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Overview of Chat rooms

Chat rooms are the one of the most accepted and most visited on the internet today. Chat rooms have been around for around 20 years. The chat rooms users chat in real time with text message via the internet between computers. Over the past few years voice chat came into existence and it requires microphone to interact with the user similar to telephone. More over the usage of chat rooms were increasing so (inventors) decide to introduce the video chat, it is fairly new to the chatting world and it requires a camera to capture the image and to transfer between the users in live. One of many websites provides chat rooms know as web chat and some of these applications have the ability for instant messaging. These Instant messengers allow users for one-to-one chatting as well as group chatting and the most popular Instant messengers are AIM, MSN and yahoo. Day-by-day the growth of chat rooms is rapidly increasing in businesses, entertainment and software development process. In businesses they setup chat rooms for their clients and customers to get help with the products of the corresponding company. It is the time consuming process for the customers instead of sitting on hold for a long time on the phone. Now-a-day's most of the companies using video conferencing to interact with one-to-many company branches. Users can interact with anyone around the world through internet chatting. Chat rooms allow user to communicate with one-to-many users in a real time. There are different types of chat rooms to serve different purposes: open chats, where people can talk about anything and everything; topic-focused chat rooms where people discuss a single topic; and moderated chat rooms where the rooms are controlled by moderators and administrators to control what goes on and to make the user's chatting experience safer.

Types of Chat rooms:

IRC Chat (Advantages and Disadvantages)

In August 1988, Jarkko Oikarinen created Internet Relay Chat (IRC) while working for the University of Oulu in Finland. The main aim of developing IRC is to support discussion channels and sharing data among users. A discussion channel on IRC provides the abstraction for meeting other users and is available for a huge range of topics. IRC uses a separate sub-protocol for the data transfer among the users. It doesn't involve the IRC servers to transfer the data. Data transfer happen through TCP ports negotiated via special IRC protocol messages. Each server of the IRC network has a list of servers that it may connect to. Minimal spanning tree is used to route the messages among the IRC servers reducing the routing complexity. Rapidly the growth of IRC chat rooms was increased to thousands of networks. Examples of IRC networks are EFnet, Dalnet , Undernet etc.., The below figure1 represents the simple IRC network

Represents a Simple IRC network consists of 5 servers in a single network named as A, B, C, D, E and each servers are connected one to each other. For each server the list of servers as well as a list of patterns or the explicit list of clients and servers that are allowed to connect to it and these servers are maintained by the IRC operators. Figure 2 represents AIM messenger and Figure3 represents ICQ messenger are the examples of IRC chat applications also serve other functionalities such as e-mail and exchanging files from one user to other.

Java Chat or Web Based Chat

Computer engineers from Sun began working on a programming language for the Internet. The team, led by James Gosling, produced its first finished language called "Oak" which was later renamed as Java and was able to allow for dynamic graphics and applications to be performed on the Internet. A large number of websites launched Java in that year. One of the many uses of Java as a programming language was its ability to create chat rooms, known as Java chat. Java chat was very easy to include in a web page, which could allow people to participate in chat rooms from their own Internet browser like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Java chat is nowadays available on hundreds of thousands of websites and is used for different purposes ranging from recreational and personal use to interact with other people to customer service chat rooms on business websites and chat rooms for project members in a company environment.[Reference:http://www.ehow.com/about_5038841_history-chat-rooms.html]

Many web sites now have online chat rooms, but they only work with newer, Java-enabled browsers. There are websites which offer a wide variety of "chat rooms", or a webpage might offer just one room.

Web-based chat software consists of a web browser enabled client software component and a server software component. The client software can be a browser plug-in, a Java applet, or a plain­­­­­­­­­­­­ HTML page. A client side software component like browser plug-in requires the user to download and install the software before the users can chat or participate in any chat room supporting the software. Another way to participate in web based chats is through Java applets, which can be used by the user after it is automatically downloaded by the browser.

A plain HTML page that has a chat software system provides a chat client which delivers messages to the client computer on automatic page refreshments. This kind of HTML chat software allows embedded HTML tags to be provided by chat users. All web-based client chat software is embedded within an HTML page, which enables the customization of the user interface. The HTML page which has the embedded chat client can also display graphics like images and additional logic using JavaScript and Java to enhance the functionality of the chat page. This customization is a popular feature for those chat rooms that are supported by an advertiser with ad banners prominently displayed to all chat users. [4]

Instant Messaging Chat Rooms

With the growth of the popularity of Java chat rooms, chat rooms available through instant messaging services also began to be developed simultaneously. Day-by-day instant messaging was rapidly growing among corporate companies, educational institutions and home users as a primary communication technology. Instant messaging is a real-time online communication between two or more users. Users are allowed to chatting via the internet by exchanging text messages. Instant messaging works by exchanging text messages from one user to other user by typing message in a window generated by instant messaging software. Immediately the typed message appears on the other user window. Moreover several users can chat at a time in chat rooms so that the message will appear to all current users. Suppose if user wants to chat privately they can create their own chat rooms where only invited users may participate. Concept of exchanging messages is similar to e-mail or join group conversation. Nature of instant messaging is closer to spoken conversation than written correspondence allowing users to communicate in a manner that e-mail does not. Some examples of Instant messages are AOL instant messaging, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo. Some Instant messaging client developers such as Trillian provides interoperability between IM services thus allowing IM users to communicate between IM services. Publicly accessible Instant messaging clients provide access to the Instant messaging provides server anyone connected to these proprietary services can contact any else on same Instant messaging. (IM2.pdf).