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Marketing communication is defined as a form of passing information to the prospective customer with an aim of making him to be effective customer. It is also important in that it lifts the position of the company since the customers are aware of its products and their positive effects on consumption. Therefore, the process should be strategically managed so as to meet the aims and goals of the company and the interest of the consumers.

Basically, marketing communication is mainly important in an organization since it is aimed at achieving the following:

  • To ensure that the image of the company is affirmed,
  • Ensure that the brand is well known,
  • The aspect of clientele is developed,
  • Ensure that the customers are well managed,
  • Ensure that the loyalty of the customers is achieved,
  • Authority and accreditation are well developed.

Product brands that are great and well known posses and at the same time determine the emotion as they definitely inspire the people's desire as every choice that human beings make is driven by our own emotional reactions. This depends greatly on what makes these brands desirable and appealing to the people. Therefore, the marketers are always aware that the brands are made different from the others through the functional and emotional combinations. That is, the brand becomes motivating and credible when the people have been moved by the advert that they saw.

Therefore, the agencies that are used in communication bring the emotions to the people through taking practical things and hence use creativity to bring the emotional benefit. This in turn calls for the process of language modification so that the people are able to get this feeling and urge to use the product. For instant, when advertising a certain brand of washing powder, it is described as a gentle detergent that keeps clothes clean and strong. The emotional aspect that has been created here is that the detergent is gentle.

The language used in running any business transactions is very important in every day to day life. This language that is mostly used in marketing include the advertising, public relation and general communication. It is important to note that the language used should reflect the different cultural expressions as well as the values that are related to the particular product in the market. The language used should also show the good will of the product to the people that are the target of the market.

In order to ensure that there is perfect use of effective marketing communication, it is important to take into consideration on who does the translation of the language that has been used it targeted. That is, the translation process should be handled by translation experts who understand the languages fully in relation to the particular culture that is targeted. The translations should be made or presented in a manner that they will all understand, that is in the simplest way that these people will easily understand hence react towards these products.

When carrying out the adverts, it is important to keep in mind that consumers are comfortable with products and services together with the communications with local branding that identify with their culture. It is the aspect of what the product can do the people that drives them to purchase that product. Therefore, the language used should be in such a way that it emphasizes on the importance and benefits of the product to the consumer after use.

Advertising has been one of the key promotion instruments that are used by different companies in marketing communication. It is the most powerful tool of communication since it creates brand awareness, creates emotions in people about the product and determines whether the individuals are convinced to buy these products or take the services. It plays a major role in building up the concept of luxury in good. This is achieved through the status attributes attached to the good, the prestige and the quality that is linked to it. This achieved through the use of colorful language that is used to describe the product.

Advertisement takes different forms. That is, it can be visual, audio, and even pictorial, use commercials as well as the use of print media. All these are forms of communication that are used to pass a message to people. These modes of communication have always changed with the changing time period. For instant, the pictures used are mostly those that attract the attention of the people. They must be creative and recent in order to take the interest of the target people. That is, they should be pictures that are new and drawn or taken in a creative manner.

The pictures should be put at positions that are well exposed for every person to view. They should be at a point where they can catch the attention of the people hence they cannot avoid looking at them. Mostly, the pictures are dramatic and usually have a deeper meaning than the one they intend to pass. In most cases, the pictures used are cartoon like since most people enjoy watching cartoons as they are the latest hit pictures.

In some adverts, pictures of individual exposure are used since majorities are attracted by the exposed people. This is not the same way the adverts were carried out in the old days. The mind of human beings keeps on evolving each new day which affect what they find pleasure in watching. For instant, the young generation enjoys watching exposure. Hence, for the advert to capture their eyes, maximum use of this exposure should be made use of.

In any advert, there should be creativity and originality in the entire ideas and in the language that one uses. That is, one should avoid using language that is too flat or too boring, but be creative enough and humorous as well. The communication instruments should be perfectly synchronized to avoid confusion with the other competing organizations instruments and the company's identity made well known to the consumers. Budgeting of the entire advertisement should also be made in advance in a manner that is not limited with well oriented strategies.

Languages are known to evolve due three main motives due to the population that is currently available. These three motives include the changing economy, the human nature to express themselves and the analogy. The economical motive deals with the measures taken to save the efforts that have been put. The expressiveness concept is concerned with the attempts made by the speaker to convince as many customers as possible as they put their meaning known. The analogy motive is deals with the craving of the speaker to achieve the concept of regularity in his language use.

The language used in advertisements has been greatly affected by the changes in technology. Therefore, in order to capture the attention of the customers, then the language used should be in line with the language that is mainly used in this world of technology. This is due the creation of new softwares that are used in technology. Therefore, it is clear that technology has paved the way for language development.

Language is also evolving due to the fact that different languages have come into contact with each other. For instant, the evolution of behavior of one person learning as many languages as possible has greatly affected the language use. Also, the fact that different people from different backgrounds have interacted has also contributed to the evolution of language that is used in the market. Therefore, the language used in adverts should be of standard and as simple as possible to make it possible for all targeted people to understand or grasp any important information.

Human beings were naturally created with desires to improve and become better. That is, they have the inner desire to change with changing time enjoying the changes of language. Therefore, any adverts made should conform to the changes that occur in order to meet these desires of human beings for they are the targets to get the information about the article or services that are being advertised. The language should be the one that they enjoy to listen to.

One would wonder weather the advertisement language that is used is normal language or not. It is very common to come across claims that the languages used in adverts do not follow the rules of the normal language use. However, this language that is used is basically English. The only difference is that it is precise and does not follow the grammatical rules that are set. But, they make sense to the reader and can create a reaction towards the product from the people.

The language used may involve the use of informal language that is mostly used between friends; they technical language and scientific terms to describe a certain context. This is allowed in adverts due to need for a very high degree of creativity in order to capture the attention of the customers. It's this creativity aspect that gives language chance to always change. New words are frequently invented to fit the particular advert or to make it colorful. The words that are invented should have the context that is supporting to the particular idea at hand.

There is use of artful deviations in languages that are used in adverts. For instant in advertising a certain brand or a product, words such as re-tuned or re-conditioned can be used flavor the product so that it attracts the attention of the consumers. This is usually assumed to be informal but its meaning is quite clear in the context of the advert. However, at the end of the day, it will have played its role of passing a precise message to the readers in a powerful manner that will change the attitude of the people towards that product.

Also in adverts, there is great emphasis on the use of borrowed words from languages that are not English. These words which were not known sometimes back are used with their meaning to advertise the products or services. These words are in most cases familiar with the young generation hence they enjoy listening or hearing them. Therefore, through this, the advert is in a position of making an impact on the people that are targeted. Hence, the evolution of the human mind has greatly changed affecting what the mind is interested in seeing since great brands define and at the same time define emotions.

For instant looking at the televition advertisements made, they always aim at persuading the customers to buy the products or the services at hand. This is achieved through the efforts made to change the attitude of the viewer towards the product or service depending on the language that is used in the adverts. For example to advertise a certain kind of food, the people should get the taste of the foods through the adverts and hence be eager to try it out. This has greatly contributed to the evolution of languge use in advertisement in general as there is high competition.

Advertisements can also be done by the use of commercials. The key facts to be considered should be able to know what exactly happens in the entire commercials, the effect of these actions and events on the viewers behaviour or reaction to the product of service that is to be advertised. That it is, will the viewer be convinced to try out the products or services on advert? There should e consideration also on who the story or commercial trying to attract. For instant, the language that is used to advertise products or services that are usually relevant to the adults if formal as compared to the informal and more creative language that is used in advertising products and services that are relevant to youths and young children.

The language used in adverts has also changed due to gender differences. For instant, the language used to advertise products that are used by females is quite different from the language that is used in advertising products that are relevant to male products. However in both cases, the adverts should create a mood that will put an impact on the goodness of their product and hence attract the attention of the targeted people. In most cases, the language used in adverts is funny to make the people happy or enjoy watching the adverts or reading the same. The language is also scary and exaggerated so that contrast is achieved as they compare their products and services with the other competing brands in the field. For instant, in advertising the education services that are offered in a certain institution, words such as excellent performance in examinations, highly qualified teachers and executive boarding facilities may be used to bring a perfect picture to the leaders. However, in the really sense, all these features are not exactly as explained. This is because, their aim is to get more clients in the competing world hence the language used is significantly colorful.

Looking at the people that are used in adverts, it is definite that the people or the animals chosen are always attractive to get the attention of the people targeted. That is, they would be too humorous or very beautiful to look at so that people have the desire to always look t the commercials or even want to buy the products so that they would be beautiful as well depending on who would be attracted to them. This is so also because of the competing world in business.

Mostly, the age of the actors that are used in commercials matters a lot in any advert depending on the type of products that is being advertised. The mode of dressing also matters a lot in that it determines their appearance so that they attract the attention of the people. This is so because of the nature of the world that is evolving with the changing technology. The setting of the actions or the place where the commercial takes place also influences the impact on the people. For instant, advertisements on bank loans should not be based on the beach but on relevant places that will bring the realness in the process of giving out loans and language used should be precise and formal as well.

The language used in advertisements has also evolved in that most adverts are accompanied by the use of sound effects, color and lighting. The music that is used should create mood in the people and even motivate them to buy the products or even enjoy the services. The light used helps to set the scene that people will enjoy looking at and at the same time create mood in them.

The music used should be soft or loud depending n the context of the product or service that is being advertised. It should not turn out to be noise that people will not enjoy listening to. The jingle that is used to accompany the music should bring a link between the product or service and the viewer. For instant, people should be to remember the name of the product. The tune used is simple that the viewer is in a position to remember when they see the product later in the market.

Looking at print advertisement, language used has also greatly evolved due to the changing or evolving world. The adverts take into consideration the kind of product that is to be advertised or be put on paper, the people that might be interested in the products or services offered and the reason as to why these people should be convinced to buy the products. The target people should also be considered, that is whether young, old, females or males. All these factors put together, they greatly contribute to the evolution of the language that is used on print media since they have different tastes and preferences, their needs and demands are different and their interests differ as well. Therefore, the language that they enjoy reading on print media varies greatly.

The mood that these people should get from reading the print advert is important since it will determine the attitude that these people will have toward the product or the service that is being advertised. It is this feeling that will lead people to either have an interest in the product hence end up buying it or go for the competing brand of the same product or service. Therefore, the language used to create this mood changes with time since the preferences and tastes of people also do change with time.

The manner in which the texts in the print paper are arranged, the creativity of the art work that is involved and the quality of the photographs that are used in advertisement and their entire arrangements communicates a lot to the people. The manner in which these pictures that are used in the advertisement are linked to the printed words and the product or service offered should be looked at keenly in order to meet the needs of the ever changing minds and perception of people towards these products. The arrangement should be as easy as possible so that the leader is able to follow without difficulties.

The language used should grab the attention of the reader. Since there are many advertisements on print media, there is need for one to be humorous, be precise and straight to the point to avoid writing long stories that may look boring to the reader. The use of slogans that are attractive and funny as well as related to the product are also made maximum use of.

A well designed advertisement is always creative and has dramatic effects on people. It mostly works even when the people are not aware of it. Short sentences are mostly used since they have an impact on the reader. This impact is in most cases created at the beginning of the text through the use of bold or large letters for the headline. For instant, when advertising on reckless driving and the dangers associated with it, one would use words such as, watch out! Wreck less driving kill! The text ‘watch out' can be put in bold or be written in color to get the attention of the people.

In print media, the use of ambiguity is common as it makes the text memorable and easy to read. This may take the syntactic or the semantic form to attract the attention of the reader. Words that in most cases suggest a meaning but in the real sense are not specific are made use of the print media. For instant, one can say tea leaves are better. The reader may ask a question, better than what? For one to succeed in any advertisement, there are a number of principles that he or she must take into consideration.

The first principle to take into consideration is to have a complete knowledge of the audience targeted. That is, know whether your target is the old, the young, and female of male. This will significantly determine the language that you will employ to pass your message and the type of advert that is best for this audience.

Secondly, one should have a clear knowledge on what the audience knows and what they don't know. It is always advisable to build from what they know so that they do not get bored of lost in the long run. Then, one should ain at focusing on the benefits that are relevant to the consumer so that the interests of these consumers are met. This is achieved by getting creative while planning and carrying out the Advert.

The speaker should ensure that the use of science language is precise to avoid ambiguity as most people do not enjoy scientific terms. The concept of naming should be optimal so that the people are able to get the difference between the brand that is being advertised and the other competing brands.

There is need to seek proof and avoiding the side effects. That is the people should not be aware of the side effects on the introduction of the product knowledge. Finally it is necessary to do road testing followed by marketing.