Communication technology and health

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Nowadays, there can be no doubt that the communication technologies play a significant role of life. For that most of countries spend vast amount of the money on it and support scientists to researches about this technology and they hold many conferences to exchange of views and improve this inventions and how we can use it on the positive direction and find solutions to avoid negative impacts. Communication technology is knowledge of using machines and tools to do daily tasks more easily and effectively. This knowledge has been used to control the world were lived in. For example, telephones, internet, computers, rockets and satellites. In addition, medical fields and communication had been changing cultures and lifestyles, and modern society is being surrounded by communication technology and many aspects of life have been changed by it, such as education, relationships, leisure activities and health care. These innovations will be having the future derived forces.

Communication technologies on health sector promote better health behavior. For example, new technology used to succeed surgery also this technology improve health care management and control patients data base. However, in the last five years impacts of communication technology on humans health becomes controversial subject specially the microwave and magnetic signals how they effect and cause many of disease.

Communication technologies are being used in education and some people think the education system who included technologies with that system it will be more successful than other system but on the other side there are scientists not believe that and they think there are disadvantages if the technologies have been depended on the education.

Advantages and disadvantages of Communication technology on health

There are many advantages of communication technology on health one of these is Telemedicine. Spring, Manda (2008)”Telemedicine is a way to transmit medical data through the technology we use daily in our lives”. She agreed that even if two doctors was talking on the telephone about a complex issue and determining the best course of action that was still telemedicine. Also she said that some other terms that had been used are cybersurgery, cybermedicine and telehealth each of these aspects was very real and they were indeed a part of telemedicine but telemedicine was a broad description of any array of facets encompassed within that term. A further advantage, Manda maintained that “computer programs for health records are being put into data bases for immediate access in case of emergencies” (2008).She explains if a person was traveling from home and requires medical attention, the records were easily available to identify drug allergies and help new doctor would not mistakenly prescribe something that could produce a bad reaction. On the other hand, the mean drawback of communication on health is mobile phone and who is affected on health and causes many problems. Thomas, Tessa (2008) “David Dean enjoyed the freedom a digital cordless phone gave him to walk about the house while on calls. Then he 44-yers-old company director from Wimbledon started getting headaches when he stopped using his cordless phone the headaches went overnight”. Thomas said that a new report had claimed that who use a mobile phone for hours a day were fifty per cent more likely to develop mouth cancer. Ron Butlin,a 58- years-old, usually he suffering from his heart palpitation when he start contact by cell phone. Goldsworthy believed that the microwave signals weakened cell membranes then the Enzymes can get into the cell and started digesting it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Communication technology on education

There are no ways to develop the education without use the technology to make the learning more attractive and productive. In 1997, Clayton College and State University (CCSU) have been implemented the information technology project (ITP). This project was planned to gain combination of information technology into univirsity and campus buildings such as lap tops computers and unlimited internet access (Fallows, Bakesg)(2002,pp.34). According to (ITP) survey in (CCSU), 97 per cent of the tutors and 91 per cent of the students mentioned that new technology improved the learning experience (CCSU,1999). Another guarded optimistic about the effect of (ITP). One of the tutors in (CCSU) survey he do not believe that just by ITP would be increase the gain of teaching and learning process. The teaching and learning process would be developed if both teachers and students respect the programs and technologies and use it in right way. On the other hand , a small grope of tutors had been not at all optimistic about the aim of ITP. One of them had concerned about how the ITP would have effect communication skills. As per the (CCSU) survey there are decreasing in the amount of communication skills between tutors and students and students between them self as well. (Fallows, Rhanot)(2002)(pp.36-37).

E-learning is new form of teaching and learning by communication technology for example video conferences and lectures on internet. Many educators believed that the closer technology come to simulated face-to-face teaching, the better(University of Illinois,1999). One of these closer technologies is teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is normal conference but not on the table and face-to-face in this type of conference used the phones communications or video calls.

However, (Hardy and Olcott,1995) mentioned that learners prefer had instructor in closely whether this is a grope or in person. In addition,(Soo and Bank,1998) argued that in distance learning there was a some information and ideas that cannot easily to explain it specially in online learning environments.

Advantages and disadvantages of Communication technology on education

John O'Neill, the director of addictions services at the Menninger Clinic in Housto, he said about people behavior with technologies, they sheared some of the same components as people who become addicted to alcohol and drugs in this we started to saw this someone could not put it down and could not stopped use of it even when there were some consequences. Also he added, we could become overloaded at technologies and suffered consequences in our relationships.

O'Neill remarks were supported by psychologists who had classified technologies addictions as disorder this could be as socially damaging as alcoholism, gambling and drug addiction.

The internet and computer Addiction service in Redmond, Washington, which runs treatment programs and provides therapy, estimated that 6 to 10 per cent of the approximately 189 Million internet users in the United States had a dependency on technologies. O'Neill he mentioned that anybody may be descending into an unhealthy relationship with technologies when face-to-face communication will be more appropriate, or restrictive time with family and friends to be likely to your email, answer phone calls or to surf the internet.

Reaney (2008) “when the internet become a more powerful draw that spending time with family or friend, or when someone pays more attention to gadgets that what is happening in real life are more danger signs”