Communication process

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Communication is the process by which an Information or message is transfer from a sender to a taker or receiver.()

The diagram represents the communication process.


The company was originally established in 1958 as gold star, producing radio, TVs, refrigerator, air condition and washing. The LG Group was a merger of two Korean companies, Glod star and lucky, which the abbreviation of LG was derived from. The current brand name LG is the acronym for Life's Good. LG Electronics sponsored the English football club and wayside Rovers (Guildford) from 200 until 2002.LG Electronics currently sponsers the English football clubs Fulham F.C deals pulled together at that time by the ex-Marketing Director Johan Bernard, who now work for the completion, Sony Ericson.

Communication system

LG have a great wings in all over world and it's just because LG have a great skills of communication with their employees and with the customers and know more about the markets competion and customers basic needs and what they need in their regular use of life.

LG have very large branches in all over the world. And when they produce any new stuff in the market first the make a meeting with the mangers of the particular places and then they decide the Pricing strategies of the product.

LG communicate with Public why such activates like:-

1. Email: They send E-mails to the costumers to tell them about their products and new updates by LG in markets and some where this thing make an attraction to customers about that stuff.Email is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mails as a mode of commercial or raising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense every stuff send by mails to potential or recent customers could be considered email marketing.


Some people have lack of computer knowledge. So that's not sure all receiving parties use email system. Some time Email creates VIRUS which can damage the user system and it make the bad image of a company in consumer mind. Some time Email might not send due to loss of connection to the Internet.

2. Conference calls: Conference call is a way to communicate with various parties in

From different places by audio, video and web. There are mainly three types of conference calling system Web, video and audio conferencing. A conference call is a Telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called person listens in to the voice portion of the cell. It is easy to connect two people while one conversation and advice someone more affected. Company's employees called the customers as a Customers Service to help the people and to inform more about the updates by the particular company.


However there are some disadvantages of choosing call conferencing like while doing audio conferencing some of the jokes or remarks will be misunderstood into something else by individual as they are not able to see the facial contents. There might be sometime quality of the call lower when more people added to the conference.

3. Travelling: Travelling communication also can say communication on the road. In this system companies worker used to contact with people and let them know about the products and give them the best pricing and tell them about the selling rates of the stuff. And try to take more and more attraction to the customers towards the brand or any company stuff. By doing travelling market the people attract more to the product.


In some places, most people will not able to speak and understand any another language. If you don't speak their language, they have May difficulty with common tasks like asking and getting understood so it will be difficult to communicate with this type of people.

4. Advertisement: Is a form of communication used to attract a customer or audience to take some action respect to products, ideas, or services. Advertising message are usually paid for by sponsored and viewed via various media; such as TVs channel, Radio, Internet (Mainly used in these days “” ) and including traditional media such as like Newspaper, magazine, outdoor or direct mails or mobile phone text message by any individual company.


But some time it goes so wrong that they show the virtual image of a product by any company so that people get attract and give their best to buy that product. Some time that thing is not that much perfect as the advertisement companies show in their advertisement.


As a communication system should be strong a company will be improve his marketing strategy more easily and will rise more comfortably.

A company can make their communication level better by using the modern techniques like Social Networkers (e.g.., Facebook, Twitter, My space, YouTube and Orkut etc.

These types of social networks bring lots of attraction and pull the people towards the product or an­­­y stuff showing by advertisement by any particular social network. And this type of advertisement works more compare to Travelling, calls, leaf letting and etc.

Any news or any update by companies shown on the internet site any social network advertisement make a hunger inside the customers and make them to buy that product and tell them more about that thing more briefly and it's very easy to get understand by customers. Social networks and the need to communicate are worldwide human conditions social ties .Which helps to increase the strength of the company.


The messages flow into, through, and out of business organization in a variety of ways.

Internal:- Internal communication takes place between people inside the company.

External:-External communication takes place between the company and outside parties. In addition, message travel over both formal and informal channel.( )

The communication made up of seven parts:-

Sender has an idea:

The sender has an idea. You conceive an idea and want to share it.


The sender encodes the idea as a message. When you put your idea into a message. (Words, images, or a combination of the both) that your receiver will understand, you are encoding it.

Sender produces the message in medium:

The sender produce the message thought the medium. With the appropriate message to express your idea, we need now to present our message to the intended audience. It can be divided into:

  • Oral,
  • Written,
  • Visual,
  • And some another electronic forms of these three

The channel:

The senders pass the message through a channel. Just as technology continues to multiply the number of media option at your disposal, it continues to give new communication channel you can use to transmit your messages. The distinction between medium and channel can get bit murky, but think of medium as the form a message takes and channel as the system used to deliver the message.

Audiences receive the message:

The receiver is the object to whom the message is diverted. The audience receives the message. If all goes well, your message survives the trip through the channel and arrives at your intended audience. That is sure message will be noticed or correctly understood.


The people decode the message or communicate. If your message actually does receive by the receiver (audience) then he or she has to be extracting your idea from the message, a step Known as decoding.


Feedback is the check on how successful we have been in transferring our message as an originally intended. The people (audience) give response or give feedback. Aside from responding (or not responding) to the message, audience members may also give feedback that will help to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication effort. This is considering very important while choosing the media because some media accommodate feedback very easily and shortly.

Communication setting in organisation

Upward communication pass from employees to the senior person who managerial responsibility in organization and they understanding the problems and make the action on that problem. Thus allowing to solve problems and make intelligent decisions.