Different types of revolutions

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Due to the different types of revolutions throughout our life, there are a number of issues that are created as results of these developments. On every single sort of revolutions there are positive and negative repercussions. More to the point , to keep improving our life to the better, people should be fully aware of both kinds of impacts with the aim of benefiting from the advantages and wisely solving the problems. Nowadays, alcohol is considered as one of the major problems which does not affect only the drinkers ,however, it does affect the people who surround her/him. For all intents and purposes, a massive matter, such as alcohol use, must not be overlooked by the societies to any further extent, however, it has to be thoughtfully taken in to account. Regardless of the fact that sex and violence exist in the human nature without alcohol use, and although alcohol somehow has advantages when it comes to avoiding heart diseases and getting people together, these advantages can at some point become disadvantages and alcohol could affect sex and violence in a damaging way.

The first thing to be considered when it comes to the issue of alcohol is how alcohol has a somehow straightforward relation with sex and violence. Opponents of alcohol banning claim that human beings are naturally inclined towards violence and conflict and in some societies alcohol has the effect of making people less aggressive and violent. In addition, they strongly believe that sex and violence are identified as fundamental aspects of our genetic make-up, moreover, alcohol brings them to the surface by allowing people to do actions that they cannot do when they are not under the alcohol influence(Hanson). Well, violence and sex are primal parts of humans, but alcohol is one of the foremost causes of violence and crime in modern society. Also, alcohol encourages violent behaviour by disrupting ordinary brain occupation as alcohol deteriorates brain mechanisms that more often than not restrain impulsive behaviours. According to The United State Department of Justice Report on Alcohol and Crime has found that "alcohol abuse was a factor in 40 percent of violent crimes committed in the United States"("Crime and Alcohol"), as a consequence, banning it would dramatically descend the incidence of these crimes. Furthermore, a recent statistic which was conducted by a police department affirms that 60 percent to 80 percent of all kinds of crimes are in a straight line related to alcohol effects(Marsh).

Not only does alcohol affect sex and violence, but it also does affect the health in the long term. Opponents maintain that drinking alcohol every other day for middle-aged and older adults can assist protect against heart disease by raising levels of "good" HDL cholesterol and by reducing the risk of blood clots in the coronary arteries.. Also, the majority of people think that alcohol is quite risk-free and just something to be enjoyed("Alcohol and Health"). It is fact that alcohol may helps to protect against heart disease, however, it causes more harm than it benefits. In addition, alcohol takes effect very quickly and it is easily absorbed into the blood stream and begins to affect the brain causing impairment. Furthermore, alcohol harms certain parts of the body leading on to all the whole body like liver, heart, stomach, and brain damages and that causing to death. Several investigations have found that there a relation among excessive alcohol abuse and cancer of the mouth, throat and oesophagus, especially with people who drink and smoke as well. Heavy drinkers also run a higher risk of contracting cancer of the liver and the large intestine. Women who drink a lot have a higher risk of breast cancer(Moelker). According to statistic that proved that duo to the long term of alcohol consumption, each year 150000 people in the United Kingdom are admitted to hospital and 22000 prematurely die("Alcohol"). Moreover, as it has been estimated that 95 percent of alcoholics die virtually 26 years prior to than their normal life expectancy("Alcohol Statistics").

Beside the long term repercussions of alcohol, alcohol is considered as one of the foremost influential aspect in the public. Opponents state that " Alcohol has more positive social effects than other drugs. It generally heightens peoples sociability and "opens people up"'("Alcohol Ban"). However, when it comes to addiction, people who are addicted to alcohol beverages are likely to face serious life issue such as they get divorced, lose their jobs, destroy their relation, even their lives and so on. A large proportion of homeless people find themselves in that position as a result of their alcoholism. A drinker cannot be predicted toward anyone for the reason that her/his mind is obscured and the motions are out of control. Usually the behaviours of drinker would badly affect the people who have a close relation with drinker .Also, one of social and economic problems are linked to alcohol use which is in the work environment, alcohol can lead to absences, work accidents, and lower performance, which, in turn, may lead to unemployment. Furthermore, an alcoholic's behaviours and mental impairments while drunk can extremely impact the family and the friends, in addition they possibly lead to marital conflict and divorce, or it might contribute to domestic violence ("Alcoholism"). A considerable case to illustrate this point would be the event that occurred in1997 when princess Diana left the hotel in Franc with her driver, she unfortunately got into awful car accident cause her death and reason behind that was the high-rate of alcohol that found in the driver blood (BBC news).

In conclusion, have stated that alcohol is in a direct relation with sex and violence, heath problems, and it has negative impacts on the communities, the government should set up new policies concerning alcohol utilization. Also, students need to be instructed about alcohol In addition, in spite of the fact that alcohol has some advantages, the disadvantages of it are considered much more bigger than the benefits. Furthermore, for the purpose of avoiding these problems and living a great life, alcohol should be banned.