Basic classes that internet is network

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Introduction to Internet:

As we are studying from the basic classes that internet is the network of networks. So it is a global network which is connecting millions of computers with each other. More than 100 nations are connected into connections of information, reports and opinions exchangeable to each other. Every Internet computer is called a host,

which is independent. The operator can decide to choose which internet service and which local service is there to get connected with world's internet community. Extraordinarily, this technique of design works exceptionally well. There are mixtures of ways to right to make use of the Internet. It is also probable to grow right of entry through a profitable Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Internet has rapidly turned out to be as a global interactions system, contribution a very new ways to reach other people and to interchange variety of information. The phone and computers are just the tools of the connected world that makes fresh forms of human communication possible. One feature of the Internet is World Wide Web (WWW), is appropriate one of the most popular forms of this new communications medium. No one either owns or control the Internet or the World Wide Web, though there are millions of persons and organizations which are using internet. But the Internet does have some main bodies that advise standards and specifications and help plan for the future including the Internet Society and the World Wide Web Consortium and the U.S. Internet Council.

Introduction to Electronic communication:

In the past there is communication with the help of pigeons ,through persons ,through postman many other technique's but now we some don't even use the above ways because of the coming of the Internet and electronic communications (also called computer mediated communications, or CMC) as a new way of communication. It just doesn't mean a new tool for communication but it is a new way to communicate with others. At present every organization interacts with its various hosts differently depending upon the type of the message, the aim which they are trying to attain and the strengths (and weaknesses) of the available media like telephones, voice mail, fax machines, print, etc.

Internet and electronic communication both combinely act as a powerful weapon that not only will alter how to use this combine of options, but it will create totally new ways to interrelate.

Examples where we are using this combination:

  1. Electronic communications contains various source of communication like wording, audio, video, etc. - into a single communicable message. Which can result in more significant communication modified to the type of your audience? So we can use this option to do various kinds of communications.
  2. It is very interactive. It makes the communicators as active communicators because in it there is two-way communications. So with this we can communicate with friends and relatives which are far away from us. But it can be use by the persons which are well able to pay for it.
  3. This combination have created a very different form of many-to-many communications that enables people from different corners of the world to do interaction with each other and to share their information by various means audio, video. Now we can do conferences or even press conferences from our home with several persons who are located at various parts of the world.
  4. The major use of internet and electronic communication is for businesses and organizations sponsors to discuss their strategies to the network organizations and its constituents. A mixture of other Internet search tools, are providing a further communications and marketing openings.
  5. Companies are using electronic communications facilities as inside communication tool to develop team work. Many individuals at different locations can work on the same documents, hold meetings and integrate research findings with the help of internet.
  6. The majority of organizations are controlling the messages that go out to its constituents through various employees of company like managers, spokespeople and others. But with the Internet, employees start to talk among themselves, requiring new approaches and a new accent on listening and reacting, not just talking.
  7. Internet and electronic communication makes you able to send and receive large amount of data to single person or a group in any part of the world where internet facility is there. With this a new type of communication is born by which we can send or receive data at very fast rate without any disturbance in fraction of seconds.



Firstly, I will describe you about the way in which a publisher works. Publisher gather news, make changes in it and then after developing the news he pack that news and deliver the news to various cities with employees as postman or delivery man .in this technique there is wastage of money as well as of finance in paying lots of employees who are used as delivery man. But now the combination of Internet and electronic communication has made it all easy because it provides any person with such a channel for getting to the tens of millions of audiences.

Now with the help of computers we can create text, audio, graphics, animation, multimedia, video, games, and software's. And with the use of internet and World Wide Web we can transmit this data easily.


Now when we use internet in commerce section we call it as Electronic Commerce. In ecommerce there is the trade of products in the course of inventive technologies such as Internet on­line services, trade on­line services, and commercial on-line services. The

Ecommerce is the approach by which many people will do trade in the 21st century.

The Ecommerce is a new and very vast approach to do trade without any zigzag way or we can say that with clear instructions. Penetrating for products and services in this network can be difficult, but quick advancement is being made so that Ecommerce can become a practical option today.


Marketing is actually more when you are in contact of more people so the best option for marketing is connection with internet where millions of people are sitting and connected. You can create the website of your product or your company so that anyone can visit that site and can gather knowledge about your product or company so this is the new way of marketing. This is an extraordinary way of not just to communicate your message, but also to extract the customer's thoughts and needs in a two-way communication.


Today everyone is using the telephone in which there is the transmission of signals over a distance away to communicate. In the past people use various different techniques of communicating with each other which now we use in our words to create fun of that. But now with the coming of telecommunication we can share information with different persons with voice chatting on telephones so there is advancement in the communication with the help of electronic communication as telephones has now converted into mobile phones which are now part of our body without which we can't live it has become necessity of our life. Now Telecommunication is an significant part of the world economy and the telecommunication industry's revenue was estimated to be $1.2 trillion.


I think everybody has used fax machine. Fax is used when we have to send data in printed form to other person. So with the use of fax machines we can send printed data to any part of the world. In the past printed data is send either with the help of courier or as a letter.


Email stands for electronic mail it is used very much these days. Email is used either to send data o single person or to number of person it is softcopy of data which we send from one computer to other computer with using email address of other person. In email we don't just send simple written data but se can attach different files with it like audio, video files or photographs. In email communication we don't have to wait for data to reach data is delivered at receiving end at instant of time and delivery reports of data delivered is there which make us understand that data has been delivered. We students generally use the email to send data to our teachers.


Teleconference is a meeting between two or more people lively means if you are sitting in jalandhar and other person is sitting in delhi then without going to delhi we can communicate with that person lively as he is sitting in front of us. We can use speakers to communicate audio data for video conferencing we use web cam by which we can see each other online when we are talking. This kind of communication is used now in online interviews in which we can gave interviews in delhi while sitting in our own city. It is a live event which we do via satellite. Its use is increasing day by day. Now as many relatives are living in other countries meeting with them is very rare so we can use this technique of conferencing to visit them daily. The term teleconference can also refer to a result that is transmitted via satellite to various locations simultaneously

Instant Messaging

You all have used this application it is just chatting which we do with other person who is sitting online. E.g. we do chatting on yahoo messenger or Gmail or any other messenger. In this we transmit text data to other person. The text is conveyed via devices associated over arrangement such as the Internet.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletins board is used to connect and logging on the system where we can upload and download the data which we require also we can exchange messages through email or using boards to display the messages. In bulletin boards there is chat r, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log in to the system using a tools where we can chat with any person who is online at that time. Also some bulletin boards contain online games which people can play either alone or with other persons who are online at that time.

Social Networking

Social networks are very important in our life because they are very helpful in our daily life. are orkut, facebook, twitter etc many more. These are social networking sites which are in use now a days. We can create communities there or we can create friend group.


There is large number of advantages of internet and electronic communication in our daily life now they have become as essential part of our daily needs. But there are disadvantages also people are using emails, porn webcams conferencing and many more which I can't describe. Also there is increase in the unemployment as more and more work is done by one person with the help of internet. But still we have to appreciate the communication because every aspect has disadvantages there are more advantages of internet and electronic communication rather than its disadvantages.