever the technology implemented in these robots they are after all machines and trained for doing some operations. If they face some new situation in the operation which not trained by them they may not react for that. The incompatibility of the products used in the design of the robots may cause few problems in their operations. There are two other disadvantages which resists the usage of robots is its price and size. Generally the price of the robotic technology and maintaining them is a big problem. Although most of the hospitals using this technology to meet the customer requirements they are afraid of the failure of system in being successful. So, as a competing organization in the segment of robotics industry they should own a good R&D department to deal with the positive and negative aspects mentioned in the above information. The future perspective of the robotics in surgery is tempting these industries to invest more in innovating new products.


Some of the emerging technologies may look like costly but they are very useful in dealing various problems existing in the society. These technologies provide a simple solutions to the sever problems. As mentioned above in this paper we have discussed about pros and cons and impacts of two different emerging technologies, 'Future car technologies and methods and tools': Nano car technology and robotics in surgery. These are the two growing technologies and the show positive impacts on the society and business firms to meet the success in marketing the technology related products. There are few negative issues related to these emerging technologies that are to be understood and solved by the R&D departments of the companies dealing with related businesses to meet achieve success. It is understood from the future perspectives of these businesses that companies may surely achieve success in promoting these technologies and helping society.