Working Environment And Goal Setting Commerce Essay

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One of the best ways to increase work motivation in an organisation is by valuing the employee , by listening to them, recognising their efforts, by valuing their contribution to the corganisation and also respecting them by showing them their value as human with a special strength and needs. An example of here is MGM company, emphasized on the fact that two employees represented the MGM brand to the casino's guest which was much like another by las vegas visitors, as a result the company encounter a rise in profit . This simply shows how how the company valued their employees. The most successful companies in the United Kingdom describe how they value their workers by listening to them and putting down their suggestions into the organisation policy. This gives employees the true participation in the entire level and makes them to feel that the company belongs to them, not just a working place and makes to become more loyal. In an environment where every ones suggestion, opinion and countribution are accepted, the feel up to ten more important than in organisation where non of the employee idea is accepted nor applied ( Human Resources International Digest, 2008, p.29). An example is the South west airlines, one of the most successful airline companies in the united states. The company record an increase of 29 percent stock p[rice yearly over the past ten years and which his employees has never gone out of work(strike).The company has a unique culture that leads them to success which incclude valuing employee and working environment. In S.W.A, they regard their employee to be their first customers there fore ccome before the passengers, employee are referred to "the people" (Smith,2005.p.1,2).

Another way to increase employee motivation is through recognition. Employee recognition constitute of many different things, beginning from the buttom line of simple and personal "thank you" moving up to more complex forms where good behaviours are encouraged and identifying the recognition process clearly (Robbins.2005,p.209).employee recognition has a great support from reinforcement theory which argues that behaviour depends on reinforcement , it concentrate on the result of some ones action. A survey conducted some years ago about the best work place motivator ,about one thousand five hundred employees shows that recognition is the best. In agreement with the reinforcement theory. A behaviour can be maintained if recognised properly. email, text messages can be sent to employee expressing gratitude for some thing positive done by the employee(Robbins.2005;p.209).for example, regardless of her low salary low salary of $8.50 per hour and uninteresting restaurant job, Laura keep praising her occupation, her master and the company .why ? because the recognition of her effort by the supervisor who compliments her regularly among the staff. Laura was chosen as the employee of the month twice in the past six months(Robbins.2005,p.208).this simply show the important of recognition ,even thus, Laura's wages is too small, she enjoys the work and the recognition keeps her doing the work not looking at her salary.

Another non financial incentive is the goal setting, setting a specific and difficult gaol for employee. If takes a look at the definitions of motivation ,all the definitions have a single word in common which is a goal. Locke regard goal to be as what a person is trying to achieve (Buelens, et al.2006.p.218) Locke also developed a model which shows four motivational mechanism of goal setting as follows; peoples goals regulate their effort. This means actions and choices are guided by our goal, the reason is that best choices are mad in order to accomplish a goal, leaving the other alternatives for the sake of the goal. For an example completing an assignment or watching TV. Every ones likes watching TV but at this time the doing the assignment will be the option. Secondly, goals increases persistence stands for the effort expanded on a task over a period of time. Employees who are persistence doesn't see obstacles as a reason for failure but rather, they see it as a challenge .setting an important difficult goal, will always remind an employee about the time and effort required for a task. Goals foster strategies and action plans. This means that if someone is here and the goal is out somewhere ,that person most face the problem of getting out of here and trying to reach their(Buelens, et al.2006. p.219).Locke in 1960,suggested that" intentions to work toward a goal are a major source of work motivation" .setting a goal is very important in organisation because performance can be increase by assigning specific and difficult goal that is acceptable which will leads to a rise in performance compared to easy or not setting a goal at all (Robbins, 2005.p.180).looking at the goal setting theory of motivation which states that "a process theory which argues that work motivation is influenced by goal difficulty, goal specificity and knowledge of result" .the theory explore four assertion which where has a great support by the research.the first one is challenging goal results in high increase in of performance level compared to easy and uncallanging goal.difficult goal encourage people to work hard and very well. Specific goals leads to an increase in the label of performance than indefinite gaols ,for instance tell an some one to do their is much simple convenient for people to direct their behaviour when understanding exactly what is required by them.Participation in goaln setting and lastly feedback(Huczynski and Buchanan,2007,p.255).

On the other hand,expectancy theory of motivation explains