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Barriers to Effective Communication and Interaction in a Multicultural Society

Multicultural society

Nations and countries are apparently having constant and intensive work on strategies and programs to develop a state of conserved culture and identity to help in making the local culture the most dominant among others of the influencing culture that is appearing along with foreign residents who shared the native locals the prosperity & developments in the country all enjoying living in.

In this concise where so many of us feels related and responsible towards strengthening the reach to a conserved culture state that makes from it an important part of their future strategies, plans, programs and workshops to respond directly through education and awareness creation programs or indirect through media resources to effectively start at all levels or authorities in most of organizations and countries trying to have a strong ties to their history, heritage and cultural paradigms reflected from the sense on fast emerging societies in today's world of globalization and high level of challenges at all aspects of life distracting the focus on cultural references at a high time of focus towards maximum customer's satisfaction, cut in expenses and maximizing profitability factors and measures along with great attraction programs, resolutions, rules & regulations facilitating more new foreign residents, tourists, mergers and investors.

The fact is appearing as no matter to efforts done on programs creating cultural awareness, the multicultural society is in process to get as a measure to progressing society in developing countries. Today and in all societies we see and feel strong effects and or influence from others culture into any society in the world but in different ratio from one society to another, and supporting that the fast development in technology on both communications and transportations besides the other means or tools. As an example to that what we see in Dubai the most shining city in United Arab Emirates towards more global multicultural society concerned about the developments on local nationals and the country local resources by maximum utilizations of positive factors made available within the multicultural society.


People the employees who live in multicultural society forms a complex of communication methods based on the characteristics of individuals forming that society and the needs or benefits behind forming part of that society for each and every individual is part of it. The motive for each individual in such societies was initially the prospect potential in the opportunity rising from it and constructing the goal and mission to accomplish within multicultural society, it has to be of raped change and constant development, always the individual is in need to prove competency as a result effecting the way of communication the employee adopts and always assess for better communication and accomplishments.

In Dubai the employees practiced the communications skills among each other as effectively and reflecting in the survey conducted with positive results in this regards which also includes or proves the local nationals as expressing in showing the deep and old relations and understanding to neighboring culture and the level of good education the local nationals had added value to them and proving capabilities in making his existence in multinational organizations supported by a great market share in workforce and manpower of local markets.

Generally the local nationals are very social in nature and open to others culture as well, he loves the concept of tourism locally inside the country and internationally as expressed in the tourism market and a business value of profit making from UAE market, and from the nature of his country approaching many countries with direct relations acquired him many values and qualities shaping their personality and effecting positively in overcoming barriers to effective communications and making him successful in his life. Local nationals appears in many occasions locally, regionally and internationally and in many different presentations or contests appears individually and government officials and willingness to participate in competitions representing his nation or country as appeared in the endurance competition the head of state, the normal local individual and foreign team members all celebrated the participation and happy moments.

The contributions to nature, humanity or our earth saving in many occasions appeared locally, regionally and internationally and at all levels from head of state to a normal personal contributions with remarkable history of support and many of appreciations on that. Local nationals gained great amount of confidence from the positive and effective communications models shown by their elders and made of it a vision to successful business and personal developments also the local national made up his mind to greater challenges and competitions proving his capabilities and skills in making advantage of all existing resources and accumulated experiences and applying all advices of the elders and UAE icons to not just accept the success state but to build on it the vision to lead and not only locally but international as well. It is appearing very obvious from analyzing the survey where the clear majority in the market place are of age category (20-40) those who are actively learning, applying and teaching by the collective contributions to others in supporting and encouragements by effective communications and doing by leading in various domains a local individual works with high level of responsibility whether he or she managing the unit as in Dubai TV how difficult to tell if the employee is a unit leader or executive officer.


Employers or managers are also part of society and accordingly a culture role represents a major characteristic on them personally and the organization in general but in less consideration as profitability is the motto inside. Dubai in short time passed great challenges towards successful multicultural society employers made great advantages out from it and the variety or mix in workforce is being utilized as more selective for the best of the organization whether it is a private or public sector and all shall stand responsible of the profitability in organization's financial status where his or her team members are of local nationals or not, in return the local nationals gains massive accumulative experiences adding value to him in strengthening the effective communications skills in multicultural society feeling proud representing their culture in taking the chance introducing it or making activities on traditional event allowing others as well to present their culture in personal attitude or activities he should participate actively in their events as how major private or public sector organizations celebrate their cultural event freely and openly as how we practice the new year celebrations.


In multicultural society a set of challenges always rises on top of all relations than older most traditional model of typical conserved society where motor of relations and communications are less challenging and more stable where as in a society like in Dubai and organizations operates in forms of multinational that applies great factor in building strong communication skills and to overcome barriers towards targets orientations and achievements all in return creates a knowledge management base all employees utilizes for the self development into more career advancements the local nationals have the most of it since all input experiences will remain within organizations and exists in his society . Moreover there is no fear for the local nationals of residency act and more relax in terms of cost of living therefore we find them more relax in doing the job and more focused in creating for him self more chance in looking for advanced experiences in less efforts and by utilizing the social experience have.


From the foreign experiences arrive to the multicultural societies and or multinational organizations the knowledge management base gets larger and more of experiences are always added to it fresh, new and developed makes a great opportunity for the employees to act upon in forms of creative jobs in challenging working environment such as Dubai society creating a center of attraction to many skilled and creative employees a local nationals can share and learn in a progressing working environment proved in the survey his active existence in challenging multinational organizations keeps the best of workforce individuals local nationals got part of it with good and creative working skills and effective communications.


Dubai in the last few years got more challenging and successfully attracted more of new businesses and investors and the developments where sited in almost all directions and specialties in a cycle of major developments at high scale in most developing countries comparatively very high to neighboring states made the market and organizations in need to quantity added to the workplace we all noticed from the value and nature of finished jobs or projects local nationals had a part of it in all working levels or standards as it is obvious from the survey result and the advantage he has in gaining more skills as effective communications supported him in generating more jobs as a quantity was an issue and a challenge.


The nature of Dubai as a city in United Arab Emirates developing for the best utilizing the nature of being the center across continents and great advantage of transportations and communications of different means or methods indirectly made available. At initial stage all living in this place evaluated the establishments of multinational organizations working in naval, marine services or oil fields and developed parallel markets satisfying their needs and services added to them the experience, the effective communications and quality to products and services effected on them very fast in quality of living and quality of work which is strengthening the level they obtained and willingness to continue and prosper. Generally and after developments with great challenges they considered quality as a value and importance that affect their businesses dramatically, only a great efforts and proven effective communications can secure progress to their personal developments, organizations and the country.

Projects Volume

In the last 10 years people live in Dubai finds it difficult to remember details of a land mark comparatively to the current state of developments went across the country of new and fine finished projects all around the place of high volume and mega projects people observed its development right from project announcement, sketch plans, media advertising to the time of project inauguration and having a tour inside it where all building blocks of the project took place between us or in front of us which adding to locals and residents the big picture of projects and activities involved of course not the engineering details but the multicultural environment as a result of it, in forms of new machinery, type of the projects and the new concept behind it, foreign workers, managers, foreigners attitude or personal activities we are introduced to directly or indirectly by just being among us and living in our city gets into our accumulative experiences and shapes our future plans and vision.


Dubai encouraged the private organizations in the field of technology to operate in easy manner by means of support and attractions and to facilitate their existence on Dubai land for the sake of prosperity and ways of opportunity a local national can take advantage of. We find at this time the major players in the technology market are having their regional offices and local nationals in their operations teams as normal staff member proving skills of effective communications and having more chances to build on skills and experiences more and more by supporting these organizations to have special considerations in modifying rules and regulations encourages them plan for a long future among us where more of opportunities for local nationals to work, learn and practice effective communications by doing and evaluation a chance for all to progress and prosper the local nationals, local government and the multinational organization who is going to have better support, services and the local skilled manpower.


Dubai government supported the local nationals with good education from the basic level to the post graduation. The multicultural society nature of Dubai encouraged foreign manpower to settle with their families in Dubai attracted the major schooling business to provide their service a local national took advantage of and on the other hand where a government programs of gaining experiences and overcoming obstacle or barriers on effective communications is the educational support for locals to develop on higher education abroad in the best international schools and universities.